30 Bananas a Day!

Feel free to ask questions about the raw lifestyle and share your feelings...no question is too basic...

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banana island blog article I wrote recently

Here is a related video also

I regularly receive a lot of questions in relation to fatloss on banana island so this information is slanted towards answering those queries....

Important questions to ask yourself before doing this are......

-What is my motivation to do a banana 'feast'? If the answer is fatloss then a holistic approach is needed to sustain the fatloss (exercise, long term comittment to the right eating plan, hydration considerations etc)

-Am I willing to eat a diet after the feast which agrees with my body/physiology in line with nature's design? If not then the fat &/or old health issues will return

-What are my beliefs surrounding a raw diet? Do I think its ok to eat processed raw gourmet food? Is my goal to eat a lowfat raw vegan diet?... (I believe this is the only way to achieve & maintain vibrant health longterm).

Yes Banana island may assist you in losing weight short term but is this the only reason u are doing it? isn't everyone sick of playing the same old 'yo-yo' record over and over again?? I advise peeps not to do BI for weightloss....We want sustainable, long term lean healthy glowing bodies! & you can have it! Just make the choice to follow the right lifestyle consistently, build lots of reasons why not just flimsy weightloss reasons or u will go back to cooked food.

Ask these questions of yourself...

-Am I willing to read 811, research how my body works and especially learn how to combine food properly?.

-Am I going to put my health first before by social life & not cave to pressure from friends,peer group etc?

-Am i willing to work out how many cals I need to sustain myself whilst on BI?

These questions are important if you want to really get vibrant results and feel amazing for the long run.

Also important to success...

-Work out what foods you currently have 'attachments' too and address 'why' or else u may go back to eating them....although it may simply be (& usually is) that you are not eating enough carbs (the body runs exclusively on glucose & you are highly likely to 'binge' on undesirable 'foods' if you are not getting enough) which brings me to my next point.....

-Work out how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight with www.nutridiary.com and keep your calories up there or else you will be tempted by foods that aren't health-supporting. Eat enough Fruit!! This is very important!!

After answering those questions & making a comittment to an allround better lifestyle these are my recommendations & personal experiences...

-When on banana island I would generally eat between 25-30 bananas a day mostly in smoothie form

-Get enough ripe spotty bananas & a box of semi underripe. Trial a couple of days on bananas and see how many you eat & compare to your calorie calculations, increase your total intake if not meeting daily requirement.

-Work out how many bananas in a kg and buy enough for 2weeks - 1 box of ripe if possible (or wait until they are spotty but not fermented!), A box of varying ripeness for the second week (but make sure you work out how many you need for the 2weeks)

-Exercise daily - this is important, at least a powerwalk or bike ride.

-Drink lots of water (requirements differ depending on exercise/bodyfat levels/environment etc)

-Get in touch with your creative side, paint, sing, draw, play an instrument, dance etc- these activities are important as they assist you in feeling good & as a result you are more likely to want to nurture that 'feel good' feeling which generally leads to participation in other activities that promote health & wellbeing like eating well! Start conscioulsy planning your life how you desire it...instead of being 'taken with the wind'.

-Get sun on your nude body! Daily if possible, obviously don't burn yourself.

The reason for bananas over other fruits? You can do another fruit, I have done mangoes only for 2weeks and melons&mangoes for 1month (bar 1meal) but bananas are..

-Easy to get hold of
-Ripe ones are cheap
-They are a great source of energy/carbs and will keep you fueled up for your daily tasks.
-THey taste great! & are great in smoothies
-They are really satisfying & filling.

I had about 25-40 bananas everyday in smoothies & ate them for 10days then added celery (I would say u could add the celery earlier) followd by tender baby greens for another couple of days.
After this I added in mono-meals of another fruit (with still plenty of bananas) and so on... adding back in fresh,ripe,raw,(preferably organic)whole foods until i was simply eating a well combined lowfat raw vegan diet.

The simplicity of one fruit at a time on digestion allows the body the energy to eliminate the fat and toxins out of the system, I lost a good couple of kgs and felt AMAZING! And still do actually! But i recommend you ask yourself the questions above first.

You can always go back to your old way of eating if you don't like it but remember your body will be more pure and sensitive afterwards and will tell you loud and clear what it wants.

Maybe I should make a vid explaining all that too...

It is ideal (but not essential) to be eating a lowfat raw vegan diet consistently prior to travelling to banana island as what u eat after the feast will generally be what u ate before hand


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Hi Freelee


i need help with workign out how many calories i need per day

i registerd on nurtidiary but i couldnt see a calorie fiugre

if this helps i weigh 59-60 kilos and am 162cm :)

Hello, I am heavily interested in this endeavour. I am preparing for it, getting ready and hopefully this can be a complete transition into 811 LFRV instead of LFCV.


However, this site is often linked a lot here for reference and scientific evidence, http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/application-of-food-combining-princ....


They don't have many pro's to this type of thing. I was just doing research on mono-eating and such and this website came up, and I was surprised they were against it because it is often linked here to help explain raw food.


They even state at the end that fasting for a week is better than a mono-diet for 3 weeks.


Is there more insight on this? I would love more confidence that this is a safe thing to do.


Thanks guys for the support and the site!

darling freelea, approximately how mang kgs of bananas would you suggest i buy for a week on B.I? my main motivation is to clear my skin. do you know of others who have had positive experiences with this issue {in particular} going on B.I? thanks so much x

Hey peeps,


I've always thought about going on BI, but never had the courage to do it :-). I am in India for 2 more works so I am planning to do BI once I get back to NZ. I will need it to detox from here (I am eating mostly fruits but every now and then try some Indian food or get stuck in situations where I am without fruit). I also want to use my trip to BI to kick start my return to 100% HCRV and just feel good about myself.

I also hope to use it as a 'cleanse' in time for the start of spring. I really want to get myself and my body on the right track once and for all so that it can heal over time and reflect on the outside how I feel on the inside.

I am getting married in 1 year, so I have enough time to be patient and stop the yo-yo-ing that I have gone through so far.


I'll order some bananas soon so that they are all ready to go when I get home :-)

hey iv been on watermelon island for a couple days and after i eat a half a watermelon i get srsly crippling pain and aches in my stomach and chest and shoulders for about 15- 20 min after. its so bad i have to lay down and roll around in pain..not fun stuff! does anyone know why this is happening? detox?

thanks for the tipz alycia :) watermelon island was good but i deffenetly couldnt do it for more then 4  or 5 days! pros: lots of clarity in the mind, my vision was crazy  i could look across the water from my house and see the land on the other side in 3 dimentional & before it was just one solid coast line, lots of awareness in my body i went for a run and could feel every single individual muscle as it expanded and contracted it was pretty incredible. cons: it was rly hard for me to eat a lot of watermelon and i would get really full on it so i was only eating 1 & 1/2 watermelon a day and it was way not enough calories for my body so i also felt very tired but at other times had a super amount of energy so i guess thats a pro, some dizzyness and lighheadedness and by the 3rd day i couldnt wait to not be on watermellon island anymore but i bought like 15 watermellons so i had a lot of watermelon and i didnt want to waste them. after watermelon island i went on banana island for 2 days but im not really a fan of bananas and so i didnt really eat a lot of bananas and my body was going carb crazy when i finally went back to eating normal LFRV..i think im gunna stay on the "mainland" for a while but goodluck if u are still planning on going to the watermelon island! :)

I'm thinking about going on BI but I need to know how many bananas are in a box? When I know this I'll know how many boxes I'll need for the week. Also, how long does it take for the Cavendish bananas to ripen after you get the box home? I'm guessing it will be about a week to a week and a half. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. :) 

Satchfan, I buy 13kg boxes and there are about 62 bananas in a box, they are about 7-8 inches long, so this obviously varies.

In the US 40lbs is usually whats in a box. I bought a box of green cavendish's and It took about 4 or 5 days to totally turn spotty and ripe!

I did melon island for 1 day and am currently on the 2nd day of banana island. I'm not really feeling that great on it. Once my box of bananas run out I'm definitely going back to the 811 mainland and staying there for a LOOONNNGGG time haha.

Hard to pinpoint exactly but, just a general sense of not feeling my best. Nothing major but I feel better when I eat a variety of fruits & veggies during the day rather than just one kind of fruit all day. Melon island was easier than banana island but even just one day had a weird feeling. I'm on day 3 of banana island now and i don't feel too bad just yet, but I'm glad my banana box is almost empty haha. I miss eating tomatoes and greens!



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