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In reference to the WFF pioneer drama, definition of a "pioneer", and continued growth of this lifestyle

This is my observation on Harley and Freelea not being "pioneers" anymore at the WFF and the massive growth I've seen in the popularity and exposure of this lifestyle to the masses. 

First of all, I don't think it's very fair that Harley and Freelea have been removed as "pioneers" at the festival, when there are obviously other "pioneers" who are selling animal products/ taking animal products, other "pioneers" eating cooked food items, and other "pioneers" who are eating a higher fat intake than the 80/10/10 diet suggests, all of whom have not been removed from the list of pioneers. So why have they not been removed? Is there a statement made by the organizers of the WFF about why Harley and Freelea have been singled out, that I am not aware of? Can someone share this with me?

Second of all, we have to decide, as a community, what "pioneer" means? Is it someone in the public eye, disseminating information about this lifestyle to the masses? Does it have to be someone who only eats raw? If so, many of the people we call "pioneers" are not so. If it's not ok for someone to eat cooked food, then how long must they be completely raw in order to be considered a pioneer again? Does this apply to pasteurized juice? what about gel-chews that many distance athletes in the community eat? what about mangoes, they are often not raw due to common practices in preparing them for shipment? What about raw nuts and seeds, many of these are also not raw due to common shelling practices? What about processed foods like can or coconut sugar, agave nectar, coconut water, and dried fruits? Where is the line? Is it good enough that someone is disseminating the message that we, as a human race, need to carb-up, stop eating some of the crap that our individual governments label as "food" and wake up to the option of living a fruity, high-carb, bountiful, high- vibration lifestyle? Or must this individual, this "pioneer" if you will, only eat entirely raw fruits and vegetables, every meal, every day, for a determinate amount of time, in order to be given such a title? I just think the whole conversation is full of gaps because no one is the "authority" on who is/ what diet is considered raw and what is not. 

In addition, what does this mean fro the WFF? Will some people boycott the WFF because Harley and Freelea are not titled "pioneers"? What does that mean for the continued information-dissemination to the masses of the benefits of this lifestyle? Is it better to display a more easily-attainable, carbed-up, fruit-focused lifestyle, with some addition of cooked carbs, that more people can obtain? Or is it better to display a raw-only, purity- focused lifestyle that less people can obtain? I don't want to sound biased, but I think the whole purity thing creates a huge pitfall for many newbies in this lifestyle. 

I have been a part of this community for years and have had many ups and downs with the lifestyle and  trying to stick-to purely eating raw, high-carb, fruit and veg. However, hearing Harley and Freelea, and a few other other people, namely Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Megan McDonnell, John Kohler, VIctoria Arnstein, Josh Fossgren, Chris Randall, Tarah Shannon, Adam Frewer, and Doug Graham, who have all been inspirations, leaders, and mentors for me, through their work, have shown me that there is no one right way to be raw, high carb, low fat, healthy, happy, vibrant vegan. Each one of them has shown me their own ways of dealing with the struggles on this lifestyle and that it's ok to deal with them in a constructive way, even if that way means integrating cooked carbs into my diet. I think it's very honest and brave. I have not seen any one of them denigrate the truth that raw fruit and vegetables are the best sources of energy and nutrition for our human bodies. However, some of them have simply expressed other ways of looking at the raw, high-carb, vegan lifestyle that include cooked foods. In addition, over these years on within this community, and specifically on this forum, I have seen a huge increase in members and interested, health-seekers coming to this lifestyle. I cannot for sure say that this is because of the message of a more-easily attainable diet (raw til 4/ adding in some cooked carbs, but focusing on fruit), but it makes sense. 

I don't have an answer to all of the craziness that is going on with this festival or this community. I know for sure that I'm still going because not only do I want to be a part of a movement that I believe in, even with it's imperfections and small dramas here and there, but because as a high-carb, raw vegan, I need this for myself. I suggest anyone who can go, to go, for your own benefit.

What do you think? what determines raw? who determines raw? I believe the authorities on this matter should be us, the people of the high-carb, raw movement. 

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Hi Mary! Last night I was up late, So I went on for 30 minutes to reply to this post, but when I sent it, it was never posted...:-(

yeah, I didn't get it. Well, if you feel like maybe writing a truncated version, that'd be awesome. I'm really interested on hearing people's opinions on this. :D



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