30 Bananas a Day!

I am interested in your success on this diet.
I think we shoud have a thread that would inspire people to go lfrv and stick with this diet.

So, please, share your experience about what did you heal since doing 811 lfrv. And how long did it take - how long have you been on what percentage of lfrv until you saw positive results on your health?

I would start, but have nothing to say until now. Probably it needs more time.

thanks so much


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i have hormonal imbalance and varices ,water retention and heavy periods  ,depression and acne ,skin problems too ,this life change is gonna work foe all that problems ? people like you inspired me ,thank you 

waiting for a way to clear my chest acne :( anyone an share?

hi i just stared my raw journey three days on a roll and feeling positive ,i need this life change ,i am 32 years old and i feel like 60 on bad shape ,so cheer me on  my life change please blessings for you 

Everything heals, from cold and flu symptoms to razor bumps. Heck I do not even need "chapstick" in the dead of winter for the last 13 winters since I have been raw vegan. LFRV goes even further if you can imagine it!

Paradise Diet is what they call it. And rightly so.

Too bad so few stick with it for long enough (present company excluded).. But minimum two years- and that is for those in good health. Longer to achieve perfect health for those who have issues to start with.


Low-self esteem,used to hate my apperance,food addictions,depression...

bump again

I healed my acne,

increased self-esteem and self-coinfidence,

have more energy, fun, mental clarity, 

no more depression, anger, anxiety.

Have been 811 for 1 and half year with cooked carb dinners. Started to feel better immediately, acne started to clear up after 3 months and then came back in detox times. Now there is almost no detox, but first months I experiences pretty strong detox. 

Maria K. You are an inspiration to your self. I know for sure that it only take one day on 80-10-10 then you will already feel amazing. You don't feel guilt or heavy (in a long time) after eating a meal, everybody loves sugar, and you get to eat sugar in every single meal. For the first time in your life, you feel satisfy after eating a meal. If wanna eat more you can eat more, you can eat as much as you wanna :) 

healed my psoriasis!! after being told by my dermatologist i'd be stuck with it for life... lol well guess what i accepted the challenge and now im psoriasis freeeeee! :) thanks to a vegan diet.

That's awesome, Justine.  Can you share a little more of your story?  I need to inspire a friend of mine who has terrible terrible psoriasis, and she is convinced that fruit aggravates it.

well i got psoriasis when  i moved to canada back in 2008. i never had it at all previous to that. maybe a few eczema spots here and there. but it was funny because prior to moving to canada i was  ate pretty much like a vegan and i exercised daily. i avoided eggs and dairy like they were the plague and hadnt been eating meat for a long time. however, when i moved to canada the school i was sent to had terrible food for vegetarians and so i figured i would just go back to meat util i graduated.. i still avoided eggs and dairy...over time i started to eat eggs and dairy and over time my psoriasis got worst... then i noticed my energy was horrible and i strted catching the flu every year which never happened to me before and last but no least i started getting ovarian cysts. so i said enough was enough, i went to the doctor for my psoriasis and she was like bla bla bla.... u'll be with it forever and ull just have to keep taking stronger meds as time goes by... and i thought to myself either this lady isnt listening to herself or she has lost her mind... meds for life.. no thanks! funny enough she never looks at my psoriasis, she never asked me about sleep patterns or diet she just heard wat i had to say and prescribed meds also i saw a doc about my cysts and she was telling me how it is normal and it will go away if not they will cut it out, she also asked me nothing about my lifestyle... so i seeked the help of a chinese traditional doctor and she told me cut out meat get to bed before 11 and eat as much fruits and veggies as possible... and i did a whole lot os research on veganism read tons of books watched coutless youtube videos and ... at the same time my partner and i watched a bunch of movies about factory farming and stuff and i was like yup... im going vegan.... vegan for life. its been great... not hard at all... i have had no slip ups... i love it and here i am today psoriasis free ... no more seasonal flu and all tht other mess. it was easy for me ... hardest part is dealing with comments from family and friends... but they are just ignorant so i just ignore them. :) 

hope this helps :)

love and respect!



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