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Two weeks ago I tried to go to sleep and simply couldn't. I didn't sleep the entire night. I'd never pulled an all nighter before, even when I was trying, but that horrible night, however much I wanted to, I could not sleep. The whole night it seemed all I could think was "I'm not sleeping. Why aren't I sleeping? Why can't I sleep?" The more I thought about it the worse it became. I tried reading for a little while, I tried drinking some water and relaxing my mind, I tried counting sheep, changing my position, my location, the amount of pillows- nothing worked.

Ever since then sleeping has been a real struggle. I dread evening. I'm constantly afraid I won't be able to fall asleep and usually it takes 2-5 hours of lying in bed, sometimes sobbing and shaking with fear that I will never sleep right again.

That one night I didn't sleep at all was one of the most traumatic and horrifying nights of my life and I feel doomed to repeat it. I simply can not fall asleep. The longer it takes to fall asleep the worse it becomes. I've tried so many different things and I simply don't know what to do anymore!

Two nights ago, at  2:00 in the morning when I couldn't sleep I woke up my step mom and asked her to adjust me as she is a chiropractor. After explaining my troubles she did a few tests and we found out that I show symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Insomnia is a side effect. I was actually shocked. I don't know what to do now.

Last night I tried to go to bed at 11:30 pm, a normal time for me. When I used to go to sleep at 11:30 I'd naturally wake up at 8:00 am fully rested and fully happy. Yesterday I had a completely stress free happy day, I took a warm shower at 11:00 hoping that it would relax me because I only slept 4 hours the night before, and then climbed into bed. Come 2:30 am I was wide awake, sobbing in frustration. 

After my dad calmed me down enough I eventually fell asleep, probably around 4:00 in the morning. I woke up at 8:30 and I'm exhausted, but I know I won't sleep well tonight either. 

What is wrong with me?! Without a reliable sleep schedule it is literally a miserable existence. I can't handle it. I just can't

Right now I am really desperate for a solution. I am really desperate for relief. 

Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

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Two questions for you

1. Are you eating enough? I find it hard to sleep when I'm undercarbed and as soon as I eat some food I start to relax and am able to fall asleep. This works for me sometimes.

2. How much are you exercising? If you aren't doing any exercise In the day then making sure you get enough exercise in will help you sleep better at night. Challenging exercise something that gets your heart racing.


herbal remedies: I have found passionflower is helpful for helping me fall asleep make some tea with it.

staring at a bright computer screen can help keep you wired for longer. try to stay off the computer an hr before bedtime. I use a program called f.lux which dims and changes the color of your screen to help your body adject for bedtime

I thought that not eating enough might be the problem so I upped my calories from being around 2000, sometimes under, sometimes over depending on how I felt, to 2500 for the past week and I thought it was helping but the past three days I've gotten so little sleep it is painful.

I'll admit I don't do much exercise right now. I walk everywhere I go as I'm a college student, but I hate being outside right now. Its cold and grey and miserable in the winter. It doesn't exactly inspire movement. However, last night I decided that I would exercise on a stationary bike regularly everyday for the next week, at least 30 minutes a day and see if that helps.

I also do not look at any screens for at least an hour before bed now. 

What really bothers me is that I never used to have a problem with this and now all of the sudden normal sleep has become this precious elusive luxury I feel I will never get again.

I will definitely check out the f.lux program and try and up my calories even more. Last night I took a magnesium/calcium supplement and rubbed lavender oil on my feet as per advice from my stepmother but it didn't noticeably help. I'll look into passionflower.

Make sure to do enough strenuous exercise to wear yourself out (but make it earlier in the day, not late in the evening). I know you said you don't like to go out because it's winter, but it's important to try to get outside. You can bundle up at first and you'll be warm enough and peeling off layers as soon as you get warmed up.

Do you think it would be more beneficial to exercise early in the morning before breakfast or sometime in the afternoon?

I prefer first thing in the morning, but if you're mainly worried about sleep issues then maybe early afternoon? Maybe you can try exercising early one day and later the next to see if it makes any difference.

Good idea, though I think early morning would fit my schedule better. I do a lot of things for school in the afternoon. I'll try both and see what happens!

Jumping rope is another great option. As well and burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, planking, bridge pose.

I had this exact issue when I first started , it was horrific. 

Do this, and you WILL get some rest. 

1. Move as much as you can throughout the day, trust me on this, it really really helps. 1hr of high intensity will really set you up for a good nights rest, or a 2hr walk.

2. Relax before bed, have a nice HOT bath, hot baths really helped me.

3. Find something on you-tube that is equivalent to white noise, for me this is a 2hr video of rain falling on a tent. :)

I know how horrible it is to have a lack of sleep. Make sleep your NO.1 priority for now, I really stressed myself out about it and became horribly depressed as a result. Bouncing back now, having a good 7-9 hrs a night and it feels great. I went for a 5hr hike yesterday and my god, I haven't slept so well in years. 

i feel ya  i have suffered with this for many  many years  what works for me is three things

*calories ! (30bad taught me the value of this one )  eat 3000 calories so your body wont stay awake looking for food

*set alarm for 6.15 am every day no matter what is going on or what time you went to bed  watch the sunrise

*stop drinking coffee tea don't know if you are drinking these or not  i blew blew out my adrenals with them stay away from them !

it is a fixable problem


- Coffee is a bad thing for sleep, I takes me more than 6 hours to break down the caffeine

- Enough Cal 3000+ for me and Lettuce

- Vitamin D was my answer it always took me hours to get in sleep. Now mostly 20 min I think (I don't now I sleep)

I do have a vitamin D supplement that I take when I remember. I think I'm going to get much more diligent about taking that!

I always took 1000 IU a day.

But when I went to 8000 IU there came the different.

All stress symptoms went away, I started gaining weight. I felt much better.

When winter is over I will go back to 5000 IU.

I work indoor, I hardly see the sun during the day.



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