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If it is an inefficient biological process to convert carbs to fat -

Why is it possible for those people from an eating disordered background to gain weight on the diet at first?

To be clear I'm seriously not questioning a fruity lifestyle. It's truly the only one that makes sense when you look at physiology, science, and results.

BUT I've heard it stated that there is a 40% energy loss in converting carbs to fat, which is what makes it almost impossible to get fat eating almost unlimited calories from fruit. So why is it possible for beginners to gain fat at first??

It doesn't make sense to me that the conversion would be more efficient in an unhealthy person than in a healthy one??

Is there some piece of the puzzle I'm missing or have I been informed incorrectly on some occasion? I just want to understand! (:


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As I understand it, It's not "inefficient", it's done as a defense mechanism. Under normal heathy conditions the body burns carbs and stores fat. If a condition exists that impedes the processing of carbs, it will store it as fat, first in the liver (fatty liver) then elsewhere. Eating disorders can create such conditions.The kinds of foods you eat factor in as well. If you calorie restrict and then get binges, you may eat combinations of fats and carbs together. The body being desperate for energy and reserves, will burn the carbs (energy) and store the fat (reserves) and may even convert carbs into fat if it has to.This leads to weight gain. The body will try to build up the fat reserve as much as possible because it is preparing for starvation. If you were actually starving to death, the body would burn the fat reserves as fuel in order to save your life.

So the theory goes, once you fully heal the body from the damage of eating disorders, eat high calorie/high carb/low fat and stay active; then the body will no longer feel the need to hold on to the fat reserves. This can be a slow process depending on the situation and the fact that the body naturally likes to store fat.

There are competing theories on this subject. 

your body will always be burning TAGs (triacylglycerols), which are a fatty acid - in storage form.

Your body will also be storing excess glucose, once glycogen stores are full, as TAGs as well - in adipose tissue.

Many people generalize statements and throw things out there they are not just true. Your body has fat for many reasons - one of which that it is a highly reduced form of energy storage, so yielding it a relatively enormous amount of energy when it is finally oxidized to form ATP or other forms of "energy currency" in your body. You have many more grams of fat (about a months worth of fat storage) than you ever will in carbohydrates, and in the case of proteins - there is no such thing as a form of storage for amino acids as far as I know. 

Excess proteins undergo oxidative deamination and the amino groups get shuttled into the urea cycle to be excreted as ammonium is very toxic to the human body in high concentrations. One reason why high protein diet is not good imo, and another reason is that many amino acids have a negative charge at physiological pH that has an acidic effect (by lowering pH) in our blood, etc.

So in fact, no matter what you eat your body will do the most efficient thing with it that you provide it. 

Glucose goes through glycolysis, then through an enzyme called pyruvate dehydrogenase that converts it into a molecule called acetyl-coa which is basically the building blocks of fatty acid synthesis in the body.

Acetyl-coA can also go through what's known as the TCA cycle, aka Kreb's Cycle, aka Citric Acid cycle, if your body is working under oxidative conditions - yielding high energy electron carriers that will make our bodies LOTS of energy (most of our energy is yielded this way). When you are working yourself very hard, oxidative substrate level phosphorylation does not occur and your muscles produce lactate, which cycle to the liver and then is transformed back into glucose through gluconeogenesis and then glucose is shipped back to the muscles. This is much more inefficient.

Hopefully that clears up a little bit for ya... It's not about one or the other. You could never eat a gram of fat and your body would still produce fat (which is essentially just adipose tissue, which is comprised of a bunch of TAGs) - They are storage cells.

They may gain weight because they have not been eating enough calories as previously and their metabolic system is not functioning at high enough of a rate to turn it into readily available energy, as it sees fit... So it will store most of it. This sort of lifestyle promotes high calorie consumption and although I feel it is necessary if you want to do it and succeed, if you sit around it will not be all used up! Simple in and out scenario. It doesn't disappear into thin air.


Your brain will benefit greatly by having good blood glucose levels, because FAs cannot pass the blood brain barrier. If you are under a time of prolonged starvation (fasting) your body will turn acetyl Coa into substrates known as "ketone bodies" which can pass through the BBB and provide energy to the brain, as well as the rest of the body.

Protein catabolism always occurs, but once you are starving and your body fat is becoming more depleted, our bodies will start to catabolize even more proteins and that's why people will lose their muscle mass as well. 

I personally don't believe in long periods of prolonged fasting for this (among other) reason(s), but to each their own.

Awesome, this definitely makes more sense to me now, thank you all for clearing this up for mee (:



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