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i did the math today..if i eat on average 30 bananas a day (3000cals if they are large and ripe) thats 10 bananas per meal. thats 5 minutes per meal x 3. thats 15mins a day im eating.

15mins into 24hours is around 1% right? so that leaves me as a breatharian for 99% of the time..lol!

fasting has a time and place but for me breatharinism is just beyond my comprehension.

when not eating the average male is burning around 7000cals a week by fasting. thats a kg of fat per week. someone with 10% body fat and weighing 70kg could go about 7 weeks before fasting became starvation and eventually death.

so when i hear people talk of breatharianism i do get concerned. the world record holder for fasting is 367 days according to the guiness book of records.

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you know elliot, i was thinking from that earlier exchange we had that this would likely be a less painful alternative for you to follow than handing yourself over to rawzi's desires :D :D :D

in friendship,
greetings chuckles!

eating is a lot of trouble and really quite a messy process.

i used like it a lot - in fact, i'd show off - my greatest achievement many years ago being the first (and possibly the only) person to down the entire 14 course thali at the hare krishna restaurant in toronto. the waiters were most impressed and i was able to walk out on my own feet.

however, i've outgrown this sort of immaturity. i eat, but quickly and quietly with minimal fuss and attention these days.

in friendship,
i tend to be fairly controlled when it comes to sensual satisfactions - i guess i'm a bit boring that way :D

i do have to admit though that sometimes when eating an orange i wonder how anyone could want anything more.

i don't follow 811 btw. i'm more along the natural hygiene route, though i think 811 is fine as far as i've seen of it here - haven't looked into it deeply though to really comment meaningfully.

i don't suffer at all from anything.
i can't say that is the case though from those around me :D :D

in friendship,
nh is not as fruit heavy and incorporates various principles as outlined by herbert shelton and others. it is very much a total package and goes well beyond diet.

it is also not necessarily totally raw - some factions even suggest 70-10 raw to cooked ratios.

you can read about some of this in the alternative therapy article as well as go to debbie took's, nora lenz' or bigG's excellent sites. let me know if you have trouble finding them and i'll post the links here.

in friendship,
I do not see the point in breatharianism. Go and have a banana or something.
It's about realizing that we are always connected to the energy which makes up everything and can create anything we desire to experience with the power of faith.

The power that created the food and your body is more powerful than both, and if you can tap into and depend on that rather than attaching to external symbols of power, you may find that you actually need nothing at all.
Your existence is dependent on nothing except your awareness of it.
br />

You Can Be Anything. With or without , ______.
This life is about experiencing, an oppurtunity to create whatever.
And have a fun, joyful time being Alive!

Do what you love....
Yeah, that was by HRM. I think he did an even longer one just on water at 411 days. However, he was very light at the end of it. He said it was through sungazing, having that energy from the sunlight at sunrise and sunset. It took a lot of time to be able to gain energy from it the way he does.

I admire and appreciate the gentleness, total calm and gratitude in people who fast and sungaze like HRM. Nothing impulsive about it.
Hahahahaha, I love your humor, A-M! ;P But I have to point out that while breatharianism might work in terms of having enough ENERGY (in fact, caloric restriction after 2-3 days makes me extremely energetic), I doubt it can actually survive the fact that weight loss will occur on what is essentially a long term fast! :O
eh! flawed maths!
I think breatharian and fasting are two very different things. The way I see it, all throughout history spiritual mystics have been talked about as not eating. This may seem like bs to some people, but to others there are ancient cultural stories of people who have lived in very isolated/remote natural areas, who are very spiritually powerful and do not eat, they also live way past what is scientifically said to be natural or possible... I think when you get to these points there are no scientific, biological or material plane limitations that can describe what is going on, in that way, it really is beyond comprehension. You're not going to be able to gather these people, monitor, test or compare them. You're not going to be able to put together a system to explain it or help others to become breatharian...I really do think it is a calling, but I also think it helps to be open-minded about it anyway.

I mentioned that as soon as we got into 811 we left our 'normal' lives, got on the road and went traveling for the best natural fruit sources we could, well we also got very, very intuitive and this was a spiritual mission for us... and not on purpose at all, the intention was to eat as much fruit as possible, but for some days I felt an inclination to meditate and feel life energy nourishing my body...prana, as they call it. I didn't do it for a very long time... but it was vastly different than any fasting I'd ever done. For one thing, it was similar to a hunger, but not a hunger for food, I had no appetite, there was not the grumbling of the stomach and regularity of eating schedules that you deal with when fasting, rather a hunger for taking in the energy around me completely, and a hunger to not eat... never experienced that when fasting, also I felt so energized and nourished in my meditation, and just in a very different place that really is difficult to explain or even understand how I came upon those feelings.

I have no inclination to be breatharian, but I certainly feel it is possible and is happening, has always happened and is healthy for some people. I don't care whether I ever feel that again, whether I become breatharian or understand it really, but I do feel it is very different from fasting or starvation in the way they we typically see those things, in that I think it is completely separate from any 'normal' scientific comprehension.
What say you of Prahlad Jani, hasn't eaten/drink anything since he was 12 yrs old. has been through a few clinical trials with baffling results and Ram Bhojad "Bhudda boy" who meditated for 15 months straight. No food, Or water with both of these two cases...

Look them both up.
YouTube video by bbc



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