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If you don't agree with Raw Till 4, why don't you agree with it?

I've seen on this site people who have been successful with just 811rv diet. 

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It's a Trader Joe's mix - I think green cabbage, carrots, celery, jicama, radish.  About 9 oranges for the 16 ounces, depending on orange size.

Why do you juice it instead of eating it whole?

Mostly because it tastes like Nirvana!  The juice is really nice and light in the morning, while still retaining a lot of pulp, and gets carbs/sugar in quickly.  But then later in the morning I follow it with whole oranges, mandarins, or clementines, because they're satisfying as a meal.  The combination of the 2 works really well for me.

How much does it cost to eat like that every day?

I'd say $12-16 / day, for me in NYC.  I do get some of the fruit free at my office (not a lot), and I definitely used to spend more when I was less savvy about where I got my produce.  I also think of mangoes and other expensive fruits as only occasional treats, can't wait for them to be in season and go on sale :)

RT4 is a cool plan for people if it meets where they're at.

I personally don't feel anywhere near as good eating tons of starches/grains, so I avoid it. I spend way more time digesting so I have less energy/time in the day to do whatever I want, I don't feel as vibrant, and I tend to get quite a bit of mucous too.

When I got started 4 years ago I was on essentially a RT4 plan, but overtime it only made more and more sense to just eat fruits/veg. It's just what I prefer :)

I also agree that any diet that works for people to stay vegan is great, and Raw till 4 is certainly one of the healthy options.

I personally struggle to stay 100% raw, but I also don’t do well with big cooked meals. I usually eat cooked carbs and veg as part of a salad only, or as soup.

I must say though that I really miss the days when the forum was focused on raw. It was so amazing and inspiring to read all the posts about people achieving great things on an all raw diet. It made me want to try harder. Sadly the separate category for Raw till 4 didn’t work out, and everyone is posting on the main forum, which is supposed to be for raw food discussions. I often wish Raw til 4 was on a completely separate website and forum.

I am a kidney patient.  Eating high raw works best for me.  However, on occasion, I do not mind going out to a restaurant with family and friends and enjoying a cooked meal.  I do not box myself into a purist corner of no retreat.  

I have also done research that shows eating most foods from whole raw plant foods like fruits, nuts and seeds, and lettuce greens are the best choices.  Cooking, processing, and storing foods can cause loss of valuable nutrients like vitamin C for example.  

When we started RT4, it was more of a back up plan, and or a plan for people who did not have access to eating raw 100% of the time, or if they had cravings, would not resort to animal foods.  

But if and when possible, get as many nutrient dense calories as possible form whole plant foods.  

This formula works well for long term success:

Daily Recipe for Long Term Success:

Peace, PK

What is there not to agree with? It is sub-optimal foods for the human body. It is the silver where raw is the gold. As I understand, these are the claims being made and I agree with them completely. 

Well I do agree with its basic principles.. but I don’t take the “raw till 4” part serious. I eat cooked through out the day sometimes, I just make sure to wait long enough afterwards to eat fruit (avoiding poor food combining in the stomach..potential gas/fermentation, indigestion etc.) Sometimes I really want a fruit meal for dinner, I have also heard that it’s better to eat a light, fruit meal at dinner because it’s easier to digest, and your body want to heal at night.. not work on digesting food.



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