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I am starting a group with the same name for us who are not natural hygienists but follow a high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet. I'm looking to meet others on this forum who are like minded. I personally believe in herbs and use them on rare occasion. Animals have been observed taking herbs. I know some on this forum believe in green juices, as do I. etc. Whatever way you are not a natural hygienist, you are welcome to join the group.

My experience:
I used to be a staunch NH, until I fell very sick and was in SO much pain I was passing out from the pain constantly. What did I do? Ate 955, fasted etc. It didn't get any better, it remained the same for THREE MONTHS. I was such a fundamentalist NH that I did not try anything but Natural Hygiene and 811 even though I was sooo sooo ill. Then I used herbs and was healed within 3 weeks FULLY. I have tried that approach and do not see what is wrong with using God given herbs in moderation when absolutely needed.

I have been a NH since 2005, super strict, and I've read almost all of Arnold Ehret, Shelton etc., so whatever you tell me isn't new info, and wont' change my mind.

I started this group because there appears to MAYBE be some censorship around topics that don't fit into "Natural Hygiene".

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Glad to hear that :)
oh the placebo effect is entirely possible Michele, AND, if it works with herbs, it can work with diet too, as in I'm healthy coz I eat 811 etc.
yes Michele, I am happy to engage in discussions with open minds such as yourself, thank you.

I have noticed the placebo effect in my life a lot.
Opening up a tangent discussion on this, animals taking herbs in nature:

""This book is an exploratory study of how animals cope with stress, keep themselves well and cure disease and parasitic infections in the wild. It has long been documented that wild animals heal themselves with herbs. Folklore, legends and traditional medicine all lay claim to such feats of self-medication by animals. Until recently though scientists have been reluctant to accept these stories, dismissing them as romantic anthropomorphism. But things are changing as more and more scientists uncover examples of insects, birds and mammals self-medicating their ills. Monkeys, bears, coatis and birds protect themselves from insect bites and fungal infections by rubbing medicinal plants and insects into their skin. Chimpanzees carefully select anti-parasitic medicines to deal with parasites. Elephants roam miles to find the clay they need to help counter dietary toxins and birds line their nests with pungent medicinal leaves and so improve their chicks' chances of survival. This book is the first general overview of the emerging science of "zoopharmacognosy" and describes strategies that can be used to improve the health of animals in our care.

The behavioural strategies animals use to maintain health are explored by resorting to no more mystical explanation than Darwinian natural selection. As these strategies have successfully endured the ravages of evolution, they provide a solid basis by which we might improve the health of captive wild animals, livestock and companion animals. Also, by observing wild health and the many similarities with the human pharmacopia, we may even discover (or rediscover) ways to further improve our own health.

Animal health and medicine are fascinating subjects that have enormous implications for human medical treatment and preventive medicine. Wild animals eat plants that have scientifically proven medicinal properties. They also know how to select the right foods for a nutritionally balanced diet - often with more skill than people do! This book is very timely, coming just as world-wide interest is growing in "nutraceuticals" - the health-promoting ingredients in foods.

Animals even seek out psychoactive substances. They get drunk on fermented fruit, hallucinate on mushrooms, become euphoric with opium poppies. Self-control of breeding is achieved with plant chemicals while other herbs are used as aphrodisiacs, still other natural medications are used to enhance fertility.

"Wild Health" reviews scores of remarkable examples of the ways animals medicate themselves. For example, Desert Tortoises will travel miles to mine the calcium needed to keep their shells strong. Monkeys, bears, coatis, and other animals rub citrus oils and pungent resins into their coats as insecticides and antiseptics to prevent infected insect bites. Chimpanzees swallow hairy leaves folded in a certain way to purge their digestive tracts of parasites. Birds line their nests with medicinal leaves to protect their chicks from blood-sucking mites and lice.

Animal medications have many similarities to human pharmaceuticals. Some early human medicaments, including many practices being revived today as alternative medicine, arose through the observation of animals. As "Wild Health" shows, animals still have a lot to teach us!"

Hi bliss .

I have also used herbs many times with very good results and still now on 811 I would not hesitate with useing them for a while - some works very well :-)....and it is sooo much better than traditional medicine - Not all thing can be healed with NH. Most of us was not bought up at NH and the imbalances in the body can be bigger than a diet alone can fix . Hebs talks for themself if they work isn´t that much better than suffering - especially in akute situations !!
Great post Moth, I'm really proud of your gutsy honesty. Thank you. Also, I'm curious what people's opinions are on animals regularly using medicinal herbs in nature, (article 3 posts above).
There are animals that also eat their excrement, poison ivy and even their young on occasion. Just because some animal does it doesn't make it right for humans.

Just my 2 cents.

But I do eat parsley, basil, and mint on occasion. I don't care about the label "herbs". I just refer to them as plants from my garden.
Jeff, we often use animals as an example of eating good food uncooked. Do we bring up the rare animals who eat shit and their young? No. Come on man. We're not looking for extreme exceptions here.
Actually Bliss, animals that eat shit are not rare at all. Many do it to obtain some required bacteria to assist in digestion of certain plant foods. Still, I think I'll pass.
I believe these articles have faulty premises-ie that animals in the wild only do things that are good for them and nothing out of habit or observation of other behavior or simply out of curiosity and experimentation. Jane Goodall has also reported many cases of infant cannibalism in chimpanzee populations-obviously this is not a behavior to model or one that is beneficial to the chimps.

The interpretations we give to why animals do such things are necessarily going to be biased by our perceptions and "knowledge" and we are a very drug, "miracle" product believing species.

As to whether these "nutraceuticals" have any benefit, I'm reminded of this quote: "But behind every cause, there is a second and a third cause. Behind every phenomenon there is a main cause, a fundamental cause, an underlying cause, and contributing factors. Numerous causes and effects intertwine in a complex pattern that leaves little clue as to the true cause."-Masanobu Fukuoka
good points Via! I also think there is truth to it though.



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