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If SAD eaters can eat crap everyday then why can't I pig out on special occasions??

If I be good for up to 1 month or a few weeks eating 100% raw low fat, high carb then eat like 2 pizzas on a special night with friends, is it really such a big deal?

Its harmless right?

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how long does the mucus linger fig? and are you sure about the facts? is there proof (abstracts, journals) that indicate gallons of mucus is produced when cooked food is ingested? is mucus formation detrimental to health? I heard it interferes with the absorption of nutrients somewhat..

Why dont I feel so bad after binging every once in a while, I know its better to not eat cooked at all but I want to have a bit of a life as well, I will miss my old social life too much if I cannot have christmas dinner with my family.....



you can  : )

are you being sarcastic bananaboy?:P

yes : )   you are free man i believe in you to make your own good choices , you can chose  

sorry if i hurt your feelings you are right i was being sarcastic..have as great day...doug

awww man:P I thought you were on my side for a sec haha

i am on your side man !  you are the master of your ship 

you could *chose* to eat a vegan pizza   pizza with no cheese

Pizza with friends I can live without but family birthdays and christmas dinners is what is going to kill me:(

Being with your family isn't enough?  You have to eat the food or the entire experience is cheapened?  I come from a very food-centric family so I do understand the emphasis placed on food as a social device and how giving that up seems scary, but it's not!  You know what's really scary?  Breaking the addiction and realizing how thoroughly foods like pizza, burgers, etc run my entire family's lives and dictates their emotions.  It's horribly sad and I'm glad that I've gotten to the other side.

I promise there is no chance that you will die from eating a different christmas dinner than the one your family does.  And birthday cake is severely overrated.

I wonder if the foods like pizza, burgers, etc really do run their lives and dictate their emotions. Or at least any more than everybody's food choices. Like yours or mine or all the 30BADers.



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