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Hi everyone! I thought it might be cool to post a thread where we can all post inspiring documentaries, youtube channels, radio shows, ebooks, websites, etc. about the raw vegan lifestyle.

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Today Harleys interview http://foodnsport.com/blog/articles/801010-Allstar-Harley-Johnstone... inspired me!
Especially this part inspired me today:

"Learn calories! Start moving! Get more sleep! Study 811 like a champ! And if you want to live your life purpose and live a life of happiness, you'll have to stop taking things personally. Taking things personally or being suspect of others' intentions often leads to burnout, while speaking from the heart and trying to combine truth with humor often leads to burning brighter."

It inspires me to train even more, i know that I never sleep enough and on days I work very much I don t eat enough calories. I ll work on that!
thanks lille mango! both of these were really inspiring for me as well. i thought earthlings was going to be similar to food inc but it was much much more intense. hard to sit through! good luck on your training <3

Ohhhh myyyy!!! I freakin' love Tonya Kay and had NO idea she was manic depressive. I love her even more now :) Thanks so much B!



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