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Bit of a strange one!

I used to eat mainly a Paleo style diet with some rice on occasions and I have eaten like this for the last 2 years. Since reading Durians blogs and videos around high carb vegan for endurance, and as I do a lot of cycling and endurance events I thought I would give it ago.

3 months in and after testing some stats, the majority , blood pressure, heart rates ,blood sugar,  weight etc have been pretty consistent except for one ..... cholesterol. Prior to this my overall cholesterol was 4.44 ( uk)

Upon testing today this has increase to 5.9 !!! ??  Could this due to be the increase in sugar from fruits which would cause an increase in my own production of cholesterol as an insulin response to the sugar? Maybe its not the vegan lifestyle itself that is the culprit, more the 10 banana smoothies that I have every day since starting. Is it my bodies response to this

I was realy keen to take this lifestyle on long term but not if my cholesterol is going to increase?

Please help ( purely to improve endurance cycling gains and overall health)

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strange one. your keeping your fat intake low? not that high fat would raise it per say but from what i can gather it can make it difficult for your body to lower it for some folks.

Only way your body gets cholesterol is animal products or its own prodcution your body needs it but that seems a bit on the high side.

IN my case my cholesterol was 366 after 3 months it went to 166. My tryglicerides did go up a tiny bit however but not to any number worth worrying about. My sodium also dropped to the low side. This was years ago I have no idea what my numbers are like nor am I even remotely concerned about it.

Here are some things to watch and read about on cholesterol.


you're probably healing from the past mistakes.

Detox is an unacientific myth...

not detoxing, but consuming all those animal products might be hitting home right now, so keeping vegan will help him get through it

Your stance on this is SO weird...

Thanks all for the replies much appreciated. Yes I am staying very low fat. I still have no definitive explanation around the sudden increase in cholesterol. I don't feel that I am undergoing some form of detox as this may have occurred in the first 4 weeks or so, but surely if this was the case my cholesterol would have decreased.

Is it possible that.... going from a diet with potentially high cholesterol e.g oily fish, eggs etc, and stopping this completely, that my body is now producing more as a result of not eating any in my diet and this is the reason for the increase?

Interestingly my cholesterol was very good prior to the high sugar intake in the last 12 weeks. Is there a link between the high sugar intake specifically. High sugar causing inflammation and my body producing excess cholesterol to repair this inflammation?

thanks all again, much appreciated

Probably your prior diet caught up.

Someone might be a smoker and then quit, but X amount of time needs to pass for the danger of cancer to be out of sight, for example. 

You'd probably have high cholesterol by now if you were on the previous diet anyway. Keep on vegging and it will go down again.

You're making this way more complicated than it needs to be.

The diet you eat has helped thousands lower their cholestorol. It is THE diet to be on if you want low cholestorol.

If your cholestorol goes up on this diet, its due to stress or it might not be anything at all.

FACTS: your cholesterol can't increase on a vegan diet - cholesterol increases two ways:

1. from eating other animals or their by-products or

2. your liver is malfunctioning

scientifically end of arguement 

Hi and thanks all again for the replies.    right just to avoid any further confusion, my ORIGINAL question was based around HIGH SUGAR and cholesterol and NOT  vegan and cholsetrol.

I totally agree 100% that overall the vegan diet will lower cholesterol long term, no doubt about it.

My question was around the effects of my recent switch to "durianriders" high sugar meals 10-15 bannanas and dates and how this effects cholesterol? - please read below

The cholesterol myth: Is sugar the big culprit?

By Steve Milano, Tribune Brand Publishing

If you want to reduce your risk for the type of coronary heart disease often referred to as “clogging” or “hardening” of the arteries, should you reduce the amount of cholesterol, saturated fat or sugar in your diet?

If you’ve been trying to reduce high blood cholesterol levels, you might be surprised to learn that sugars, even more than saturated fats, are the main culprits contributing to your problem. It’s also not the cholesterol you eat. That’s because the cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis, or plaque in your arteries, is mainly manufactured by your body, not a result of the dietary cholesterol contained in the foods you eat, explains cardiologist and cholesterol expert Dr. Seth Baum, founder of Preventive Cardiology in Boca Raton, Florida.

Even more confusing is that the amount of “bad” cholesterol (known as LDL) in your blood is not as important as the number of LDL particles you create. LDL particles transport LDL cholesterol throughout your body. The more LDL particles in your blood, the more likely LDL cholesterol will penetrate your arteries, create plaque, and then cause the arterial problems, including inflammation, that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Dietary cholesterol isn’t the bad guy

Eating high-cholesterol food, such as eggs, doesn’t significantly increase the production of LDL particles, says Dr. Baum, who treats patients with severe cholesterol problems. “Consumption of cholesterol generally does not increase your cholesterol very much. That’s why the American Heart Association has very significantly changed its recommendation on how often you can eat eggs.”

Even saturated fat isn’t as big a contributor to heart disease as experts once thought. “Saturated fats tend to increase your cholesterol much more than dietary cholesterol, but unless you’re consuming large quantities of saturated fat, it’s not as bad as we once thought,” says Dr. Baum. “If you look at all the clinical trials and sum them up, saturated fats are not as bad as we used to think. Unfortunately, there has been an attempt to interpret that as, ‘Hey, you don’t have to avoid saturated fats; we can all go out and have bacon cheeseburgers’ but that’s not true because we know that saturated fats lead to some increase in LDL cholesterol.”

“There’s so much confusion and misinformation about this subject even among people who are very informed because the results of dietary studies on cholesterol have been oversimplified, when the reality is, there are so many variables that the issue becomes extraordinarily complicated.”

Avoiding cholesterol can cause problems

“When people try to change their diet based on reducing cholesterol, the substitutes they choose often contain more sugar, which leads to the overproduction of LDL particles,” says Dr. Baum. “So, if you decide, ‘Instead of having that steak, I’m going to have a piece of salmon,’ that’s a good move. If you say, ‘Instead of having that steak, I’m going to have a carb-heavy meal with potatoes and bread and pasta, then that’s a bad move. Be careful what you’re substituting.”

Adding dietary fiber to reduce cholesterol is another common strategy for improving heart health, but even that’s misunderstood, says Dr. Baum. While dietary fiber helps remove the cholesterol you eat from your body, it also removes byproducts from our internal production of cholesterol, leading to a more robust reduction of LDL particles from your bloodstream.

it's propaganda mate. Else vegans would've been the ones dropping from CVD. 

The animal products industry needs to be kept alive somehow. At every cost. 

Look around, all the pill-poppers out there aren't the vegans.



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