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I've recently been diagnosed with insulin resistance and I wanted to transition to a 811 type of lifestyle in order to reverse my poor health over the past several years.

I made my first breakfast shake with 5 bananas and 10 dates for around 1000-1100 calories. It tasted great and it felt like I drank 2 cups of coffee without having any caffeine. However, about 3-4 hours later I had a huge sugar crash followed by tremors, headache, fatigue, etc.

Is the 811 diet something I can continue to follow with having insulin resistance? Do I need to modify anything or has anybody else had similar results?

I've very motivated to make this work but I also don't want to put myself in jeopardy.

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You could read below on this issue from past posts.


A great place to start is to go through all the literature which are provided below, and many more throughout this website. Many questions you have will most likely be in these links.





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Wow, thank you so much for that informative post. I greatly appreciate it.


Your sugar crash is something I also get when I transition from a cooked, and especially relatively fatty, diet to raw fruit. I mean, in the beginning, the first few days, I can get that reaction, if it goes too long between the meals.
I think it is because of the left-overs inside my body, of fats and stuff from the old diet.

But once my blood is clean and my digestive system is just filled with fruit, my blood sugar evens out. And then I can go as long as I want, without my blood sugar crashing. I get hungry, yes, but without such effects. Just a calm hunger. Stable blood.

One theory is that when we have too much fat in our system, the fats coat the blood of our walls, making it hard for the sugars to be absorbed, while the blood is getting filled with insulin. And then, when the fats are removed, suddenly all the sugars in the blood gets absorbed very fast, because all of it is ready because of the very high insulin content of the blood.And this can also be the very cause of type 2 diabetes.

So it is smart of you to start with high carb vegan food!! Avoiding that diabetes-causing fatty horrible foods and get well and healthy :)

Realise that in the beginning, the body is in a big transition, and your body cannot run smoothly on the new foods until it has had time to readjust and remove the old foods and the effects of it. It takes time for you to experience how it really is to be on fruit and high carb. The first few days is the most intens, usually, generally. After a week it is smoother, physiologically. 2 weeks, better. And so on.

Be also aware that as your body is cleaning out that old garbage, and is running more and more on just that healthy food, the emotional stress-"relieving" effects of that old food goes away too. And you might get cravings for cooked food.
Now, in the transition, you get the benefit of both the emotionally numbing effects of the cooked unhealthy foods and the clean energy and mental clarity of the healthy food.
So more will happen and change as you continue on :)
If this is your first experience with this kind of diet, then you are kind of a baby in this world. Lots to learn and experience :)

So welcome! And keep us posted!

Btw, yes, 811 is generally very healthy for someone having archieved insulin resistance through e.g S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) eating.. It removes the cause for the insuline resistance.

811 will reverse the fastest, but rt4 is not far behind. I got those same reactions for the first month and a half or two, then I started to have so much energy all the time with no crash until 8 hours later with no food and standing/walking the entire time
Just make sure to exercise as well

Just going vegan and eating high carb fixed my insulin resistance - I came from doing keto (my doctor told me to do keto, told me not to eat fruit or carbs, needless to say it made me really unwell). 8 months ago, on low carb, my HbA1c was 6.2, on high carb Rt4 my HbA1c is 5.3. My fasting blood glucose went from 105 on the low carb diet to 81 now, and this was just 3 months vegan. My cholesterol is still out of whack but that can take a year or so to settle, just getting out of the insulin resistance trap has helped me feel a lot better though. Rt4 and high carb/low fat really can fix it - I don't do quite as many bananas and dates as freelee does in her smoothies because I am still healing and my blood sugar is still a bit erratic. You may want to try adding some oats or flax seeds to your smoothie to make it digest a big slower. I think that some of us coming from places of serious unwellness (I have multiple autoimmune conditions) need to maybe do some adjustments - like tracking your blood sugar to see how you are doing, etc. I go for about 500 calories of fruit at breakfast, mostly because I can't really exercise to my full potential right now, and then another 500 calories minimum for lunch, I have a snack if I need it, and I eat a 600-800 calorie cooked meal for dinner (potatoes or rice as the foundation). I get about 2000 calories which keeps my weight stable. I have gained no weight on this lifestyle so far doing this. Once I am feeling better and able to exercise more then I can increase that. 

I didn't have enough time to write my entire journey last time but I really appreciate all the post here. Here is why I'm transitioning down the 811 path.

Approximately 8-9 years ago I began having a horrific pain on my right side. The doctors said my gallbladder wasn't functioning properly and removed it. That ended up being one of the worst things that's ever happened to me.

I began to have multiple side effects and other symptoms almost immediately after the surgery. Within 3 months I was diagnosed with tennis and golfers below and had to start wearing arm bands in order to keep the tendons from flaring up. My eyes also became bloodshot and I had to stop wearing contacts. My scalp broke out in sores that would break upon and hurt all the time. I couldn't concentrate and had difficulty learning. The pain on my right side also remained and I had numerous digestive issues that the doctors said were normal after having no gallbladder.

I started searching the internet and a lot of folks recommended cutting gluten out of my diet. I did that and immediately noticed improvement but I was still in very bad shape. I then cut out dairy. More improvement but still not 100%. Shortly after, I ran across a story on the internet that was strikingly similar to mine. It was on Dr. McDougall's website with a list of people that had cured a ton of “incurable” diseases with diet change. I immediately bought his book and started the elimination diet.

I ate nothing but brown rice and steam vegetables for 2 weeks and then slowly added stuff back in. The list of things that gave me digestive discomfort was so long, I just ended up eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for 10 months. I lost 72 pounds and completely healed all my symptoms. However, I was ignorant and tried to start incorporating a bunch of bad foods back into my diet. A once a week treat turned into a once a day treat and then I went back to eating my terrible diet again. It took about a year before all my symptoms returned...along with a whole other list of ailments that I have still to this day.

I tried on-and-off for 6 years to get back on my diet and failed each time. I tried a vegetarian and Mediterranean diet and for the past 12 months I was going to a holistic dr that recommended the paleo diet. I followed every instruction he gave me and I started feeling worse and worse. He told me at my last consultation that I destroyed my metabolism by doing my vegan diet and I would need a “brain re-balancing” for over $2,000 to “get my digestive system fixed”.

I walked out of there knowing I would never return and I needed to get back to only diet that's ever helped me feel better. However, I knew I needed a better approach to stick with it this time because I was only eating 1200-1400 calories on a good day last time around.

I found Freelee and Durianrider and they look pretty damn healthy, so I feel like this is where I'm meant to be. I love having the helpful community here because I feel like I may struggle again, so it will be nice to have support when I need it. I can already tell by all the helpful posts that you all really care about the entire community. Thanks again for all the helpful links and advice.



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