30 Bananas a Day!

I am interested in your success on this diet.
I think we shoud have a thread that would inspire people to go lfrv and stick with this diet.

So, please, share your experience about what did you heal since doing 811 lfrv. And how long did it take - how long have you been on what percentage of lfrv until you saw positive results on your health?

I would start, but have nothing to say until now. Probably it needs more time.

thanks so much


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I was first hospitalized for suffering with something "unknown' for 20 years ago.

I was sleeping 18 hours a day 6 years ago. My lowest point after a steady decline.

What little energy I  had was spent trawling the internet looking for reasons and cures for what ever I was suffering from. That's how I discovered "raw" and I improved alot, but as I got better I returned to SAD diet (so uneducated!) and, naturally,  became ill again.

Went back to raw and improved again. Learnt this time and followed up with 40 days juice feast and a 50 day juice feast and a 5 say water fast over a period of time. I was getting better all the time but I knew a piece was missing from the Raw food diet (and the Raw Food American Youtube gurus were beginning to look fat and fake as they got rich.) so I began to question my path

Doubting led to searching and I discovered this site.

Been LFRV since the beginning of this year, haven't mastered it all yet but the die is cast it is just a question of time now. 

Well, going basic high fat raw ( with a lot of fruit) ....


Lost 30 pounds

Increased my mountain biking performance dramatically (not just from lighter weight, but IN BREATHING)

Cleared my skin

Balanced my moods


Now with 80 10 10 in three weeks...

Lost 8 pounds

Feel more positive about exercise, I do not dread it anymore

What a fantastic story. A tough journey that took GUTS and raw food! Keep going Sabrina, you have lots to give by the sound of it!! The world needs you and your beautiful view of life.
Could be totally unrelated, but has anyone else got the feeling that their moles have been shrinking? I am not hallucinating, mine are all smaller than they used to be....

I did not have a mole problem, but one of my big scars started shrinking almost from the first day of lfrv.

Peace, PK

I have been LFV (90% R) for 6 months. I still have hypothyroidism and hypoadrenia, but miraculously I have lost 45lbs. Never thought that was possible. Even my underwear is baggy. :-)

I had chronically high cholesterol for almost 10 years that even statins weren't helping with. My total cholesterol was 250-300 all that time, and went down to 155 in about 6 months of LFRV. I also had chronic psoriasis patches on my elbows and that is 95% clear.

I've had t-cells around 300 from HIV for almost 20 years, and even with an undetectable viral load for about 6 years, that number never grew. Within less than a year of LFRV my t-cell count rose to the mid 500s, showing steady growth over two tests. I can't wait to see my next tests!

I used to catch every bug floating around and get sick often, and I also had pneumonia 3x. I haven't been sick since starting LFRV. The most I've had are minor cold symptoms a couple times that a good night's sleep took care of. I used to get down for a few days or more on a monthly basis. Now I feel strong and vibrant and my mood is stable.

Amazing amazing stuff! 


I went raw for 30 days May 20th-June 20th. I was definitely eating too much fat during it though, which is something I have to work with because its a new concept ya know? I always thought that endless avocados, nuts and oils were good for me lol. I've been eating cooked foods for the past week and it feels awful!! I feel lethargic, sluggish, backed up, irritable, gassy, etc. I'm going to get back on the wagon... right about NOW. I know in my heart that its what I want and what my body wants. After reading all these things I'm looking forward to experiencing it for myself... And also telling my boyfriend that he can cure his psoriasis!


Here are my list of symptoms I'm excited to heal, my stats and my diet history:



Height: 5'7"  or 170cm

Current weight: 118lbs 


Standard America Diet my whole childhood/adolescent years

Vegetarian at 19

Vegan at 20

First time trying all raw May 2011





Up and down weight- I go from being extremely malnourished to pregnant looking and back again

Food cravings



Bloating, cramping, gas


Susceptible to parasites and infections


Arms and legs go numb easily

Intolerant of the cold

Bad breath and body odor

Poor memory

Brain Fog

Low TSH/thyroid-  0.8

Adrenal fatigue

Irregular Menstrual Cycle 

Bruise easily

Usually have dark circles under my eyes


I drink at least half a gallon of water a day and do hot yoga every day if i can. 




Have you ever checked your B12-levels?
I was just reading this thread so I had to go and check out my moles. They are gone!! How on earth does this happen?  When I was a kid I would scrape at them with a razor, they were flat ones, and they would just turn red and in a few days back to dark brown.  I am amazed!!

I have gotten rid of moles (just noticed tonight)

my period is barely there (yeah!!)

more energy

my moods are waaaayyy better, I no longer cry when I'm having a bad day and i'm alot nicer

my skin is so pretty

my eyes are a lighter brown

my cellulite went away

no more allergy or sinus problems

ibs has greatly improved

my poop don't stink


gosh i don't know why more people don't eat raw. it is so rewarding!!

Migraine. I've had it for about 15 years but the last 3 years were terribly scary painful and they were increasing in both frequency (2 to 3 times a month), recovery time (up to 3 days for each attack) and intensity (9 and 10 each time on a 1to 10 scale) .

On this diet, straight away, even if I did not go immediately raw

(and am not fully raw yet, but 90% or so),

after reducing fat to less than 5%, things improved .

They didn't just improve. I no longer have migraines when I'm on this diet.

The moment I go out for whatever reason and still eat a typical cooked, fat-laden vegan meal, migraines come back.

So this diet to me is the best medicine EVER.


Hope this inspired you :)



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