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I have hypothyroidism, and when I started eating kelp/dulse/nori/etc. seaweeds a few days ago, I've had SO MUCH MORE energy, it is ridiculous! Would it be more beneficial to eat seaweed as a whole food (and get my iodine up thus) or take supplements instead? If supplements, what kind do you recommend or that have worked for you?

I realize the seaweed may be contaminated, but it's STILL a whole food. If I'm eating more healthy in general (811lfrv after all!!), I feel as though the toxins, incuding mercury, can be more easily eliminated. I also don't want to lose the benefits of eating whole foods, naturally! :D Suggestions?

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The earth is contaminated, though seaweed harvests are usually from very clean sources (some in the states are so proud of the seasons that they harvest for purity, how it is washed and dried). I'll have to find the website again--originally found it on google search for "kelp".
OMG. I just got on here to ask about hypothyroidism, because I think I may have it, (waiting on lab results and this is the first post listed. Must be some sort of sign that this is where I am supposed to be, hehe.

nightmare sign of detox? interesting, I always though of dreams(well phychologist say it is connected to thyroid) and truth is, yeah I belive it reflect our inner soul and sensors with what our brain way in any generation, maybe. Anyhow, I do remember, that when I undereat and go fast detox I do have it, or when stressed(and thyroid patience are really little more sensitive). I do balance my thyroid 2x even that sono shows ireversible damage to thyroid (half black-dead). I do have blood test back to normal(still confused, coz my appetite start to be minimal and my weigh is extreme as a long term low fat high rawfooded. But I dont get it on raw that much (it come up on cooked, but I dont put it down and I am all day long bloated:(...).

we have here iodine desinfection "jodisol"  or "jox" will it do me too? Thx.

Hey Moiraine

I personally don't think supplementation with iodine is necessary. If you wish to consume seaweeds, by all means do, but they are not a wholefood. Firstly, they have had their water removed, which makes them dehydrated. Water is a nutrient, therefore if it is removed it is not a whole food any longer. Secondly, they are not really food. Foods are only truly foods when they are suitable for human biological consumption in their whole form as a mono-meal and when we would find them available and edible in our natural environments. Seaweeds do not meet these criteria.

However, if you are feeling better eating seaweed, then feel free to continue eating it until you do not feel good eating it any more.

I would like to reassure people that it is perfectly possible to get plenty of iodine in a lfrv diet, without supplements and without seaweed. Though obviously if you have hypothyroidism, some seaweeds will provide a slightly more concentrated source.

Take care

Adam x

what if your live in czech republic, what is the best source, thx.

Could anyone help me out in regards to iodine and Hashimoto's disease? Although primarily manifesting in the thyroid, Hashimoto's is an autoimmune condition. I've read some about iodine supplementation for thyroid issues; yet much of what I've read also says not to take iodine with Hashimoto's. It's very confusing! Any info would be greatly appreciated  :-)

I would listen to whatever Dr. Brownstein and Abraham ( the leading researchers in this field) have to say on the subject.


And then for additional info, you could snoop around here for a few hours:


I search and read several topics on Iodine on 30BaD, this seems to be the one with the most information ;) If I missed some good topics please share them, the 30BaD search functions are a bit impractical for my taste.

Let's first give a summary of the information I found while skimming 30BaD.







In the Netherlands, the compulsory use of iodized salt (with potassium iodate) was cancelled upon the insistence of a few bakers who argued for choice. A new rule states that if bakeries do not use iodized salt in bread baking, the bread and bakery products must be labelled specifying that it was prepared without iodized salt. The result is that in practice, almost no bread is for sale in the Netherlands that has been baked without iodized salt.


Good video I can recommend it! It touches a lot of points, but leaves me with a lot more questions...






So I am guessing I am not getting Iodine from my foods. I hardly get organic fruits and vegetables and if I got them I am also guessing there is no Iodine in the soil they grew them. I live in the Netherlands and don’t eat bread so no fortified Iodine foods for me. I also been exposed to a lot of the halogens fluorine chlorine bromine They are in the drinking water here and I have been using that a lot before switching to distilled water. I understand getting a blood test done for Iodine (don't exactly know what to test for deficiency) will give some more scientific answers but I don't feel like doing a test again (I don't know how to get such nice complete test DR showed us in his video's in the Netherlands)

I already take Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 tablets due to previous research I did, and am thinking about adding Iodine but where do we stop is zinc next?

The video talks about the bio-availably (we also call them inorganic minerals on 30BaD) of Iodine from ionized salts and that salt is very important, but I don't understand what kind of salt he is talking about?

drbrownstein says to always take iodine together with iodide! Is is even possible to take a supplement that uses organic minerals? So what iodine/iodide supplement can I use that does not hurt my body with a lot of inorganic minerals?

So what kind of supplement can I use and is it bio-availably? or inorganic and do I use about 10% and dumps the rest across my body doing more harm then good?

And does somebody know what drbrownstein means with all his salt is so important talks?

Isn't it better to take organic iode?  Lugols is inorganic....

I would not consider anything other than compressed kelp as a supplement if I were not eating enought other sea vegetables...

http://www.iherb.com/Maine-Coast-Sea-Vegetables-Sea-Seasonings-Orga... This product does contain iodine but I don't know if it contains Iodide, according to this article it does contain Iodide. It also contains sea salt, witch is a toxic for the human body. One serving is 1.5 gram with RDA 240% Iodine (guessing US RDA 100% = 150 micrograms) so the produce contains only 360 micrograms of Iodine. (compared to 12.5 mg (milligram) 12500 micrograms in Iodoral.

See vegetables are not recommended on 30BaD, but I'm giving it some though. If we start eating Kelp it is probably coming from kelp forests and they are important parts of the ocean, customer demand will probably destroy those forests as with almost everything we do in our oceans. The sea has become a dumping place for toxic wastes and organisms like kelp are the filters of the sea, by eating those filters, we are exposing ourself to these toxins we are trying to eliminate... Now this is all speculation, since we don't have data where our bought Kelp is coming from and how much toxins they contain...but common logic suggests to avoid them and all other sea foods.

Still I don't know what is best... I am not an expert :)



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