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So I'm working on changing my neuro associations to cooked food. Wondering if anyone has any ideas for this, like what do you do if you crave cooked food?

My first, and so far only plan is to look at pictures of cooked starches (which is my weak link) every time I have bad mellon belly, therefore associating them to intense pain, and then think of sweet, lovely, beautiful fruit as soon as the mellon belly goes away, thanking the fruit for relieving me from pain.

Any other ideas? Most specificallly looking for ideas to break the cravings in the moment. What do you do? :)

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Or the question may more specifically be: How do you interrupt the pattern of a cooked food craving?

I often use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which is essentially a form of meridian tapping, to deal with cravings in the moment. It's easy to use and there is tons of material about it on the internet.

Cool, thanks for the tip, I'll check it out!



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