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Immediate advice needed! Unripe bananas or cooked rice?

Every day I bring two 10 banana smoothies with me to work. I only had unripe bananas today & I tried to drink the breakfast smoothie but the texture was like glue & tasted AWFUL. I had a couple figs to hold me over, but I'm seriously undercarbed. My work has a blender, raw sugar, and they serve rice (probably has oil in it and spices). Should I try blending the bananas with more water & raw sugar or should I eat rice? I need to eat very soon so your advise is much appreciated!!!!

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Try first with the raw sugar and more water and see if that is better if not do the rice it is better to carb up then under eat so it isn't a big deal if you have rice once.  But is there anyway you can find out more about if it was in fact prepared with oil?

Thank you so much! I had the rice before I went raw and it tasted very oily :(.

Oh that is unfortunate.  Yeah try the smoothie again first.  And since the rice has oil I think I might avoid it actually.  Is there anyway you can get some other kind of carbs in you?  Like do you have the chance to run to the store and buy fruit or in a pinch dried fruit or dates?

Never ever eat under ripe fruit! :P  It will not digest, there is no point.

Can you make a trip to a grocery store to get some dates?


Otherwise I would wait until I got home to eat and then eat a high calorie datorade or mango smoothie.

+1 melons are great in a pinch that was what I was thinking of when I said go to the store and buy fruit, lol.


Thank you Peter, for the rice comments. Makes me feel stronger about not eating it!
Can't run to the store and can't wait til I'm off work. It'd be at least 11 hours from when I woke up to when I'd be able to eat again.

I would wait myself, but if you cannot then I would eat the bag of sugar even though it's cooked it is far better than rice and especially rice with oil.


Oh and please post pics of you eating the sugar straight with your co-workers looking on, lol! :D

Honestly I would try the smoothie I have had to eat under ripe bananas before while it wasn't pleasant tasting and it didn't digest all that great it wasn't that big a deal actually I had no major issues from it.  But I ate them because I was at work and that was all I had.  I had 15 under ripe bananas that day.  Do more water and sugar and you would be fine.  I don't advocate sugar but one time isn't a big deal.

And I agree with Peter about the rice since you are sure it has oil I definitely agree avoid it all together.  I don't eat any cooked food and I definitely wouldn't recommend it but in an emergency many people do it and if you are ok with doing it only when necessary it is ok but of course no oil or salt or spices added.  But if you don't want to eat cooked foods by all means avoid it as best you can.

This really is the smart choice.

1 meal of rice = the end?  That's the way these comments seem.  EAT THE RICE!  Jezus...if you're at a job, does it make sense to starve yourself...what happens to your job performance?  Maybe that doesn't matter, but I'd rather have some rice than deal with going hungry.  See what "undercarbed" thinking does to ya'....carb up, eat some rice.  Make a better plan for the next day, and don't beat yourself up. 





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