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I don't know about you guys... but I never tire of reading fun, inspiring, motivating words of wisdom.

Please share you favorite quotes from the raw perspective or otherwise and give us a little insight into what makes you strong, determined, joyful or brave.


A few of my favs:


Where there's no Struggles there's no Strength.

Doug Graham


Bathe the cells with the juice and nutrients, water and fiber of fresh, ripe raw, organice fruits and vegetables.

Draw a circle of Paradise around you. Feel clean and sweep out the underbrush. Dissolve toxins, rebellious tissues and issues and harmful stress.

Michelle Aslan


To a worm in horseradish... the whole world is horseradish!

Yiddish Proverb


Everything that deceives can also be said to enchant.  PLATO

Stimulants = Inconsistance.  SULTANA (former coffee/wine/salt abuser)

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THIS SHALL TOO PASS.... has saved my ass many many times!

Whatever you think, you put it there. Be selective with your thoughts, actions and emotions.

We cannot unsee, unhear, unexperience things. Watching the news daily may not be a wise idea.

Junk food eating is/can be an addiction. Use your new brain to override the old brain's desires and urges in food selection.

The above ideas often pop up in my head and help me steer clear from the news, junk foods (any cooked or high fat foods)

Yes, Yogaranka, I agree, life is change, nothing remains static, even (especially) the hard times.

Though it's often so hard to remember when you're in the midst of it. Hence my "horseradish" quote :)


More great advice from Doug:


EVERYONE thinks they can get away with it, and finds out they can't. Cooked food didn't work, that was why you went raw.

What short memories humans have. How many more times, in your estimate, will you go back to cooked foods, just to see if maybe they will work the next time?

Just because you feel superhuman eating raw, you are still mortal, and...( by eating cooked you can find out) just how horrible feeling mortal really is.

Do the right thing and your health will come back. Be patient. To be healthy for your entire life takes a bit of time



Yoga, Sul, these are great!


Here is a long one...


The Healthy Person!

from http://foodnsport.com/blog/articles/32-Elements-of-Health.php

I invite you to read it slowly and contemplate its truth deeply.
Enjoy the journey! 
—Luke Sartor

Health is the most desirable possession of mankind. It is the most precious, yet, to some, the most elusive of all possessions. Without its presence all other gifts are but as the feeble flickering of tapers compared with the power and glory of the midday sun, which it represents. The possession of health makes life a perpetual joy. Nothing daunts the man and woman possessed of health —nothing overawes, nothing discourages, nothing overpowers. It is the constant source of untold pleasures— pleasures incalculable, and yet seldom appreciated until they are gone. Health means vim, vigor, snap and energy. Health means clarity and strength of mind; purity and beauty of soul. The healthy person is unconscious of discomfort; he rises superior to it— is absolutely the monarch of all he surveys. He dominates life instead of allowing it to dominate him. He is unconscious of the parts of his body or the functions they perform. He is a unit—a being—a man, whole, complete, vigorous, perfect, happy—because healthy. To such a man work is a joy; obstacles but opportunities for endeavor; difficulties but a means of enlarged triumph. He knows no weariness, no languor, no lassitude, no exhaustion, except the healthy weariness and exhaustion, easily recuperated, that comes from pleasurably exerted strength and vigor. He is a radiating center of life —physical, mental, spiritual. To grasp his hand is a pleasure, to gaze into his eyes a joy, to hear his voice is to feel a thrill, and to peer into his mind is to be stimulated to higher achievement. Health plus, all things else being equal, is what makes the champion, the expert, the “Captain,” in any and every line. It supplies the courage, the daring, the boldness, the aggressiveness of life. It is what makes initiative possible, bulldog pertinacity effective, and achievement assured.
— Bernarr MacFadden

That is magnificent, Shell!

somehow it made me laugh! thanks for sharing, its absolutely true... my mind loves playing tricks to me :P like " mhhh maybee one day... " though i know that i really do this LIFEstyle  for LIFE and I love it :)

What short memories humans have. How many more times, in your estimate, will you go back to cooked foods, just to see if maybe they will work the next time? - This is a great quote Sultana. Thanks for sharing :)  x

All excellent quotes.  I came across this on a youtube comment and just posted it on my blog:

"This video has no basis in science, absolute horses***."


"Horses*** is great for growing things."

:) I love it!

I just lifted this off of new member, Malin Rosen's page:

I have all my life felt like something amazing would be waiting for me just around the corner and I cannot in words desrcribe how thankful I am for the 80/10/10 lifestyle. It came to me with a pair of wings and made me fly.

Just read this: http://raisingraw.com/living-in-the-now/

and find it incredibly inspiring! :)

Thanks, Steffi.

I browsed around the site and found the author so charming and real.

I'm glad you introduced me to it. It's bookmarked and I know I'll saunter over there again soon & check out more of her blog.

really nice! :)



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