30 Bananas a Day!

i did the math today..if i eat on average 30 bananas a day (3000cals if they are large and ripe) thats 10 bananas per meal. thats 5 minutes per meal x 3. thats 15mins a day im eating.

15mins into 24hours is around 1% right? so that leaves me as a breatharian for 99% of the time..lol!

fasting has a time and place but for me breatharinism is just beyond my comprehension.

when not eating the average male is burning around 7000cals a week by fasting. thats a kg of fat per week. someone with 10% body fat and weighing 70kg could go about 7 weeks before fasting became starvation and eventually death.

so when i hear people talk of breatharianism i do get concerned. the world record holder for fasting is 367 days according to the guiness book of records.

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read 811. then re read it..:)
Maybe we can learn from the true pioneers of breatharianism as they reveal themselves. I feel many people are practicing this now, but are keeping to themselves.
They are wise to keep to themselves in an environment that 'doubts' as opposed to 'believes'.
How cool would that be if it was true? No more eating needed.

BTW, maybe I am way further away from breatharianism than you Harley, since I make one banana last 3 minutes.
Maybe I am afraid to be without the banana after waiting long to eat it.
Maybe I am in love with it.
Maybe I am an emotional eater (Not for long),
maybe I am a food addict (practicing not to be)...

IF I was next to you and we had 10bananas I would ask you if we can split them up before we start eating to avoid the temptation to eat fast...and you might laugh at me and think i am scarcity driven, maybe I would be.

I do know you kicked my ass running up PENANG HILL race in Malay 2008, and made the top 10 out of several thousand runners without training, so go eat your damn bananas too fast if you want.
i think that i am very far from breatharian, as i have yet to really understand the desire.. i guess this is because i love fruit way too much and have little to no shame in my desire to consume it.. i know it doesn't fall in line with buddhist philosophy, but apparently i am not near that level yet.. do you think that there is enlightenment needed in this regard? i almost feel that i have made leaps just by approaching the point where a sense of guilt doesn't accompany my eating.. if anyone can provide a perspective on the desire for transitioning to breatharian i am interested
i feel very much the same way.. in transitioning to a diet much closer to nature, i feel that i now have the ability to fast when the time is right (traveling long distances in car/airplane/etc, in a setting where fruits/greens are unavailable, at nighttime when i'm rebuilding, during times of high stress) and i am thankful for this sophisticated outlook and new level of discipline

tho i suppose i should be a little more open-minded about where i could end up in the future.. i, like many others here, in the past, would never really have considered that one day i would be nearly fruitarian.. at an earlier time, the concept sounded about as far out to me as extra-terrestrials (which are also not so far out anymore lol).. it's just very hard for me to understand how i could participate in the more physical aspects of life which i enjoy so much without ingesting any calories.. perhaps i am not deep enough in this lifestyle to where i have released food addictions and have stocked up my nutritional reserves to the level needed to transition to a point where calories & carbohydrates are an unnecessary commodity

and in regards to richard blackman, my friends and i were discussing him the other day.. i mentioned that in his videos, website, and forum posts, he is very vague and mysterious about his diet.. i know it is not part of his business or really the business of anyone else, but with someone who coaches physical fitness and prides himself on his physical abilities and physique you would think nutrition would be a larger aspect of his teaching, even if that nutrition only consists of fruit/juice/water/air.. i, for one, am very curious about his diet, as he is capable of many feats of strength and physical prowess that i find amazing
You've got me Durianrider. I am only a breatharian 95% of the time. I take deep breaths though.
Humans are thinking animals. What distinguishes us from animals is actually that we are the only specie able to go against Nature. I believe that the human mind is capable of achieving great things, things that animal cannot achieve. Breatharianism is one of these things.
One thing about rb, although it is true he seems vague with regard to nutrition, he goes by what works for him instead of theory. i pretty much disagree with much of what he says, but i respect him immensely because of that character trait. Its a pet peeve of mine when people say what can or cannot be done based on theory verses actual experiencial knowledge. i am curious to see what exactly does breatharianism entail. i mean, no eating at all with just water? or is it occasionally drinking juices and mostly water? Or perhaps its what Harly is suggesting being a larger percentage of the day not eating anything but sunshine, air and water. If thats the case then there are many breatharians LOL. i am not feeling led to pursue such a course, but i would like to know more about it in because i am hearing it more and more in broad strokes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied to all.

sounds like you are a buddhist or a buddhist in the making. More power to you. Each person has to make decisions for their own lives by themselves. If people are happy with their decisions, more power to them, if not, i hope they find happiness without destroying others in the process. i dont believe in the concept of breatharianism, but i have not experienced it. For those who have and enjoy it, good for them.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

Wow, I especially love the second to last one. Amazingly well said.
Great quotes. Thanks.
If I wasn't eating fresh fruits and veggies.... what would I spend money on?

I'd be a millionaire! lol
i agree with debbie's post "I've an open mind re breatharianism, but I have noticed that many of those claiming to be breatharians have a somewhat loose definition of it...."

i'm not opposed to breatharianism either and i can prove it via my postings on the veghaven community. in fact, i rather like the idea since i don't like to eat in the first place.

however, what i see happening a lot are assumptions and speculations flying around based on everything from internet claims to holy quotes to anthropocentric speciesisms to even quantum physics.

in another thread, mario put forth a challenge with $10000 on the line - but no one took him up on it, despite it being a simple, measurable experiment.

there's too little demonstration and rather an excess of remonstration.

it's fine to contemplate the idea, but please even in a court of law, one is innocent till proven guilty.
the same benefit should surely be given to any breatharian ;)

in friendship,



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