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Read below what Roger just wrote and sent out to his e-mail lists.

There is an invisible power inside of you that DWARFS any craving
or even addictions you may have.

The only problem is that most people have no idea how to access
this power. I feel very lucky that I discovered this power when I
was 20 years old.

My life changed overnight, my priorities in life changed as well.
The reason I even have websites and like to write is because of the
transformation that happened to me because of contacting that
Invisible Power Source in the summer of 1987.

Before that change happened, I always thought of my consciousness
or myself as residing in a small area inside of my head.

That is where I felt I was. My soul or consciousness location so to

But after experiencing the -- Infinite Power -- my consciousness
was now extended well beyond not just my head but my whole body.

Eventually I learned that my consciousness actually resided in all
beings and in all things. I even had experiences to prove it to

For instance, I developed to a limited degree the ability to see
auras. This is the spiritual energy of a person. Something that can
actually be photographed.

What I discovered is as my own aura and spiritual energy brightened
I saw a corresponding increase in energy in the auras of the people
around me.

Each of them had different levels of strength of their auras, but
as I increased my sensation of Divine Love, connectedness and
energy outflow to the Universe I observed their auras increase in
size correspondingly.

This power is the BIG YOU. This is the real you. And when you can
tap into this power at will - (like I am very fortunate to be able
to do) it's easy to start new habits, crush cravings and smash
addictions at will.

When you have this power -- you no longer use will power. Will
power is a mental power source. Instead you tap into the Infinite
Golden Stream of Power and Love.

All I have to do is be serious and committed about actually making
the change. And then I can unleash a floodgate of this Infinite
Power and the addictions are smashed as if they had no power at all.

The Infinite Power and Love simply is no match for an addiction of
the puny mind and emotions. It comes from a much higher source of

=> So how do you get this power?

This is something I've counseled my http://HowToGoRaw.com members
in how to do. And it's very simple although it requires a certain
level of concentration. But if you do this often enough you'll get
to the point where you tap into this Infinite Power and you too
will from then on always be able to have it by your side.

** Here's What You Do **

Pick one day per week and do this every week for at least 10 weeks
in a row.

You have several options as to how to do this. But remember the
goal is to uncover the BIG YOU... the REAL YOU... and or the HIGHER YOU.

1. Keep your mind only on positive thoughts for the whole day. If
and when you get a negative thought that is ok. Just throw it into
a mental waste basket and continue to focus on positive thoughts of
happiness and of giving love to everything and everyone you see.

2. You can focus on the higher you or God or a spiritual saint all
day long. See the light, love, wisdom and power coming from this

Note: Realize how important your imagination is in all of this.
Your imagination is the key to secret worlds of glory inside of
yourself. Regions of power, light and love that will just blow you

And when you can see and feel this power, then you can tap into it
for use in your daily life to make you a better person.

3. You can do a 24 to 36 hour water fast. This means you don't eat
any food. You only consume water for that time period.

This is a fantastic mental discipline and of great help for people
trying to succeed on a Raw Food Diet. Once you can easily do a 36
hour fast you'll find it much easier to go raw.

Because in order to do so you have to gain mastery of your
thoughts. If during your fast you mentally focus on the food you'd
be enjoying then you're going to struggle.

For me what happens when I fast is that I notice something. I
notice that my stomach is getting empty but at the same time I'm
filling up with more of that Infinite Power. There is no vacuum.

Food in this case is replaced by Divine Spiritual Energy and it
feels great. When by regular practice you start doing these things,
you'll find it much easier to break bad habits.

4. Spend most of the day chanting a spiritual mantra to yourself
and out loud during periods of privacy and free time. Some
classical words used are Om, Aum, Hu and Ah.

Once you've done this exercise for about 10 weeks you'll easily be
able to understand and tap into the AWESOME POWER of my "Warrior
Technique... The Addiction Smasher."

This exclusive technique, which I haven't made available to public
in over 6 months, shows you a simple way to MAGNIFY Your Infinite
Power so that you can smash through addictions with ease and
comfort because you're being nurtured by the POWER instead of the

It's our habits that make or break us. Why not start one new
positive habit per month and watch as your happiness, health,
fitness and abundance increase?

So here's what I'm going to do to honor the Infinite Power in YOU.

Smasher" to the Savory Veggie Stews 2.0 download page. By sometime
this Monday, I will remove it and put it back in the vault. >

Take a look at Savory Veggie Stews:


If you already own Savory Veggie Stews -- just go to the download
page and refresh the page in your browser and you will find it

This is a powerful technique in helping you to add more greens and
more life and happiness increasing raw foods into your diet. And
that is what Savory Veggie Stews is all about.

It's about having raw foods that are so delicious that you don't
miss cooked food. But if you need an extra boost of power from the
Infinite Storehouse then you can tap into it via your Imaginative
Powers and with the Warrior Technique.

And remember -- Savory Veggie Stews -- are still at more than a 50%
discount because I have not finished adding all of the other
bonuses to the download page. But there already are 7 wonderful

I know you can do it. You can improve your life with the power of
the BIG YOU helping you along.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske

The 42-Year-Old Teanajer

P.S. Here are 2 more quick Savory Veggie Stew testimonials.

I tried the Tex Mex veggie stew recipe and it was excellent!!!! So
fulfilling and tasty! I am very happy I purchased this! Thanks

Evelyn Steel

I really enjoy the savory stew recipes. They're quick and easy to
make, and very delicious and satisfying.

Gary Anderson

Come on down and check out my Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof
Recipe System - The Cooked Food Cravings Crusher while it's still
less than 50% of the regular price and while you can get "The
Warrior Technique - Addiction Smasher" this weekend only.


Now you see one of the reasons why I love him so much! :)

Have a great weekend,

<3 Karmyn

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Thanking Utopia for her suggestion to use avocado on bread in my transition. x
Thanks, I have no raw recipes yet other than a basic salad, and this idea of making a savoury stew really appeals, I will play around with it and see what happens. Thanks so much.
I had no idea you uploaded this email here Karmyn. Hope it helps some people.


Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teenager
Sorry Darling,

I forgot to tell you!


I agree. Thanks Karmyn!
This is cool! :)



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