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Insanely simple Lucuma + Banana smoothie. Rediculously good.

I just came up with a crazy good recipe and have to share. Apologies if this has already been posted, it's a fairly obvious one but I'll share anyway. I'm living in Peru right now and Lucuma fruit is fairly common most of the year albeit expensive compared to other fruits. But they are good! - when ripe, like bananas they are soft and sweet but even more dense (very dense) and almost starchy in texture, but sweet. They seem to be from the same family as avocados with usually one or two big seeds in the middle which are beautiful (to look at not to eat). But unlike avocados they are high carb, low fat (about 2.5% fat to 85% carbs) and when they're ripe and in season they have this ridiculous caramel / maple syrup flavor behind the fruit taste that is just insane!

If you can't get real lucuma fruit, don't get the powder all these raw shops are selling, in my opinion it's as silly as buying banana powder or apple powder (if they exist) - it's not going to be anything like the real thing - sorry. I've tried the powders and they're always horrible. If you can get the real thing... LUCKY YOU! Lucuma fruit was highly prized by the Incas who called them a Golden food because of their amazing orangey color and their nutritional value. They valued the high carbohydrate content for it's ability to enable their long distance runners / messengers to go the distance and the speed running at high altitudes over the Andes mountains. Since they are low water content fruit they're also light to carry for their energy content, as long as you know where to get water on the way of course. Of course, all you hear about on raw food (packaged) (processed) websites is "chia seeds" and the "omega fats"... well they don't tell you the real long distance food is Lucuma aka HIGH CARBS not seeds, aka fat. They're also high in fiber. These things seriously give you stamina not that I'm an athlete but for long days with a lot of mental activity... Lucumas are fantastic. Great way to spike your bananas and give them a whole new angle flavor wise as well.

Anyway, the recipe is really simple just take your blender, add one or two peeled Lucumas depending on the size of your blender, If you're using one of those huge blenders maybe four decent sized ones would do the trick. The only thing to be careful of is sometimes there are little pips growing besides the big one in there (like an avocado) but the little ones are especially hard almost like bit of bitumen (seriously you can do your teeth in on those little things if you are eating them and not careful to weed them out - some have none others have a few just be careful). So you don't want that in your blender or smoothy - just peel it carefully and pull apart the starchy but sweet ripe fruit and put that in the blender. Add your ripe bananas until full. I add loads of brown sugar (organic if I can get it), maybe about 6 table spoons or more, but this is a dish best served SWEET, so I even add more than that sometimes depending on the ripeness / sweetness of the bananas and the lucuma. Add water and blend. It's freaking delicious.

I was never a big fan of caramel type flavors in my old life but honestly this tastes like what whoever invented caramel flavor was trying to rip off! INSANELY GOOD. This is like the genuine article I'm telling you. Something happens with the bananas the lucuma and the sugar but it's definitely the lucuma that is changing the picture. Also tastes a bit like zabaglioni or whatever it's called if anyone has had that before they went vegan, it's a fancy dessert sauce with egg yolks and sugar and some alcoholic thing, can't remember but I had it once many years ago. Well again, this just puts that to shame, this tastes like the real deal, and the former is like a poor omnivores interpretation cause they're too chicken (! no disrespect to chickens) to eat real food... I reckon you could pour this over mango as a sauce and go nuts. But it's so good I just drink it straight! My recommendation is to make it THICK and sweet.

These are the kinds of simple discoveries that make me feel like those people who say "I couldn't go vegan, what would I eat?" are just very intellectually poor sorry people, and I feel sad for them - but I hope they wake up and get informed about the real world - because there is nothing - NOTHING in the animal products world or the artificial flavoring world that can come close to this, I don't care what it is. It makes animal products world look bland, uninteresting, even if you aren't conscious of how disgusting and evil it is. And - animal products are disgusting and evil whether you know it or not!

If you try this out let me know how you find it. This is definitely on the top of my list now. Will try to find time to post some pics later if I can. Hope many of you can even find Lucumas wherever you are, I think in the States they are fairly common, but in Australia I never heard of them except for Lucuma flavored ice cream which was probably made from powders... yuk anyway. Honestly, this beats the behind out of ice creams, or any of that junk. Super nutritious!!! High carb!!! Low fat!!! Fruit!!! Raw!!! Awesome!!! Do it!!! ;-)

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I am going to try this when I get back home. I am away from home in a country w/o access to MANY things. However, before I left home, I tried lucuma for the first time. I found it in the frozen food section at an international market. Goya brand. It is not raw, but it is delicious, and available. Thanks for the recipe. I'm also going to try a lucuma and strawberry smoothie--I think that sounds fantastic as well!! Thank you for posting.

Cool - if you can get the raw fruit, they're like bananas, very starchy if not ripe, but once ripe the skin starts to fall off almost by itself, gets all wrinkly and they're very sweet. Easy to digest but remember lots of water as they're low water content. I've been eating quite a lot of these lately :)



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