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Victoria Boutenko Realizes that Low Fat Cooked Foods are perhaps a Healthier Choice than High Fat Raw Foods


I was on You Tube recently and I came across a discussion about Victoria not being raw. People had all sorts of statements about Victoria’s diet, some even said she was never on a 100% raw food diet.  To keep the truth accessible and avoid confusion, I decided to post this article Victoria wrote to her newsletter group at the start of this year. It is her public statement about preferring to resin from her previous 100% raw position.

Why I say I’m 95% Raw

By Victoria Boutenko
January 9th, 2010

Victoria Boutenko 300x200 Victoria Boutenko on not being RawThis month my family celebrates our 16th birthday as a Raw Family. Raw food saved our lives and I love every aspect of my raw life except for one. It becomes increasingly uncomfortable to feel the separation of us “purists,” (100% raw foodists) from anyone who is “below” that standard.

I first experienced this unease four years ago. I visited my relatives who eat a standard American diet, when suddenly my 9 year old nephew confided to me that he decided to become a vegetarian. He asked me if I would teach him to cook a vegetable soup. I froze, thinking. “How can I do that? I am a 100% raw fooder!” Yet, after looking into Sasha’s excited eyes, I went ahead and helped him cook a soup, which he loved.

Soon after this episode, I participated in a weekend workshop with Byron Katie about self-realization, along with 500 other attendees. That was the very first non-raw food event that I had been to in more than ten years. I remember feeling different, weird, and completely out of place. In addition, and contrary to my expectation, those people did not look particularly unhealthy. I did a lot of thinking at this workshop about why I felt separated and the importance of happiness in one’s life.

Since then I noticed feeling progressively more sensitive when talking to people who were struggling to stick to a 60%, 70%, 80%, or whatever % raw diet. All of a sudden, I realized that my book 12 Steps to Raw Foods (first edition) contained fanaticism about 100% raw foodism. Soon I completely revised this book and published the second edition, which I find to be a much kinder book, and perhaps more useful because of that. I shredded and recycled the left over copies of the old edition.

I have noticed that when I was telling other people about myself being a 100% raw foodist, it came across as if I was claiming to be a better, higher, more spiritual person. I felt so uncomfortable that I repeated in every lecture, “I am just a woman in a green dress. Please don’t put me on a pedestal.”

We are all pioneers, still in the beginning of our research of the human diet. Nothing is set in stone and our bodies continually change. For example, while I enjoyed gourmet raw food in the beginning of my raw journey, for several years now, I have completely eliminated food prepared with nuts. In recent years I have decided that it can be healthier, to eat a bowl of cooked green vegetables than a whole jar of raw nut butter.

While I believe with my whole heart that, when done correctly, a raw food diet is the optimal way of eating for humans, and my present diet is almost exclusively raw, I prefer to resign from a “100% raw” position.

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I fully agree. I know other 60 year olds who are fit. But also, and perhaps even more poignant, I know 60 year olds who are in superior SHAPE but who live on steak, potatoes and other carbohydrates. Alcohol, etc. They LOOK equally healthy, but we all know that health is more than that. Brian Clement, Gabriel Cousens.....if they are not as "ripped", are they less healthy? Because if that is true then meat-eating SAD dieters who power-lift regularly have everybody beat, including Graham. I would love to know the B12 levels, EFA levels and other stats about Clement, Wolfe, Cousens & Graham, personally. Isn't that more tell-tale? We don't know if Doug is lacking or not, truthfully? This picture shows me nothing other than that he is athletic. My dad is ripped at 60, too. Oldest one at his dojang to get a black belt, by far. Totally rocked it. Lives on popsicles, cooked fish and angel food cake, just works out a lot, too. Takes cholesterol meds, etc. ??
On this forum we subscribe to the fact that if your not really fit for your age, then your simply not healthy. Its impossible to be healthy if your out of shape and have trouble sprinting up a flight of stairs or doing a push up.

Nobody could be athletic on Gabriel or Brian Clements 1000calorie a day 80% of calories coming from fat starvation programme. Sure it sells books and people drop some temporary weight or get healthy but 99% of em go back to eating crap cos the 'diet' they got put on just isnt sustainable longterm. Then the thunder thighs and cancer etc just come back. As people I like Gab and Bazza but when it comes to how to sustain and a longterm healthy diet and lifestyle..these guys miss the boat big time.

Me? Im tak'n my advice from high energy people that are easy to contact, are half naked most of the time, make sense, are not selling gimick stuff or are telling people 'not to eat bananas but come and buy this special 2000$ supplement line instead..'.
"are half naked most of the time..."

Right on. Yes, I have been mystified by the propensity for many, many layers of loose drapings that so many raw gurus wear as clothing.

WHAT is underneath all of those folds??? lol
Brian Clements does not eat 80% fat and only 1000 calories. And who knows what DW is eating, but yeah, he DID eat like 80% fat (cacao exclusively, even) for awhile and then ants and whatever. Cousens teaches low-glycemic, low-fat organic raw vegan. Not sure about the calorie cap, though. My dear friend works with him every day, but I don't even ask or care, really, about GC's deal. I think he charges ridiculous amounts, even if he IS helping people, and sure he does good work and I'm grateful for his contributions but like anybody who refers to themselves in third-person I kinda struggle with a bit and don't really need to get to know any more intimately than I do. ;)

I'm not sure how sprouting in your kitchen is not sustainable longterm but tropical fruits are in like the midwest, etc., all winter. Yeah, you can do it, but they all get boring. I think people go back mainly bc they get too comfortable with being well, and they get bored. And it's a social thing. And yes, their afflictions come back, you got that right. Dr. Ann Wigmore's program is entirely sustainable as well.

So according to you then many SAD-dieters are healthy as they are fit and energetic for their age, never mind the pending stroke, cancer, etc.
"Cousens teaches low-glycemic, low-fat organic raw vegan."

His recipe books unfortunately are 65-85% fat. Without doubt he is not teaching low-fat SoR.
after reading the live-food cuisine recipe book and watching raw for 30 days, cousen's program is certainly not low fat and not even all raw.. the recipe book uses many questionable ingredients that are no doubt not raw, manna bread for one obvious example, and the doco teaches ppl how to cook after their 30 days raw
Living with no serious piece of fruit for 2 months is crazy.

You can read what the 3 level dietary plan is alike and where most of their calories came from.

Written by an intern of the ToL (rebeccaj)

Ive put up 3 blood tests this year, to provide transparency. We dont yet have a medical test for omega 3 levels, DHA or EPA in Australia as yet.


This is AWESOME! Way to go! May I repost?

I think this is wonderful. I think that overall the main thing I overall disagree on is that if everybody on the planet ate exactly this way that they would all look as great on paper and NOT---as usual----because of what they are putting in their mouth, but because of the different levels of dis-ease people have, diseases such as Lymes which is rampant and devastating (and political), and destroys absorption. My point is, I have seen these people eat a phenomenal diet (raw vegan, high mineral, sea veggies, fruit, sprouts, ferments, etc), then supplement, and STILL come out negative until they brought in some heavy-hitting supplements. Yes, not because the human body is defective but because of how we've harmed it by throwing it out of wack with the xenohormones & lymes & amalgam fillings & other shit. But either way, to preach zero supplementation verses what is best for someone else's well-being considering their circumstances is where I would disagree (if that is the case). After that, I to each their own.

As you said, B12 is a societal problem. Absolutely. MY black-american-diet eating friends take B12, and their whole diet is chicken wings. ;) What B12 test did you get? In America there is a real problem with false positives. A severely B12 deficient (I suspect from sushi) girl I know of (who has since lost her job, her home and is on disability) had all sorts of false positives from medical hospitals as well as naturpaths. Turns out -- big surprise!! -- she is b12 deficient.

And I'm sorry to hear that about your dad, but it sounds like he lived a long and rich life. No doubt diet would have changed things, and sounds like you'll live to prove yourself right.
P.S. @ Mangosister I think it is more the Christ complex than anything. :(

Well I'll be damned!! I read through Rainbow Green LFC a few years ago and even made a couple items at some point------but I didn't own it directly, a friend had it. Still, I remember he had 3 levels (glycemic-wise, I believe) and that it was low nut/seed to my knowledge? My bad if not true. As far as if maple syrup and or a few other ingredients are truly raw or not, I could see that. He didn't do agave even as of 4 - 5 years ago, though, so he was pretty strict then about junkier stuff. I did know that as I knew a girl who worked in his cafe. Still, I guess I've been slightly turned off by him for quite a while now. Oh well. He's still helping people get a lot better, apparently, but I apologize for the technical error.

I'll say that I don't care at all if he's teaching SOME healthy vegan cooked and/or some manna bread------------that's just knowing that these people will eat some cooked afterwards and best outfitting them for success in keeping their diabetes away. Their goal is to be healthy and to be diabetes-free, not to maintain a dogma.
My Dad was one of the fittest 80 year olds on the planet. He would ride his bike every second day up and down the coast. At 70 he could outsprint me in a 100m dash. I was 16.

He lived on white rice/orange juice/baked beans/tinned salmon/milk/sugar and cornflakes mostly. I have no doubts he would have been super fit at 100 still if he ate a healthy diet. When they gave him radiation and chemo last year, he only lasted 2 months until he died.

Ive had 4 mates that were super fit and under age 35 that have died from heart failure in the last few years.

Being active is as important as eating/living healthy. Unfortunately some people think they can work it off cos they train a lot and thats true for a bit of time but regardless of our genetic gifts, bad habits ALWAYS catch up in the end. :(



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