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I'm not exercising much - so does that mean I'm not following 811rv?

In Dave Klein's book, "Self Healing Colitis and Crohn's", he recommends an LFRV diet but also recommends no vigorous exercise for 6-12 months while the body is healing and regenerating. I have found that vigorous exercise does affect my digestion negatively. 

However, several days ago I read a post by the fruititionist which said if a person doesn't exercise then he/she is not following 811rv. Dr. Graham also emphasizes the importance of exercise.  

Even though I feel good overall, I still feel limited on how much exercise I can do if I don't want to disrupt my digestion. But at the same time, I'm also concerned that I'm not following the plan as recommended since I'm not exercising much (walking 15-30 minutes per day). Over the past 6 months my weight has increased 4-5 LBs / 2 KG (which is not drastic). According to the Tanita scale I have, my body fat % has increased 5%. It increased gradually over time. I realize many say these scales aren't accurate, but incase you're wondering, this spike in BF% is not the result of an incorrect reading from 1 day to the next. The BF% reading has been consistent from day to day, but goes up 0.1 every day or so. 

Like others who post on this site, I have wondered about the supposed BF% gains but at the same time I'm concerned about losing the gains I've made with regards to improved digestion. I would love to hear especially from someone who has experienced a similar dilemma and look forward to hearing your thoughts in general.  

BTW: I've been 100% (except for no vigorous exercise) 811rv for 6 months now and have upped my calories to 2800-3000 recently. My fat intake was 4-7% almost the entire time and I have made sure I got well rounded nutrition ... etc. I also try to get enough water and sun. I was sleeping 7-8 hours in the beginning and I'm now up to 8-10 hours of sleep. I haven't had any food cravings during this time. 

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If he isn't still around to answer, I'll say: he has Crohn's, which is a thing unto itself. My closest friend has had it for years, and more than once I've thought she wasn't going to survive a bout of it. It is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack the intestines.

If you aren't improving you might want to go see a doctor about it. I've had wretched digestion for years and it has completely cleared up. If yours isn't... go get it checked out! You don't have to suffer. You're certainly getting plenty of good fiber & water from following lfrv, so you should be doing better if all was well.

Nice profile pic : ) BTW: I do not / did not have Crohn's. I think the symptoms are a little different for Crohn's. Like you, I chose to find a solution for my health issues via healthful living habits rather than medication or surgery. But that's a personal choice that only each of us can make for ourselves. Blessings!

Hi Andrea,

Yes, it did clear up for me. I got to know my body a little better. For example, I find I do better when I exercise before I eat in the early morning. And I found a form of exercise that I really enjoy and that gives my body a good workout so I stuck with it. Sleeping enough is important. So is hydration. I try to wait until I'm hungry before I eat and try to distinguish between hunger and thirst. I maybe thirsty so I try to drink water to see if that is what I'm feeling? Also, I find eating sugar (dates etc.) after a greens meal helps with digestion of the greens by giving my digestive tract the energy it needs. The trick for me was finding the balance of eating enough and not overeating in one sitting so that my stomach hurts. But it's not difficult to do. What I just mentioned may not apply to you. Basically what I learned is that I need to listen to my body and do what it needs and not try to copy other people and what they are doing. That might not work for me. What worked for me might not work for you. But you will figure it out. I'm sure. Before you know it, you'll feel better. Feel free to message / friend me if you would like to discuss further. Maybe I can provide insight. Maybe I cannot. We are all different. The trick is to pick up on the messages your body is sending you. Also, as Frutitionist/Freelee and Durian Rider mentioned in this discussion and others, exercising regularly is important for good health. Hope this helps. Sending you wishes of healing, joy and fun. 

If people eat and sleep well but dont move their body enough, things aint gonna work or look like they want them too.

Hi Tanya,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing them too. I don't get them anymore. I'm not sure what happened then vs. now. All I can say is:
- If you're having a lot of greens, you may want to ease up on them.

- Make sure you're hydrated. 

- Try to eat enough fruit, so you have the energy to exercise. 

- Make sure you're sleeping enough. 

I hope you feel better. 



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