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hey guys! whats up

so i read this article on youtube or somewhere online it was about hugh jackman and how he trains for his wolverine role in his movie! and he says what he does is constricts himself to a small 6-8 hour window within which to get your full calories for the day and then once that window is up timewise hes not allowed to eat

now ive been doing this for the last few days and i really have to say i have a feeling of balance that i havent felt in a long time and it really is working for me like.. i have no cravings at all at night and in the morning i dont even feel like eating... for some reason i feel like my digestion is better perhaps the digestive system does best when u give it a 16 hr break between 6-8 hour feeding windows..

i have been having my shakes + my fresh yummy fruit as much as my heart desires during the day and then at night.. ive felt energetic + positive..

anyway.. just thought id bring this up.. probably has been spoken of before but i  really think there is something to this!!! regardless of whether u are training physically or not..

i feel like this is the way people are supposed to eat.. like as if  eating was a job that u clock in and out of and go home and rest from ;)

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i forgot to add that my quality of sleep seems alot better too due to not eating anything past 5-6pm

yea for some this might not be such a novel idea and might just be the way they have always lived..but its really easy to eat more so  in a 16hr window + sleep/fast only 8 so its switching the ratio + dynamic of eating/fasting for me.. to be one where the body is deprived of calories and forced to burn what you ate that day more efficiently! to a better effect

I think a 10 hour window is more appropriate. Allows for better digestion vs having to cram all those calories in a 6hour period.

Have breakfast at 7am, finish eating by 5pm. 10hour window, easy to do. Thats what I aim for BUT if I havent met my daily calorie MINIMUM of 3500cals then I will eat beyond 5pm for sure.

HJ also looks like he is on LOTS of gear. We have to be pretty naive to think hollywood celebs trying to look physically like cartoon characters don't use cosmetic surgery/steroids etc to alter their physique to the expectations of the movie producers and audience. I would put 100k USD on it that Hugh 'HGH' Jackman is on a really good steroid program. 

He comes off as a paleo guy to me

probably right u are! but the idea of fasting for a certain amount of hours of the day is seperate from dietary preference

Christian Boeving. Been doing steroids since he was 16.


Hugh 'HGH' Jackman. Natty my foot.

Hugh in his 20's when men have their highest natural testosterone levels. 

It's kinda weird when he shrinks to nothing in six months, for another film. No offence Harley but he describes himself as a skinny guy just like you do. I have to say m8 I wanna be skinny and healthy excess fat or muscle is good for nothing.

i think u are thinking of christian bale:)

lol not to mean i want to look just like him -- he is who he is thats fine.. all power to him. -- but i just want to get my engine/fire revvin/stoked proppa!! -- takin in any tips from anyone, steroid monkey or not! ha! lol

M8 just do the load bearing exercise for the long term. Do all the high powered sports, weight lifting sprinting whether it is on the earth or in the water or on a bike or on ski's or on your feet. You only bulk up with added resistance. Avoid the shortcuts.

i a biker/runner i dont really do the weight lifting stuff 100% just every so often .. i used to when i used to take protein but i had really bad effects from using too much protein it turned me into a really really angry person becasue its not good for u straight up people who do that will have a wake up call when their liver explodes at age 40

i put on weight really easy even tho i ran 8km everyday all summer i still am like 15lbs higher then i wanna be!  i think its becasue i was eating too much oats everyday obviously ive removed that from my diet to see if its the culprit... oats + maplesyrup.. whaddya think? lol

sounds like a set up for insulin spike + store . but it tasted pretty damn good;)

You might think i dont know about muscle gain but i do, 20 years ago i was a natural body builder no roids just protein. If only I knew then what I know now, I always gained weight, fat and muscle easy.

If I now could say anything to myself 30 years earlier, I would say don't smoke, don't eat meat, don't drink booze, don't take drugs. and don't ever calorie restrict.

Oats are wonderful for extra protein, at least its vegy protein. soya beans contain all the amino acids so are probably the most complete protein solution for a vegan. Other advice i can give is take a meal of carb60% protein30% 30 mins before a weight bearing exercise and the same afterwards it will help recovery. But thats only for muscle gain.



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