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Feel free to ask questions about the raw lifestyle and share your feelings...no question is too basic...

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banana island blog article I wrote recently

Here is a related video also

I regularly receive a lot of questions in relation to fatloss on banana island so this information is slanted towards answering those queries....

Important questions to ask yourself before doing this are......

-What is my motivation to do a banana 'feast'? If the answer is fatloss then a holistic approach is needed to sustain the fatloss (exercise, long term comittment to the right eating plan, hydration considerations etc)

-Am I willing to eat a diet after the feast which agrees with my body/physiology in line with nature's design? If not then the fat &/or old health issues will return

-What are my beliefs surrounding a raw diet? Do I think its ok to eat processed raw gourmet food? Is my goal to eat a lowfat raw vegan diet?... (I believe this is the only way to achieve & maintain vibrant health longterm).

Yes Banana island may assist you in losing weight short term but is this the only reason u are doing it? isn't everyone sick of playing the same old 'yo-yo' record over and over again?? I advise peeps not to do BI for weightloss....We want sustainable, long term lean healthy glowing bodies! & you can have it! Just make the choice to follow the right lifestyle consistently, build lots of reasons why not just flimsy weightloss reasons or u will go back to cooked food.

Ask these questions of yourself...

-Am I willing to read 811, research how my body works and especially learn how to combine food properly?.

-Am I going to put my health first before by social life & not cave to pressure from friends,peer group etc?

-Am i willing to work out how many cals I need to sustain myself whilst on BI?

These questions are important if you want to really get vibrant results and feel amazing for the long run.

Also important to success...

-Work out what foods you currently have 'attachments' too and address 'why' or else u may go back to eating them....although it may simply be (& usually is) that you are not eating enough carbs (the body runs exclusively on glucose & you are highly likely to 'binge' on undesirable 'foods' if you are not getting enough) which brings me to my next point.....

-Work out how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight with www.nutridiary.com and keep your calories up there or else you will be tempted by foods that aren't health-supporting. Eat enough Fruit!! This is very important!!

After answering those questions & making a comittment to an allround better lifestyle these are my recommendations & personal experiences...

-When on banana island I would generally eat between 25-30 bananas a day mostly in smoothie form

-Get enough ripe spotty bananas & a box of semi underripe. Trial a couple of days on bananas and see how many you eat & compare to your calorie calculations, increase your total intake if not meeting daily requirement.

-Work out how many bananas in a kg and buy enough for 2weeks - 1 box of ripe if possible (or wait until they are spotty but not fermented!), A box of varying ripeness for the second week (but make sure you work out how many you need for the 2weeks)

-Exercise daily - this is important, at least a powerwalk or bike ride.

-Drink lots of water (requirements differ depending on exercise/bodyfat levels/environment etc)

-Get in touch with your creative side, paint, sing, draw, play an instrument, dance etc- these activities are important as they assist you in feeling good & as a result you are more likely to want to nurture that 'feel good' feeling which generally leads to participation in other activities that promote health & wellbeing like eating well! Start conscioulsy planning your life how you desire it...instead of being 'taken with the wind'.

-Get sun on your nude body! Daily if possible, obviously don't burn yourself.

The reason for bananas over other fruits? You can do another fruit, I have done mangoes only for 2weeks and melons&mangoes for 1month (bar 1meal) but bananas are..

-Easy to get hold of
-Ripe ones are cheap
-They are a great source of energy/carbs and will keep you fueled up for your daily tasks.
-THey taste great! & are great in smoothies
-They are really satisfying & filling.

I had about 25-40 bananas everyday in smoothies & ate them for 10days then added celery (I would say u could add the celery earlier) followd by tender baby greens for another couple of days.
After this I added in mono-meals of another fruit (with still plenty of bananas) and so on... adding back in fresh,ripe,raw,(preferably organic)whole foods until i was simply eating a well combined lowfat raw vegan diet.

The simplicity of one fruit at a time on digestion allows the body the energy to eliminate the fat and toxins out of the system, I lost a good couple of kgs and felt AMAZING! And still do actually! But i recommend you ask yourself the questions above first.

You can always go back to your old way of eating if you don't like it but remember your body will be more pure and sensitive afterwards and will tell you loud and clear what it wants.

Maybe I should make a vid explaining all that too...

It is ideal (but not essential) to be eating a lowfat raw vegan diet consistently prior to travelling to banana island as what u eat after the feast will generally be what u ate before hand


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Is there anything to be gained by doing bananas, dates and mono meals of mangos for about 7 days?I was going to start banana island but I have a case of mangos that will be ripe soon. Plus I like dates in my banana smoothies. I just need to get the taste of fatty raw vegan out of me. Even when eating a meal of 800 to 1000 calories in fruit, I dream of vegan gourmet! :/ lol. I've always been a foodie and have worked in restaurants my whole life! I want to learn to appreciate the natural flavors of unsalted veggie and plain fruit.

Let me know what you recommend or your stories of giving up fatty salty gourmet, and different ways to do banana island. I've also heard of some people eating greens too.
<3 heather
I am going on BI for 4-5 days to heal some digestive issues. When I leave BI, is there a certain way I should be reintroducing fruits. Today is Day 50 of 811 for me, Day 2 of BI.

Hugs and thx!
I want to start BI but I am still waiting for my bananas to ripen more. I bought a whole box a couple days ago and have half ripening in the trunk of my car lol. I want to do it to help me get back on track with my 80/10/10 eating, digestive issues, acne and some weight I have gained. Any advice in how many bananas I should be eating per day to aid with everything I want to achieve please? Also can I incorporate greens in my day as well and I so what would you recommend? Thank you! I am 5'7 and about 122-124 which is heavy for me I feel my best at about 118

Hey!! Anyone want to start a 30-day challenge - mostly bananas but with some other fruit and maybe cooked food? Message me on here if interested :)

Just going to start a new thread. It'll probably be for August, but maybe starting this coming Monday ((22nd)).

Hi glad i found this group im on nana island 7 day now an not experiencing any increase in energy actually quite the opposite feelin weak an frail but yea eatin nearly 40 a day . Does anyone else have no energy on this is this just tempoarry? , apart from skin smoother n some good detox signs like tongue white n headaches should i be energised by now? plz help

Hi i have a question about banana island curious to know how long doe sdetox last i had constant nausea n fatigue some headaches an muscle weakness for 8days unable to function is this normal or am i doing myself damage cause most peopl seem to get energy from all those bananas .., did not experience any energy boost should i of persisted .its just i have child to look after an being crippled from banana island doesnt fit in for me ...

@ ves:

This is very unusual, sounds awful!  

What is your past diet and health history?  Were you coming off of coffee or any drugs?  

Water output?  Sleep schedule? Activity level?

Have you ever had problems with bananas?

Hi thanks for your reply, ive been 98percent raw for 8months  .  i was bedridden before that with cfs 70percent of the time , i drink alot water , sleep good, activity level is functional now sometimes i exercise , but wen i recently tried bana island first time  nost of the time makes me feel very tired  but i do get good signs of toxic release lik me tongue goes super white n teeth get a film ,  but im not sure why the detox should last so long . never ad probs with banas , i use to drink tea cofee but that was over yr ago

No never been on drugs . never been a drinker

So you have been 98% raw for 8 months without any problems?  You pee 10+ times daily?  You sleep until fully rested and get to bed early?  You do some activity but not anything vigorous?  

An island does speed healing so it could just be normal detox and it seems very likely that this would require more sleep and rest.  Particularly in your case with the history of being bed ridden with CFS.  If you do not adhere to your body's needs for sleep the body will react with such things as headaches, nausea, muscle weakness.  In your position I would do an island program on the weekends only or whenever you can have someone else to help care for your child so you can get as much rest as required.  I think you would likely feel fine doing it this way.

yes ive had problems it took me 4to 5 months raw that was at 100percent just to do 10squats .so now im good with squats sometimes 50 aday .but lately only can do 12 not on banana island anymore other than that i rest in bed or do garden ing . yes i go bed early . like i said i spend good deal of time restin on the bed still



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