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In what way can you gain maximum kg of muscles in 2.5 months?

please help me guys!!! I saw this picture of me and it freaked me out....I see myself skinny 6'1 foot odd looking guy( i am 19)..i was never like this........ winter ruined me completely( its all my fault)...i was eating less calories than ever( 1500 Cal) and stopped working out for about 3 months......now if my parents sees me in this condition, they'll blame all on this diet and i would have nothing to explain. I want them to know how wonderful this 811 diet is but they wont believe a skeleton when i go back to India this summer. But I think there is still hope. I want to regain muscle mass within 3 months. I am ready to give my 200% percent to achieve a healthy looking body. I am already eating 2500 calories since two days and i know this isn't much but i have just started exercising, so my intake will increase gradually. 

Can you tell me how much muscle-gain have you experienced in 3 months and the routine you followed for that?

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push ups 3 sets

pull ups 3 sets


this has always been most effective for me so I would suggest this strategy over the other.. The key is to push your given body part to complete failure.  I also like to end a body part by doing what's called a super set.  This entails lifting the weight to failure of 8-12 reps, then lowering the weight by 50% and doing as many reps as possible to failure, then lowering the weight again and doing as many reps as possible till failure, and keep lowering the weight until you can't lift any weight.  A super set should be done on the last exercise of a body part...

If your taking lots of steroids then ONE kg per month of pure muscle is IMPRESSIVE!!.


You need at least 5000cals+ if you want to rebuild an anorexic body. 2500 as a male of your height and goals? Yeah thats good if you want to sit in a chair all day and waste away, but if you want to impact people positively, then you need at least double that consistently if your wanting to get fitter/stronger etc.


Get boxes of dates/bananas and start having 2-3000calorie meals. Dont train like a mad man in the gym cos your so malnourished that you will overtrain in a week and injure yourself. Train towards a 5 year goal bro. NOBODY gets lasting results in 2.5 months unless you got a big base of fitness training and have had some off time. 


Have patience.

Eat/sleep/drink more than you think you should. (eat/drink slow though)

Have realistic goals that you work towards each day.




well, i see your point..i wont be over-training, i think it would be easy to come back to my normal weight( currently 140 lb)...i am aiming for at least 7 pound increase in three months..anyway thanks harley :-)
You could increase 7lbs in a day no worries. But if we are talking pure muscle give it 7 months for 7 lbs thats IF your sleeping, eating, drinking, training enough. Browse some bodybuilding forums and see how much pure muscle guys are putting on each month. We are not talking about fluid retention, glycogen, creatine puff, salt retention..we are talking 100% muscle.

My husband is a bodybuilder (and raw), so this advice is coming from him not what I do, haha!

But lower reps/higher weights (builds muscle mass) is definitely the way to go over lower weights/higher reps (creates leaner muscles). Also, it's already been said, but definitely don't overtrain, you DON'T need to spend more than 45 minutes to 1 hour in the gym, training harder for less time is also more effective than getting exhausted over a longer period of time! And make sure you eat enough to compensate! Good luck & happy training :) 

This is pretty much the only post on this thread that I agree with - apart from someone mentioned squats, which are one of the best 2 mass building exercises, the other being the deadlift.


If your just looking to gain bulk, then train twice a week for around 45 minutes, and make them seriously intense. Focus on squats, deadlifts, the bench press and military press - 5 reps, 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down, minimal rest. Don't do any cardio at all.


You can gain a lot of mass very quickly if you really want to, but you can't do it on this diet. Its nonsense that you cant make massive gains over a very short space of time - bodybuilders don't gain massive amounts of muscle because there already forcing themselves way past what would be their normal genetic potential via steroids. Since your nowhere near your genetic potential, you could quite easily add a lot of mass on a crappy vegan bodybuilding style diet. 811 simply isn't a mass building diet, it will take far far longer than 2.5 months to gain any reasonable amount of mass.


If you don't mind deviating from pure 811 a little, or taking a couple of supplements then I'd advise you finish your day with this: -

2-3 brazil nuts, 600mg N-Acetyl Cystiene, and some coconut milk (150-200g) or coconut oil (30-40g). The added fat, selenium and the NAC will allow your body to produce a greater amount of testosterone, which will help with the mass building. Eat plenty of spinach and pound down the cals during the day, and maybe consider taking a little hemp protein - eat roughly as much protein as you would like to weigh in kg, for example if you wanna weigh 80kg, eat 80 grams of protein a day. I'd recommend b12 and D too.

Good luck, but just be aware that bodybuilding is a kind of nonsensical way of exercising, so keep focused on the compound exercises, and maybe add dips and pull ups to your routine too.

Even my mates in high school that took steroids, it took them a full year to see sustained goals. 


Ive looked on the net before for runner type bodies that put on pure muscle in a short period and all I could find was some supplement adverts with photoshopped before and afters! lol!


Im talking pure muscle, not creatine puff, salt retention, glycogen, fat, increased blood flow etc that also adds 'weight and size'.


Its like asking 'how fast can I become as a cyclist in 2.5 months? I have zero background in cardio sports!'. You will get faster but you wont be a dimple on someone that has been training for 10 years. Im experience rapid gains in decreasing my running times but thats largely cos I got a cycling based and lots of ego to push thru lots of pain. You aint getting fitter without pushing thru barriers! Be it cardio or muscle growth. ;)



wot's your opinion on Ste's PWO food/supps intake (brazil nuts/cysteine/coconuts/hemp protein) ?


would these help with muscle gain, but potentially compromise health?

For what its worth, I went from a very thin runner's body to my current physique in the span of about 3-4 months.  Granted I don't have a bodybuilder frame or physique now, but the change hasn't been subtle, its been quite pronounced.  This has been accomplished on 811.
I would recommend you google isometric training, it's based on the concept of 1rep max weight high intensity training. Basically you lift and hold the max weight at the muscles strongest point, hold for 10sec and move onto next muscle ... a work out should take no longer than 20 mins, do once a week .... it's important to rest!!! Now, on work out for following weeks, if you're failing to increase weight 10-15% to max out, then you need to prolong the rest period by 3 days.

Note, you'll be mainly working the superficial muscles, so the internal muscles that functionally hold you together won't be as strong. What Ste said about compound exercises is gold, for long term fitness aim for pull ups of various kinds, push ups, dips, and if you have 'em rings!! I also use a slosh ball for the ultimate open chain functional exercise.

the main thing is rest periods, you over work the muscle, you'll go backwards. & go somewhere like nutridiary to work out your calorific needs, add about 10-15% of your daily needs .... on isometric contraction day, 40-50% increase .... oh, and do the work out first thing in the morning, feed up rest of the day
wow...this is awesome...i'll workout now onwards in the morning(6:30 am) and every alternate day....i also do lot of compound exercise( max 5 reps) and some times power circuits... thanks for the info lemme..I appreciate it..:-)



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