30 Bananas a Day!

I have never tried it, but heard good things about it.

Has anyone tried it or have any experience with it?

Are there any advantages to combining it with 811?

Since it has many names (day on day off diet, alternate day diet) intermittent fasting is basically eating one day as much as you like and having 500 cals max the next day and so on.

I am just curious, not advocating this approach!

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I think a "rest day" is a great idea.... however... it has to be just that... consume nothing but water and sleep all you can. You digestion will get a small boost and the body will recover a bit... a really nice break that I believe can be nothing short of beneficial.
I love fasting.
But to me it is something that occurs organically when my body and mind needs it.
I agree restdays are good.
I rarely plan them though cause that just feel forced to me. and like Im doing it more for my ego/mind than my soul.

but doing day on day off just sounds like a bad diet to me, in my opinion.
It reminds me of a eating disorder.
There are many ways to do Intermittent Fasting (IF).

One way to do it is to have an eating window of between 6-8 hours.

Personally I feel best when I stop eating by 4pm (5pm at the latest) and have my first meal between 9-10am.

If I eat after 5pm I have a hard time falling asleep, once asleep I wake up 2-3 times in the night to use the bathroom (once I wake up I have a hard time going back to sleep), and I end up having a tough day the next day.

If I eat before 9am I feel gross--I'm just not hungry before then.

IMO IF is VERY compatible with 811.

Another example of someone who follows a similar approach is Grant Campbell who's been eating 100% 811rv for the past 4 years.

He eats his first meal mid-morning and his final meal late afternoon.

You can learn more about him here:

80-10-10 All Star Grant Campbell


Another IF approach is to do one or two 24 hour fasts a week. With this approach you're still eating daily it's just you skip a couple of meals.

As for the other approaches I'm not sure how compatible they are with 811 ...
For what it's worth, Doug Graham posted here a few weeks ago that "generic periodic fasting is not recommended", in response to someone asking "is it recommended periodically to fast for any length of time to give the digestive system a rest?".
thanks everyone for your answers...gonna check those links now.
I haven't finished 80-10-10 book yet, so, please, could someone tell me why Dr. D said that "generic periodic fasting is not recommended"... Again, I am just curious.
My opinion: In general, if you're hungry, you should eat. Eating is not bad, your body needs food to function. The benefits you get from fasting is because the body has more energy available to heal, aka it's all about resting. Living this lifestyle properly allows you to get this same benefit of rest in other ways: sleeping 'enough', eating properly and all the benefits of NOT doing the things that tax so many people (such as consuming: stimulants, combo-abombos, drugs, alcohol, condiments, salt, eating high-fat diets, etcetera). Fasting will probably let you heal quicker but in my opinion it should be more of thing you would do for a specific reason, such as if your body was not hungry or sick or you were doing an intentional, supervised fast for some specific health reason. It's all just about energy and not doing things intentionally that needlessly tax your body for no benefit when there are better alternatives (100% lfrv, natural hygiene lifestyle), freeing your body to do what it wants to do: live and keep itself in good shape. So eat slowly, savour your food, get enough sleep/sunshine/exercise/hydration, and don't eat those combo-abombos like avocado and dates :-). Not to say that a fast can't be very beneficial, but just that in general I don't buy the idea of periodic fasting against your own natural hunger, as if you're living healthfully, you shouldn't need such a powerful rest (and less functional day) regularly, don't you think? It is also worth noting that I have known a significant amount of people who have tried to fast end up binging on the nearest highest caloric food more often than not at some point, so I believe it is definitely something to approach with care.



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