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if it is such an inefficient process to convert carbs into fat. ...

Why is it possible For beginners coming to this diet from an eating disordered past to gain fat at first?

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bc the body can be efficient or inefficient at the same task, depending on how you train it..

So you are saying that there is less than a40% energy expenditure or whatever is normal, in converting carbs to fatin an individual who is starving vs healthy? Can you explain how this would be? ?

I've heard of people gaining weight - but not necessarily fat.

Is there some info about there being a definite increase in body fat percentage?

Not a problem for me so far.

For some reason men do better regarding not gaining weight than women.  It's probably related to greater size weight and metabolism, along with the financial issues of buying enough raw produce (I suspect a lot of men and women are eating similar amounts of calories even though men typically need more calories)

If u come from an ED past where you restricted cals, you're body is in survival mode. To protect and help ensure your survival it's going to keep all the calories you give it and store some as fat for the lean times (when you starve it). After you have been giving it minimally 2500 healthy fruit cals per day CONSISTENTLY, your body will begin to realize it consistently has enough calories each day and doesn't need to keep storin them as fat. Then, because a lean body is optimal (and your body WANTS to be at the optimal level in all areas) it will begin to shed some of that excess fat you may have gained. Also if you are under your body's optimal weight to begin with due to your ED past, you may gain a few lbs to reach your body's happy weight. Basically your body doesn't trust you and you need to feed it feed it feed it and prove you love it ;) This is my very unscientific explanation. Hope it helps.

i want you to be right so badly!!!! 

If you're body needs to gain weight, it'll gain weight.

Your body's agenda get's priority over your agenda.

We're not supposed to control and manipulate our body weight.



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