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I'm not exercising much - so does that mean I'm not following 811rv?

In Dave Klein's book, "Self Healing Colitis and Crohn's", he recommends an LFRV diet but also recommends no vigorous exercise for 6-12 months while the body is healing and regenerating. I have found that vigorous exercise does affect my digestion negatively. 

However, several days ago I read a post by the fruititionist which said if a person doesn't exercise then he/she is not following 811rv. Dr. Graham also emphasizes the importance of exercise.  

Even though I feel good overall, I still feel limited on how much exercise I can do if I don't want to disrupt my digestion. But at the same time, I'm also concerned that I'm not following the plan as recommended since I'm not exercising much (walking 15-30 minutes per day). Over the past 6 months my weight has increased 4-5 LBs / 2 KG (which is not drastic). According to the Tanita scale I have, my body fat % has increased 5%. It increased gradually over time. I realize many say these scales aren't accurate, but incase you're wondering, this spike in BF% is not the result of an incorrect reading from 1 day to the next. The BF% reading has been consistent from day to day, but goes up 0.1 every day or so. 

Like others who post on this site, I have wondered about the supposed BF% gains but at the same time I'm concerned about losing the gains I've made with regards to improved digestion. I would love to hear especially from someone who has experienced a similar dilemma and look forward to hearing your thoughts in general.  

BTW: I've been 100% (except for no vigorous exercise) 811rv for 6 months now and have upped my calories to 2800-3000 recently. My fat intake was 4-7% almost the entire time and I have made sure I got well rounded nutrition ... etc. I also try to get enough water and sun. I was sleeping 7-8 hours in the beginning and I'm now up to 8-10 hours of sleep. I haven't had any food cravings during this time. 

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Any takers?
Im not really sure of the real question you are asking?

Could you write it in a sentence?
Thank you DR. I would like to exercise vigorously, but when I do, I find it affects my digestion negatively. But I keep hearing that exercise is necessary to benefit from the 811rv lifestyle. What do you recommend I do? Keep going with the diet without exercising? Fast? I don't want to experience poor digestion ... : ( ... I find that I can digest 2500+ calories per day well now if I don't exercise, but digestion problems return when I do exercise ... ???
Ive never met anyone that got worse digestion from exercising. Unless you are doing full contact muay thai and getting stomach kicks and punches?

Do you have a history of anorexia etc?
What is your current height and weight?

Sounds like your making things in your head bigger than they really are.
I did subscribe to calorie restriction, like most of the people exposed to mainstream nutrition advice, but I believe I've abandoned that. Wow! I didn't expect you to ask if I'm anorexic ... ha ha ... 'cos I'm 5'3" (159cm) and weigh 135 LB (61Kg). I do eat well and have logged all of my food intake in cron-o-meter for the past 6 months.

Have you worked with many people who have poor digestion / colon inflammation? I don't know the scientific basis behind it, but Dave Klein does recommend no vigorous exercise for the first 6-12 months. While I can't prove to you that exercise is the cause of returned inflammation, it seems to come back when I do exercise.

One of the reasons why I posted on this forum is I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation?

For example, many people in this forum talk about how amazing their digestion has been on this diet from day one. Well, I didn't experience what so many people had been talking about until my 5th month on the diet 100%. So I have seen improvements, but it seems that they're happening slower than they have with others. Could this be because I'm in a different state of health?
I'm not qualified to recommend a fast--NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS--but to heal digestion. During a proper water only fast, done only after reading extensively so you understand, or under supervision of a coach, the stomach goes into total rest or hibernation, and will heal at some point of the fast (other organs may get the healing before the stomach, or they may all do it at the same time). After that, you should not have digestion problems, but you will possibly be much more efficient with the calories, and exercise will gain in importance.

Notice that I am not recommending a fast, but am recommending that you study and consider it armed with the power of knowledge. Even if it is an answer to your problems, I guarantee that there are other solutions also, and one of them may resonate with your needs and personality better...

Fasting DEFINITELY helped my insanely bad digestion--but my digestion problems had more to do with spinal injuries and the fasting did miracles for my bad discs. Therefore, it may be that extensive Yoga guidance for my back would have helped my digestion equally... Or more Rolfing, etc...
Thank you Rock. I have considered fasting. However, I wanted to learn the lifestyle before I fast. I wanted to know how to live 811rv well so I can live cleanly after the fast which is why I didn't fast 6 months ago. I also wanted to build up my nutritional reserves. Additionally, I have read so much in this forum about how eating is a good way to build health and wanted to try it out. But like you, I'm wondering if fasting is the best solution for me at this stage. I will continue to consider it and study it and would love to hear from others who have had the same dilemma. Congrats for healing your disc probs and your digestion! Wishing you countless pain free days!
Eating more volume also heaps digestion. We must remember that digestion takes a lot of muscle action. Muscles get stronger with use. Thats why people that fast/have a history of anorexia can have a lot of digestion issues for a period until the muscles get strong again. Obviously weak digestion from fasting comes back to normal levels a lot faster than a few years of undereating.

Its a bit like putting someone in cage for 3 weeks vs 3 years. Both will come out barely walking but the 3 weeker will be up and running a lot sooner.

Does that make sense?
Prior condition of the stomach, having nothing to do with the current good, nay, GREAT diet. If the stomach is out of tune due to ills of the past, it would not necessarily automatically digest a great proper diet. Exercise should strengthen a healthy organ, it can destroy an unhealthy one with overexertion and fatigue. We may be talking MEDICAL condition, and a qualified authority (not necessarily an MD, I have little faith in them) should do the diagnosis and recommendation in person. Bad ethics for us to "prescribe" anything beyond promoting learning and power through knowlege.
Your right Rock, Mammey is self diagnosing and needs to use more accurate tests like underwater weighing/stool tests etc to confirm things objectively.
I appreciate your responses Rock and DR.

You maybe right. I may not be looking at things objectively.

With regards to body fat, I understand DR and F's concerns with Tanita scales and frankly and after thinking about it more, I don't think I'm concerned about BF% or weight gain.

I have experienced improvements in digestion eating this way even though my digestion is not 100% so I'm not doubting the benefits of the diet or the benefits that others have experienced. I guess I was just wondering if others are in the same boat as me.

I'm not attacking this lifestyle. There's a lot of knowledgeable people in this group and I've learned so much from so many people here. I hope it's okay to ask others what they've experienced even if no one else is experiencing the same issues as me?

I'll keep exercising my stomach and intestinal muscles : ) ... and hopefully can exercise more muscles with time.

With regards to knowing if my colon is inflamed, hope this is not TMI, but pain accompanied by pencil-thin stools is usually an indicator for me. Not sure if anyone else gets these too?



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