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If SAD eaters can eat crap everyday then why can't I pig out on special occasions??

If I be good for up to 1 month or a few weeks eating 100% raw low fat, high carb then eat like 2 pizzas on a special night with friends, is it really such a big deal?

Its harmless right?

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I know what you mean. When I started HCRV I figured days like xmas & thanksgiving were okay(using the excuse that it would be rude not to eat from a meal my mother or mother-in-law spent all day making). That was a mistake. I didn't want it bad enough at the time. Since I made the attempt to go 100% raw the 2nd time last month, after a few weeks, I didn't have any more cravings, even when at my mother's house(and she makes some stellar snacks). I even tested my taste buds on a bite of cooked spaghetti last week(one of my favorite meals before) and had to spit it out. I recently learned that the skin cells your taste buds are made of replace themselves every 10 days, so I'm figuring out how to train  them.  I've learned in the face of temptation, it helps to smell it and move on. Trust me, after enough time, it smells better than it's ever going to tase. My health is more important than what others think, and those that have any respect for you will agree. Right now I'm in a heavy dairy detox, my nose is congested, mt head's pounding so bad I can feel it in my teeth, and my uvula's so swollen and sore that it triggers my gag reflex every time I lean my head or cough. Now, I could fix all that with a warm bowl of the black bean soup sitting in my fridge(another favorite food before 811), but pushing through this is too big of an accomplishment to give up. Like I said, it just depends on how bad YOU want it for yourself :) Hope that helps <3

Well, as said by Dr. Esselstyn "A single bad meal injures arteries. If you reduce your intake of animal products you are no longer throwing gallons of gasoline on the fire but quarts of gasoline and as a result the fire doesn't  go out" Remember your body is your temple as like a temple you have respect for it. I know it sounds so temping but you don't need to eat out with friends to have fun with them. If you are going to go to such an event, I would eat before you go and you wouldn't miss anything. I stopped using food as the only venue for having good times with friends and ended up doing Bridge Day for the last two years. Explore your options.

Alan all I want to be sure about before making this big sacrifice is are you guys blowing this out of proportion? are you over exaggerating?

Is there really proof that eating SAD once a blue moon that it is devastating to me?

It just doesnt make sense to me.... it really doesnt, these SAD eatings do it EVERY DAY!!! 3 -5 TIMES A DAY!!!!

SUrely I should be allowed to do it once a month!!!!!

Well Alex think about it like this. Cocaine can kill people on first use yet many live and are using it hundreds of times. Would it be safe to say that since some don't die instantly that cocaine is okay to use every blue moon? 

And even if the SAD eaters do it, doesn't unconditionally mean you should as well. You will see many things done in this world by others. But I say why knock off all your progress just for one day to "tie one down". I didn't get to this point in my life by thinking "one day never hurt anyone". I believe you have more power than you think. So I would rather have you continue cashing in on your success rather than blowing it all away.

Or better analogy,  do you think little Johnny gets on Santa's nice list because he only put gum in little Suzzie's hair on a blue moon?

You make a good point Alan, the thing that upsets me so much is that I see my friends and how healthy they are, and some are performing way better than me in sports and they eat SAD heavily.... thats why I think the way I do, how can these people be in such great athletic condition if eating cooked is "so bad" this is why i think eating cooked on special occasion will not affect me so much

if you stay vegan you will watch how you excel in this diet as months & years go by you see friends blow out and look and act , and preform horrible  youth forgives many sins   ***for a while***

plus on the true level of things compassion always works in all occasions everywhere everytime

ya banana i think you are spot on, I have noticed after a certain age SAD eaters all of a sudden start to feel the effects. Many people begin to struggle with health complications at around 38+ years

good observation  i am 49 &  you should see my peers  and the drugs and moods they carry  

your emotions will be steady and this is a  key in life i tried many things for including intense buddhist silent mediation  did not work for the long haulll  this works and is natural puts you into natural one point focus of mind without training as the system is perfect without training   you cannot tame the mind of poor diets

this is the best game in town you will lead an amaze your peers and yourself as you get stronger and stronger  it is wonderful to growing older in health  i am very happy with this   been through some things in life as everyone does....doug

I'm 16 and even at my age, kids exhibit signs of being unhealthy. It's just easier to hide/ignore at this age, because our bodies are insanely resilient and will do whatever they must to survive.

Keep in mind that a lot of young people are using headache drugs, allergy medication, cold medicine, etc as well as caffeine. Most/all girls use makeup, lotions, etc to cover up unhealthy, pimply skin. And very few people - even young people, girls especially - are happy with their bodies. while there are teenagers that seem to do well living a standard american teenage lifestyle, people couod be doing way better!

I NEVER have any need to use any of these things. I love myself and those around me. I have energy without stimulants. And my skin looks so vibrant and healthy - I feel every bit as pretty as every girl who uses makeup (:

Keep up the lifestyle, and you'll understand why all of us here are willing to be a bit strange and maybe even a little outcast sometimes, in order to continue living a lifestyle that makes us all feel AMAZING. (:


well said


+2! (:



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