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Hello all!

I'm about 2 months into this lifestyle and my body feels AMAZING! I have more energy, I'm losing weight, and my digestion is better than it has ever been (I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2004) 

Mentally, I feel better in many ways. I feel so alive! This is going to sound weird on a post about increased anxiety, but in MOST ways my mood has improved by leaps and bounds. However, in some areas I am suddenly experiencing anxiety that I have never before dealt with. Mostly, it is about going to work but also some social anxiety. It's like, when I was living a SAD lifestyle, the lights were off... and now, the lights have suddenly flickered back on in my heart and mind. But my workplace is still in the dark. It SHOULD be that my light drowns  out the darkness, but instead it's like I go to work and my flame is promptly snuffed out. In fact, I just THINK about going to work and my flame is snuffed out. 

When I say "anxiety" it's not just a dissatisfaction with work. Few people enjoy sitting behind a desk shuffling an endless cycle of papers. This is a debilitating anxiety that I am mostly unfamiliar with. The last couple of days I have gotten up and just sat on my bed so overwhelmed with dread that I literally could not make myself go. I just called in sick. 

My first thought of course, is that if this job is causing me so much stress and anxiety I should just kick it to the curb. But then that brings on a whole NEW round of anxiety about financial ruin. How am I going to make my car payment? I can't get rid of the car because my loan is upside down. How am I going to be able to buy enough fruit without a job? What I'm wondering is if this isn't really anxiety but just a paradigm shift in priorities that is just smacking me in the face like a ton of bricks... if that's the case, it shouldn't be so debilitating, but rather empowering. 

Could increased anxiety be caused by b-12 deficiency or something like that? From what I've read about b-12 our bodies store it for a long time, and 2 months of being vegan shouldn't be causing this much of a problem, right? 

I'm tempted to call my doctor and go get some meds. I KNOW that's not the answer... even before 80/10/10 I didn't believe that was the answer. But I'm desperate. I need this to be fixed NOW because I can't afford to keep missing work. 

Sorry this is so long, but I figure I should tell you what I'm doing because I know someone will ask. As far as calories, I'm typically between 2500 and 3000. That's being pretty sedentary... if I'm working out I up it. As far as sleep I TRY to get at least 9 hours. But I doubt I am getting enough because the alarm clock is when the anxiety starts in the morning. That's part of the issue... I'm just not ok with only getting about 3 hours outside of work before I have to go to bed and "get enough sleep". I have always believed in getting enough sleep but if I do then all I do is sleep and work. That's NOT living! I drink about 4 liters of water a day. 

So I guess the advice I'm looking for.... Should I be concerned about a deficiency this early in the game? Has anyone else experienced an increased dread and paralyzing anxiety about work since going 80/10/10? This isn't really an 80/10/10 question, but would be amazing if anyone has any suggestions... what can I do to make enough money (I am totally fine with a simple life) while still enjoying a full 80/10/10 life? It just doesn't make sense to me to eat an 80/10/10 diet and continue to live a standard American lifestyle in every other aspect. Working under fluorescent lights, doing pointless tasks just to fill a time card isn't cutting it for me... but I don't know what else to do. 

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B12 is definitely a possibility, no matter how long you have been vegan or 80/10/10. There are many non-vegans who are B12 deficient, as not everyone is able to absorb B12 from food (because they lack so-called intrinsic factor). The only way to know for sure whether B12 deficiency is a problem is to get tested though.

I know exactly what your dealing with. I have the exact same issue going on and have had it for years. I think many people feel this way but fewer have it to the level you describe that debilitating level where its hard to even get out of bed to face the nonsense you gotta face yet again and for what?!

I cant think of any good natural quick fix obviously diet and exercise go a long way. But once thats routine some of this problem still lingers on for me. What helps me is a somewhat dillusional mindset. Worried about not paying the car ? who cares let em come repo it. OH THE HORROR !! yeah sure you'll manage. worried about loosing the job? let em fire you it'd probably be a blessing in disguise and force you to find something more fitting for you now int his stage of life.

Thats sort of how i start to think about it. I choose not to let my job get the best of me. If i'm not giving them my 110% cause i'm not worried about them anymore like i used to be and i get fired so be it lifes too short.

all this is easier said then done and practice makes perfect and i do have my moments of high anxiety and panic with work and finances etc.. I find i'm at my happiest tho when i'm carefree and unconcerned and then sometimes i look back at the work and bank and realize its not burning down yet so i peel another banana and smile.

if that makes any sense.

After years of severe social anxiety and depression, then years of experimenting with diet and medication I found that making sure I eat at least a pound of greens a day helps immensely - like to the point where they're gone, unless there's some sort of extreme stress going on.

Edit - Oh and upping your calories, too.  Try a minimum of 3000/day.  That's what I need to keep functioning and I'm only 5'1" and pretty sedentary at the moment.

yeah long ago i realized certain foods made me feel good and i didnt really know why. upon doing more research i realized many of hte foods that made me feel better where high in tryptophan which gets turned into serotonin in your gut and the bump in serotonin allows you to fight off depresssion. The kicker is only a small percentage of the tryptophan gets converted so the more you consume the merrier to a degree. It supposivly is technically impossible to be depressed if you have enough serotonin. Since a lot of anxiety stems from depression or leads to depression it helps anxiety to a degree as well.

One such food high in tryptophan is bananas go figure and was always a food that made me feel good. The strange thing is a lotta meats are high in it too but never made me feel much better tho eggs are high in it they used to make me feel pretty good too when i ate them. I replaced my egg breakfast with banana tho and still start off my day feeling just as good if not better.

Its all easier said then done and it takes time to get this balance in check and get yourself all straightened out I'm still fighting it myself

have you checked your vit. d levels, B12 is off course a big one - being vegan or not - iron too. Have you tried to be under the sun for some hours? Without sunscreen and sun glasses and with a huge green smoothy made with some freshly picked green that have not been sprayed?

Haven't read any replies (I'm at work so I'm just commenting really quick), but a magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety as well.  I was treating my anxiety with Passion Flower when it used to be so bad I didn't want to leave the house.  While that was great, i felt as if I was treating a symptom instead of a cause.  I looked back into my notes from when I was in college (nutrition major) and found that magnesium could be causing the issue, so I researched and decided that until I could really get it going up with my diet that I would begin taking a magnesium supplement.  Within days I could notice a drastic difference, even more so within a week.  I now treat this with making sure I have adequate levels of magnesium in my diet (if you begin to have diarrhea you are intaking too much) and not only has my anxiety subsided, I also now do some public speaking.  It's amazing what being deficient in something can do to you!

I second the magnesium tho I had little luck with passion flower myself.

Thanks for all of the replies, everyone! When I do eat greens I eat a LOT of them. But I probably don't eat them often enough. I have a mini fridge and it's difficult to store them if I buy in bulk, but too expensive and time consuming to get them individually throughout the week. I'll work on making that a priority.

Regarding deficiencies, will a regular MD suffice for getting tested and getting supplements or shots if needed?   

Getting your greens: do you have an aversion for wild foods? Young dandelions, nettles, wild pansies and pansies not sprayed (sweet), mild lettuce, plantain, etc. They are way fresher, have more vit. c, are not too likely to have been sprayed, earth will provide the fridge for you and keep them fresh all you want :)

Regarding doing tests: depends where you get them done. In the US I heard the usual blood test is not including vit. d and you would have to request to be added but not sure. I recommend http://grassrootshealth.net/  for vit. d if you are in the US.

when you feel this way try to make an effort to go eat wtvr it is we might have recomended here see if it helps. overtime see if things improve some etc.. I know for me sometimes i start to feel crappy again then the light bulb goes on and i realize i need to consume this or that. the crummy part is if your not careful a whole day can go bad before the light bulb goes on so its best to try and nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

I dunno if there is a magical cure but rather things you can do to ease matters.

Magnesium is def. a good point for me for sure. As regards to the emotional point of view, have you considered spending time with good friends or just real fun youtube videos like justforlaughs or just spend time do things you really enjoy?

do you drink coffee ?    

& maybe plan a vacation and/or new job search?

getting away always seems to help me mentally 



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