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I find it really hard to share my ripened fruit. I even hide it so that no-one else will take it. Am I the only selfish one like that? My excuse is that they will just grab anything else but when I don't have ripe fruit, basically .. I starve!!!

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A little yeah.
Especially if i've been letting them ripen up until they are perfect only to find they have been eaten by someone else.
I also find that i enjoy sharing higher calorie fruits, or fruits that there are plenty of.
Totally. I used to be soooooo generous with food. I would bring food with me places, and always bring extra for friends. I love caring for and nurturing people with healthy food. Now I'll just share bananas if I have too many really really ripe ones.
Well it's great to see that I'm not the only one.. lol.

For sure Cand, if i've waited 4-5 day for something to get to perfect ripeness then there is a pretty good chance I am really looking forward to it... so if it's gone I'm devastated.. I hide it so that does not happen.

It's funny though because I actually love preparing and sharing food for others, I love making up elaborate raw food creations, I even love to cook so called healthy food for those that can't handle raw at this stage, such as my family. But I am a very simple eater and if it is eaten I am left with nothing.

And I also agree with you Apple-man, it they are real meat and potato, fast processed food eaters that has to come out of a coloured box type.. then I don't even want to know about it. I find unless they want to learn about improving their health and diet I don't really have much time for them. I feel that if they don't respect themselves.. How can I?..and I actually don't respect them.. bit sad really.

Totally Keenan...Oh gosh.. if someone spat out my precious fruit id go right off ....
When I was 8 years old me and my Mom had just gotten off a plane and outside of the airport there was a homeless person going up to people and telling everyone that he was hungry and had no money, and when we walked past him my mom gave the man an apple, and even though it was over 20 years ago I still remember the look the guy gave my mom... "How dare you give me an apple???" (Even some of the other people that saw her give it to him looked at her like it was some kind of a cruel insult.)
I provide fruits to my office workmates, but nobody wants any!
Wow. This is so funny. I went to the farmer's market today during lunch, and offered my friend an apple. He loved it, and it was great. So I got into the giving mode, and when I walked back in the building, I saw a goofy friend of mine and I said "Hey, do you want an apple?" He was kind of unsure, because he knows I just eat fruit all day, but I could tell he wanted one. Then all of the sudden there are 6 people there, and they're all looking into my bag of juicy organic ba-zillion dollar apples! So I started to retract my offer (inside) because I only had 6 left, and I guess it showed, and he said "I'll get back to you on that apple." So I felt SOO bad, and I meant to put an apple on his desk but I forgot! I'll have to do that.

Anyway, it was kind of like you're talking about. It's not like I can just go to the vending machine or sub shop if I'm hungry. At home, I just tell my husband what's off limits. Now he knows not to leave me without ripe bananas. And I always share with him, it's just that I usually have plans for my food and don't want to come home and not see it!

I used to bake vegan cookies a lot and bring them to work. I miss doing that. But maybe just some apples in a nice bowl will do. I'll have to try it.
Rawgasm.. do you think you would continue to offer it if they ate it all everyday?

I tend to agree with you Mark, I usually find that if you can get a none fruit eater to try some they are generally suprised at how nice it is. As for you food being taken from you plate, I don't think anyone would be game enough to do that me :) I remember when my daughter was at school and took unusual healthy food, at first they would do the ooo yuk, then they got curious, then they wanted to try, then they would steal it out of her lunch box, she was getting home starving hungry.. she started to get really annoyed about it to. It's her 21st tonight and ive just made a Beautiful Raw chocolate layer cake, Raw Vanilla Fig cupcakes, raw sushi, and given them raw dehydrated crackers to have with fresh tomato and homemade guacomole.. Her friends now love the raw stuff I put together for them.

Victoria that was wonderful of you to share.. lol.. but I feel for you re the having them nearly all go. Deep down I'm sure we all want to share. It's just now always feasable that's all.. :)
Victoria, maybe you should do the cookies again, then you won't feel bad not sharing your fruit. I'm sure that's why I make so much other healthy treats . raw and cooked for my friends and loved ones, to take away the guilt of my fruit possesiveness!!!
Looks like the Joey club is extensive ;-)

if my roomate wasn't so poor i would literally drive him to the store so he can buy me all the fruit he has taken from me.
I think you should start hiding it Jordon.. :)



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