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In what way can you gain maximum kg of muscles in 2.5 months?

please help me guys!!! I saw this picture of me and it freaked me out....I see myself skinny 6'1 foot odd looking guy( i am 19)..i was never like this........ winter ruined me completely( its all my fault)...i was eating less calories than ever( 1500 Cal) and stopped working out for about 3 months......now if my parents sees me in this condition, they'll blame all on this diet and i would have nothing to explain. I want them to know how wonderful this 811 diet is but they wont believe a skeleton when i go back to India this summer. But I think there is still hope. I want to regain muscle mass within 3 months. I am ready to give my 200% percent to achieve a healthy looking body. I am already eating 2500 calories since two days and i know this isn't much but i have just started exercising, so my intake will increase gradually. 

Can you tell me how much muscle-gain have you experienced in 3 months and the routine you followed for that?

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Just train as much as you can :) I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot if you really push yourself. Recovery is very minimal so you'll have a majority of the time to keep training. Honestly I haven't been doing too much exercise, but since I've uped my fruit intake for only about 1.5 weeks, I've gained a decent amount of muscle. I also have abs for the first time in my life, they aren't anything to brag about yet(obviously) but I know they'll only grow as I continue to work out. Do the best you can, and however it ends up being, be happy with that :)
thanks, i'll try to tear myself apart for at least 1.5 hours everyday in the gym.

1.5 hours of heavy lifting is probably too much.

However, if you spend 30 minutes of that time stretching then 1.5 min at the gym would be okay


you should go fast and hard till you can't lift any more.


if you are doing enough weight where you fail before getting to 12 reps but can get to at least 8 and doing 30 seconds rest per set, I would be suprised if you could go an hour and a half.


I have always had best results with lifting one body part a day each part once a week to recover.  However, on the 80-10-10 you may recover much faster and be able to lift a body part multiple times per week.



but i take remaining time playing soccer and running...i guess i have to stop that. Need to start some serious weight-training.

I understand that concept of using more repetitions(energy)/time.

First 10 days i'll be working on all the body parts and then just one part/day like you said.

O boy.. i am excited , let the training begin from tomorrow.  

legs, specifically squats will produce the greatest mass increase.  Next is the back.


maximum weight for 8-12 reps for four sets per body part with less than a minute rest per set


you will be swolle in no time :)

hey thanks L'amor...do you recommend cardio exercise? I mean i like to warm up with 5k run. How does that affect strength training?

Dont do running if you want to be a body builder! Go sit at a gym for a few hours. How many bodybuilders ride a bike/run to the gym? You serious! lol!



lol...for some reason i was expecting this answer and that too from you...hahaha....from now on i m gonna stop long-run  and focus only on lifting weights.

Train like a bodybuilder if you want to look like a bodybuilder! 

Train like a marathon runner if you want to look like a marathon runner!



i do not recommend cardio to gain mass, in fact it can counter your efforts to gain mass.  However, I would recommend doing full speed sprints instead.  A very short cardio of fast pace for a couple minutes would be more beneficial.  So if you started out with a fairly fast pace 400meter that would  be okay, then lift weights, then do sprints, then stretch. And i do agree with durian about all that see said.. By the way I was a Division 1 College Football Player and was the strongest person pound for pound on the team, so I do kind of know what I am talking about.  However, there are definitely those who know more...!  Good luck

im confused, should all the sets of an exercise be done at once? or should 1 set of each exercise be done before the next set.

for example:

push ups 3 sets

pull ups 3 sets


do i wanna do push ups push ups push ups pull ups pull ups pull ups

or push ups pull ups push ups pull ups push ups pull ups



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