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I'm not exercising much - so does that mean I'm not following 811rv?

In Dave Klein's book, "Self Healing Colitis and Crohn's", he recommends an LFRV diet but also recommends no vigorous exercise for 6-12 months while the body is healing and regenerating. I have found that vigorous exercise does affect my digestion negatively. 

However, several days ago I read a post by the fruititionist which said if a person doesn't exercise then he/she is not following 811rv. Dr. Graham also emphasizes the importance of exercise.  

Even though I feel good overall, I still feel limited on how much exercise I can do if I don't want to disrupt my digestion. But at the same time, I'm also concerned that I'm not following the plan as recommended since I'm not exercising much (walking 15-30 minutes per day). Over the past 6 months my weight has increased 4-5 LBs / 2 KG (which is not drastic). According to the Tanita scale I have, my body fat % has increased 5%. It increased gradually over time. I realize many say these scales aren't accurate, but incase you're wondering, this spike in BF% is not the result of an incorrect reading from 1 day to the next. The BF% reading has been consistent from day to day, but goes up 0.1 every day or so. 

Like others who post on this site, I have wondered about the supposed BF% gains but at the same time I'm concerned about losing the gains I've made with regards to improved digestion. I would love to hear especially from someone who has experienced a similar dilemma and look forward to hearing your thoughts in general.  

BTW: I've been 100% (except for no vigorous exercise) 811rv for 6 months now and have upped my calories to 2800-3000 recently. My fat intake was 4-7% almost the entire time and I have made sure I got well rounded nutrition ... etc. I also try to get enough water and sun. I was sleeping 7-8 hours in the beginning and I'm now up to 8-10 hours of sleep. I haven't had any food cravings during this time. 

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With regards to knowing if my colon is inflamed, hope this is not TMI, but pain accompanied by pencil-thin stools is usually an indicator for me. Not sure if anyone else gets these too?
There is a wide spectrum of activity between your current exercise level and "vigorous exercise" a la marathons and biking hundreds of miles. What would happen if you just gradually increased your exercise, walking more or just a little faster, or trying to some push-ups or something? It does seem weird that exercise should negatively affect your digestion, but maybe if you just stepped it up by really small increments that would help.
Thanks. You're right. I do keep trying. I walk up-hill (10-15% incline) and try to increase the speed and time to 1 hour, but sometimes even that seems to have negative affects. I'll keep trying though. Thanks for the response and your encouragement.
Thanks : )
I notice that my digestion improves with exercise for sure, especially jogging or rebounding, sounds like walking would do well by you. For me sometimes it literally stimulates the passing of stools after I've cooled down from a run or whatever.
You can do this :) Juicy fruits and water can only help.
Also, apples especially stimulate peristalsis!
Thanks for your post. I'll keep trying : ) ... I don't have a problem with passing of stools. They just become pencil-thin (maybe 'cos the colon is inflamed) after using up a lot of energy exercising and i feel more pain in my abs, but I'll keep trying different things.
Thanks Jaakko. I appreciate all the responses. As you mentioned, I was hopeful that I would get a response for someone who had a similar experience, but I have benefited from the responses I did get. I've learned that most people don't have negative repercussions from exercising which is something I look forward to as I build my digestive health. I also learned from DR that eating strengthens the digestive muscles so I think I'll be patient and keep things going as is without fasting. While fasting has amazing cleansing and healing benefits, I think it would be great to achieve health benefits gradually while on this lifestyle without fasting. I have seen amazing improvements in the last 6 months. No other way of eating / living could have made this happen for me. I'll continue to plug along and appreciate the responses which helped me make this decision. I also appreciate your recommendation to contact Dave.

Thanks : )
Hi mmmamey!

I got Crohn's and transitioning myself and started slow in May this year. I also experience these pencil-thin stools gess that's why I still have small bleedings sometimes. So when I'm 100% I hope it will ease up.

What I found is that if I have less dense fruits (bananas etc) and more watery fruits it gets a little more easier.

About the exercise we probably need 20 min walks before meals, split up during the day. So if you eat 4 times a day, you probably need 3-4 small walks to get the benefit of exercise.

We're not that many with, inflamed colon, UC or Crohn's at this site and we don't have exactly the same health that "already healthy" people have so the guidelines here are just guidelines, maybe not the ultimate truth for just your body.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience Jacob. I hope your gradual transition is working well for you. I agree that different people start this lifestyle for different reasons. Each of us has our own set of problems or some come to it with little to no health problems.

I have been 100% LFRV for 6 months now and it took 5 months for me to see significant improvements in digestion. I hadn't experienced the pencil thin stool in a month, until I increased my exercise levels recently. And even a month ago it wasn't happening all the time: just intermittently; I'm really thankful for this diet and way of living because I now have digestion that is better than I've ever had.

Thank you for your advice. Like you walking works well for me but anything more vigorous usually produces the pencil thin stools. There have been exceptions to this and I will keep trying with the hopes that I can tolerate more exercise.

Because of the improvements I've experienced so far, I am somewhat confident that as I continue I will be able to exercise more and more with time without negatively impacting digestion.

Also, thank you for the tip about eating more watery fruits. Have you had any oranges? In Dave Klein's book he says to avoid oranges in certain situations. I'm waiting for the Florida oranges to ripen a little more before I try any.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you much health always.
I'm going to wait a bit longer before I start with citrus, but if you feel good (6 months is a good healingphase) you can try out the oranges in small quantities at first. But I will certainly devour on them myself when I can, love fresh OJ. :)

To increase the digestion and healing, he suggests making a 1-3 day waterfast or/and 1-5 greenjuice fasting. But only if nothing else works.

I've tried this and it's truly many things thats being done during those 5 days. So if you have time and motivation you can always see if that's your answer to the pencils. :/

Thanks JH. Like you, a 1/2 day to 2 day water fast has helped me feel better, but I haven't had a major flare up recently to warrant it. I've fasted for 1.5-2 days about twice in the last 6 months. For the pencils, they have happened only once in the past week and I haven't had them for a couple of months before that. I've even been able to eat greens and vegetables for the last couple of months without having them, which is a break-through for me.

The oranges sold locally here are still green or yellow. Maybe all the good ones are exported outside of Florida. I think I'll try some fresh squeezed orange juice in a month or two once the good oranges show up in the local farmer's markets.

Please let me know how things go with you? Are you seeing improvements in your digestion? Hope you see some great results soon.

hi mmmamey i was just wondering how things are going a year later? i've been 100% 811rv since the end of november 2011 and i've def noticed some improvement in my digestion. but i haven't been exercising as i regularly used to. so i added that to the mix and i've noticed since i have that i've been experiencing pencil thin stools. just wondering if that ever cleared up for you? any light you could shed? i'm so sick of having shitty digestion....



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