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Hi mates!  I have a HUGE request!  In my life, I've been fortunate to not have many people be conflicted with disease, so far only one person I know has died from cancer.  At that time I already knew the power of healing through raw foods.  There is a little girl who's mom has been posting on a blog about her daughter who has been diagnosed with brain cancer years ago.  Here is the link if you're interested.  I've decided I CANNOT watch her little girl die without at least trying to contact her about considering using food to heal instead of chemo.  It's sad to watch what's happening unfold.

WITH THAT, I am hoping you ladies and gentlemen could post links that are your go-to source when it comes to food and healing, the truth about chemo, what oncology docs don't tell us, etc...and all that jazz.  I have a few but I want to see other's perspectives of what is a quality source.  SO excited to see what you guys have in store.  THANK YOU my banana friends!

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I created this list compilation specifically for this reason.

Study the links to see which would be most helpful in this situation:


  Just stumbled across your post. Two years ago I came across a man who not only put me onto 'Cancerma' (an ointment that aggressively heals and makes sun cancers disappear, but told me that he had been talking an Australian native plant extract that had healed him of terminal brain cancer. This man who was very much alive and well when I met him and told me that the doctors had written him off and pretty much told him to go home and prepare to die. After which someone put him onto Gumby-gumby.

I have provided the link to the website but of course like anything natural, the indigenous elder who makes it, is not allowed by law to claim that it cures anything.   http://www.gumbygumby.com/

For what it is worth, if I had cancer I wouldn't take Chemo. Why? Because the odds of recovery just don't stack up for the misery it produces.

Also just want to throw two bob this way; that it has been alluded to my honest researchers - most of whom are shut down, that brain cancer is more often than not, caused by radio, microwave and electro - frying the brain; where as most other cancers are caused due to rogue fungus deposits - mainly their poop being deposited in the blood stream and other organs. Chemicals are the cause of other aggressive cancers and deficiency causes melanomas; especially C and E deficiencies.



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