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I'm pretty sure that I have insulin resistance, and possibly diabetes.  I'm currently awaiting blood test results from a doctor to confirm this, but I thought I'd go ahead and post anyway.

I've been doing some research on insulin resistance, and the overwhelming advice I've come across over the net is to reduce carbs in the diet, as well as exercise more.  I'm pretty committed to the 811 lifestyle - it clicks with me mentally and spiritually (the physical part is still working itself out), so reducing carbs is not an option to me.  And I already exercise regularly.

So my question is:  has anyone else here recovered from insulin resistance on this diet, experienced any of the same symptoms I have, and how did you recover?


Why I think I have insulin resistance or diabetes:

1.  Constant excessive thirst and hunger - not affected by eating or drinking water

2.  Fatigue and exhaustion most of the day, *especially* after eating.  Eating fruit should give me energy.  Instead, I feel like I just want to pass out from lethargy every time I eat.  The more I eat, the more tired I am.

3.  Weight gain.  This could also be due to low metabolism (by the way, are low metabolism and insulin resistance the same thing?)  I have a long history of eating disorders and calorie restriction.  Frustratingly, I have put on 30 lbs since going 811, on a 5' frame (original weight 110 lb)

4.  Constant dry mouth and shortness of breath

I have been feeling these symptoms for about 5 years, but for most of that time I was deep into an eating disorder and I thought they were from low electrolytes.  Eating disorder gone, symptoms have stayed.

General Info:

-  Been doing 811 since June 2011 with 95% accuracy (5% random bites of either steamed veggies, rice, or raw overt fats)
-  Eat mostly bananas, dates, oranges, and greens, 2500-3000 kcal per day.
-  Exercise every day, 1 hour cardio from hiking or running
-  Drink as much water as I can - pee almost clear at least 10x per day
-  Sleep average 7 - 8 hours per night

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Have you had your chromium levels checked? Chromium is often lacking in our soils and therefore any farmed produce. There are a lot of discussions on this site talking about the importance of chromium levels for people with insulin resistance and diabetes. 

I am looking into the posts on chromium now, thanks for mentioning that.  Still trying to figure out what a correct dosage would be, though, from all the posts.

Get your blood tests done. It's possible in this weather you're Vit D deficient, or B12 deficient. Hmmm, good luck dear.

Would suggest going with banana island for a while and see what results you get :)

Hi Fruit fly,

I am very interested by the answers to this post as well. I have your same symptoms. Fatigue and exhaustion most of the day, *especially* after eating., thirst, hypoglycemia, dry mouth, shortness of breath....I had prediabetes in march last year. I am new to this lifestyle and don´t know how my health will evolve.

Please, let me/us know how your test results are. I would like to know if you have insulin resistance or if your problems have an other origin. Thank you.

Get a fasting glucose done. Don't eat from the night before and get your blood work done. HgA1c is the next test that would be done if you are out of the normal fasting blood sugar range of 70-100. I will be going for my blood work soon. I have recently tested myself yesterday and the day before and my results were 111 and then 107 the next day, Which is just above the normal range. I forgot to test this morning.

I have just started doing the whole 80 10 10 thing very recently. Started following it completely just a couple of weeks now and for about a month prior mostly 80 10 10 with some poor meal choices that were neither low fat or raw. I have just started an exercise routine and I have about 50 or 60 pounds to lose ... at least that. I am curious how it will all pan out. Most things that I have read from the folks in the know, Dr.s that have gotten rid of the diabetes and hyperglycemia, are all advocates of very low fat diets with your calories mostly coming from carbs. Someone told me that they had been in about the same range I was and now they test in the 70's after sticking with the HCLF raw vegan style of eating.

I have not experienced the thirst, hunger, peeing that accompanies diabetes. I actually rarely get thirsty, I do get hungry but it is only after many hours of no food. I actually have to force myself to drink and to eat a lot of the times. It has been a challenge for me to maintain the calories I am supposed to be getting on 80 10 10. A positive is that I was able to come off of blood pressure meds after a month of mostly 80 10 10.

I have diabetes type 2 onset a couple years ago. I can't eat every much fat. If I cheat and eat fat, my blood sugar goes up. If I eat my fruit, rare cooked vegan, my fasting blood sugar stays about 70. It took about 6 weeks in the beginning to get it that low. The numbers didn't move for the first 3 weeks of my change to raw vegan and then it started dropping and stabilized around 70 fasting. I never take my blood sugar in the evening. 

Update.... so, I found out what's going on.  I saw an excellent Chinese Medicine doctor and had a 3 hours comprehensive session.

I have a spleen deficiency (in Chinese medicine terms) from my years of eating disorder body abuse.  Spleen deficiency means lacking the ability to derive nutrients and Qi energy from good, and having a sinking fatigue quality in the body.  Exactly.

Guess what makes the condition worse?  Undernourishment.  Yes.  I have been undereating... and I know it.  I started gaining weight on 811 and cut back on the calories... and ended up with this.  It's a good and needed lesson, I had to get sick to realize that I need to eat, suck it up and gain the weight if need be, and get healthy again.

The doc also gave me some incredible herbs to take that made a huge difference, and did acupuncture... also made a huge difference.

I highly recommend Chinese medicine.  It's comprehensive and holistic, and treats the whole being - as I needed to be treated (I had seen Western docs about this and had been told I'm a hypochondriac!).  Everything is connected - mind, body, spirit.  Traditional Chinese Medicine docs might tell you to eat meat or eat cooked food - they don't have the download on HCRV - it's ok, filter their advice and combine it with the knowledge you already have.  Good luck Loane!


Interesting ... thanks, Fruit Fly!


Could you share more about the treatments you were recommended? (e.g. the specific herbs and their effects, and how you adapted his/her dietary guidance).


With love and gratitude,



Can take a decade or more to recover from the damage of anorexia/starvation. Thats why we dont promote calorie restriction.

Your lucky your alive. Anorexia is the most lethal mental condition.

Fruits and veg will destroy your health though and have caused all your problems. ;)


Hey I have experienced similar problems! My advice is to listen to your body, and try to understand and be one with it, and feed it what it needs/craves. Personally, I crave healthy food, especially vegetables, so my advice is to load up on greens, spinach, etc. It sounds like you're eating pretty healthy, but I would say load up on the greens, and if you're not already, try exercising for even just like 3X per week...sometimes the smallest changes can made a big difference. Make sure you get your B12 one way or another, and it's great you got a blood test, so now you'll know. Also, I can't tolerate  tons of fruit in the morning...I do better with lots of H20 and veggies in the morning, and then lots of fruit later in the day...(I don't always do this, but usually I do, and it feels way better.)

I totally understand the excessive thirst! I'm always thirsty and it really sucks! :( 

I got a blood test recently and it looked mostly good, except my Vitamin D was a little low, so now I take that.

Good luck, I hope you find peace and health!

However, I see you posted this like 2 years ago, and am curious if you ever found an answer or found success with any particular thing.. I would love to know what's been happening for the last 2 years with you! :)



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