30 Bananas a Day!

I am interested in your success on this diet.
I think we shoud have a thread that would inspire people to go lfrv and stick with this diet.

So, please, share your experience about what did you heal since doing 811 lfrv. And how long did it take - how long have you been on what percentage of lfrv until you saw positive results on your health?

I would start, but have nothing to say until now. Probably it needs more time.

thanks so much


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I've only been 80-10-10 (well more like 75-15-10 and 80% of calories raw) since the beginning of July and Vegan since the beginning of June yet I have most definitely seen many improvements. It's not always clear that an improvement or cure can be completely attributed to the diet as much can be credited to an improved mental attitude in my opinion. However that is also a benefit of the diet, an improved mental attitude.

But the one thing that is 100% measurable and definitely a result of the diet is a lowering of my blood pressure. I've always been very blessed with great blood work and excellent blood pressure even though I lived like an idiot in regards to diet (every crap food you can think of), exercise ( a well trained good athlete in bursts but plenty of months lying on the couch watching TV and eating junk food).

Last year my luck ran out and my blood pressure was now in the high 140s - 150s over high 90s. My doctor said I was almost at the point of getting medication for it. I freaked out! ME blood pressure medication? Are you serious? I asked him to give me 30 days to bring it down on my own.

So I started working out again (primarily aerobic) and removed most of the junk food but still wasn't even vegetarian. I got it down a bit and the doctor said OK but you need to get it lower.

I have always found exercise to pretty well make everything better for me but this time exercise was working but very, very slowly. My weight was also very bad, high 220s and I'm 5' 11". My high school weight was high 160s.

Then a Dr Oz TV show of all things got me on to Dr. Campbell and "The China Study", from there vegetarian, vegan, then 80-10-10 (or close to) all in less than a month (read a lot :).

This morning my blood pressure was 115/77 and my weight is 211. Although I workout almost every night I know without any doubt that this diet reduced my blood pressure dramatically in a very short period of time. This is a measurable undeniable fact.

Other things that have improved;

1. better sleep
2. nothing smells anymore if you know what I mean :)
3. way, way more energy
4. recovery from hard workouts is ridiculously quicker, almost no recovery needed (very odd to me, but great)
5. I used to be very stiff every morning when I got up, completely gone
6. craving for fat and salt gone
7. I can still look at a bag of chips or salted peanuts and think they look good but it's easier to just walk away now
8. no offence but sexual matters improved (no details will be forthcoming :)
9. athletic performance improved
10. stomach gas (which I had plenty) almost completely gone

11. used get lot's of headaches (even carried Advil in the car) none in July at all!!

I’m expecting a lot more over the coming months but if all I got were the improvements listed above I would very pleased and thankful to Dr. Graham (still waiting for the book here in the Vancouver area, every bookstore here is sold out)



Good on ya, David!

Great results :)

Great thread!  Since going RAW cutting out all dairy and animal protein my rashes from a lupus flare up significanlty decreased, a few lingered.  I went to 80/10/10 and in a couple days completely GONE!  I seriously couldn't believe it, it's like they were never there.  Wish I could pinpoint exactly what made the final change, maybe it was too much oils, fats, nut....but 80/10/10 cleared the remainder up 100% YAY!!
i healed addiction to the nonsense that most people call food and i also healed my diabetes

With the help of this lifestyle I healed:


*chronic acne

*adrenal fatigue

*hormone imbalance


*depression/anxiety/mood swings

*lost 30 lbs.

*gained confidence

*I now have a healthy relationship with food


I feel the heal, and it feels good :) 

Its helped me stop restricting food. I now crave the good stuff and anytime I have other food my body does not like it. My skin is clearing up. My hair is stronger. More energy and a more positive outlook. I am not 100% lfrv. Trying to stick as close to that as I can. The more I eat this way the better I feel and its only the beginning!
I have been on lfrv for a month now.  I did have several cheat meals, I am working on getting to 100%.  However, I already start to see the improvement.  The first two weeks, I was 100% 811 with 90% fresh fruits.  My energy was really high and lost 4 lbs in a week ( I am already close to bottom line of healthy weight).  After that, I have two cheat meals in a day, slacked off exercises for two days, my weight just came back right away.  However, my face is much less oily.  Before, two hours after I wash my face, I can stick a piece of paper on my forehead.  It was really oily and shiny all day.  Now,  I won't see my forehead start to get shiny until late afternoon.  Before lfrv, I have been vegan with low fat cooked food for a while, my hair has improved a lot.  I have not had a hair cut for more than a year, and I don't have any split ends.  I don't use any product or blow dry, only shampoo.  My hair is smooth and easy to manage.  I plan to keep it grow as long as it can get.
I used to get headaches daily, and don't anymore!  Additionally, I have a long history with disordered eating, and on this diet, my relationship with food has become much healthier!

idiopathic hypersomnia (sleep disorder related to narcolepsy).  PCOS and insulin resistance, infertility.  headaches. extreme fatigue, probably adrenal fatigue.  acne, psoriasis. depression and anxiety.  pessimism and an all around bad attitude! LOL  but seriously, there's a whole host of other things.

this is a great thread.  I am just getting started, i'm at 2/3 LFRV.  it's so hard for me to transition, so this thread is really inspirational!

has anyone cured or alleviated severe digestion issues like leaky gut?  how long did it take?

Social anxiety that was so terrible that I could hardly look people in the eyes, severe and illegal drug abuse, insomnia, obsessions with fasting and/or VLCD's, depression and suicidal thoughts.
I noticed a difference in a couple of weeks, but after 2 months, my mind was blown when I could finally see reality more clearly, and decided to take care of my self, ect.  Everything eventually fell into place.  A year raw and  I feel like my life has been almost totally fixed.  :) 

Wow! That's quite a list! Congrats :)



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