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Hi Loves,

I've just finished an intensive Clinical Iridology certification course in NYC.

Now, I'm putting out a special offer to all 30BADers to read YOUR eyes!

The irides are like live brain feed, directly connected to the nerve streams of the body, highly-differentiated - showing tissue integrity throughout our entire being. So, it's like an automatic CAT scan or MRI!

I'm still just a student, so most of it will be recognition exercise for me, but I can surely let you know how simple systems are working (ie inner/outer lymph, circulation, skin elimination, etc.....)


Here are some instructions for taking the photos. I need high-resolution, though any point-and shoot should be able to do the job!


Some Helpful Background For Capturing A Good Iris Photo…


There are lots of brands out there like Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Pentax, Sony; any with the following specs will work well:
  • 8 Megapixels or more—this will allow enlargements without square pixels showing up
  • A macro setting.  (All digital cameras have this built in) This allows you to get one to four inches from the eye so you only shoot the iris, not half the face, enabling better enlargements.


Entry level cameras  (typically those under $350) only allow AF  (Automatic Focus) where in-camera robots set everything for you. These do not allow you to do MF (Manual Focus).  What AF does allow you to do is :

  • set the picture quality (use max, or best, or highest resolution, whatever your menu calls it)
  • zoom…but don't use the zoom when shooting close-ups of the eye; it flattens the curved surface.  You'll only zoom in when viewing the pic you just took, to verify how sharp and clear you got the iris)
  • set the viewer to focus on what is in the center of the screen (make sure your Menu has this set to 'center' or ‘spot’ and make sure you aim & align that center mark right over the pupil of the eye you're shooting)

To get a good iris picture do the following:

  • Immobilize the face and the camera (your and the clients’ elbows on the back of two chairs placed back to back) unless your hand is steady and the camera is fast.    
  • Try it first w/o any special lighting, but if the picture is too dark, then
  • Turn off the flash and use your penlight from the side to shine at the iris just as you do when reading an eye.
  • Use a desktop tripod (make sure its not wiggly--even a little wiggle at macro setting can throw off your focus) for your camera, and a remote shutter if you can get it so your camera won’t shake while pressing the shutter.  Remember from your user manual, that most cameras have a shutter that you press down halfway (starts the auto-focus process), then all the way to shoot a picture properly—if you push the shutter down in one motion, you lose the critical benefits of the built-in automatic focusing.  Don’t blame the camera for your blunders!)
  • Focus and shoot.  Make sure the little box or dot in the viewfinder is on the pupil itself  This setting is ESSENTIAL or you will get fuzzy, unfocused pictures where the eyelash is beautifully in focus and the iris is blurry!  You’ll think you or the camera are at fault but you just haven’t told the waiting robots what to do.  Your settings menu may call this center weighted or center metering orspot focus or some similar term.


Should look something like this:



***Send to me on this site or e-mail me at apaige7@gmail.com.


Love + Light!

andréa paige

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Only have my old picture from 2005 when I just started my period on junk raw food. 

its great that you have an old pic cuz you can compare with the iris nowadays. you should see a ton of improvement.
oooh, i want to see some results
yay!! I will submit mine tomorrow!!

Not sure if any of these are useable. My eyes are super red, is that a problem? Late night last night:)

This is so neat though, thanks in advance if you can tell me anything!


Andréa, will you be posting your findings publicly or messaging those who post their pics privately? I don't mind either way. I'm just curious because I was waiting to see the results from the first two pictures before posting my own! :-)

This is so cool! I've been really interested in iridology recently. It would be interesting to see what my eyes say about me :)


Right eye:


Left eye:


Hopefully these are good enough. It's really hard to get one with lots of detail! (I went ahead and attached the full size pictures, so you can zoom as much as you can).

Taken at Berkeley last july, I was back to cooked food for two months then after seven months lfrv.



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