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I've tried and have been extremely sick. I hope the best for everyone! If it works for you, then perfect! I wish I could eat like this, but I'm switching to some more avocados/nut/coconuts and salads. I really have no clue what the best diet is for me. After reading fork over knives I went low fat. I haven't been able to walk, I've had lists of symptoms of low blood pressure/low pulse when laying down and high blood pressure/high pulse when standing and too many symptoms to name that has been dabilitating. Does anyone know any good alternatives other than meat for high protein and high aminos???

If anyone has suggestions.... I'm willing to hear. I'm not hating 811 at all, I just haven't been well and I'm looking for the best optimal health for me. I haven't been able to walk, so I'm cutting the carbs. Once I'm able to run and excercise I'll add in a lot more fruit and carbs :)

Thanks guys!

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If you're set on high protein then... lentils, beans, quinoa, mushrooms and greens. You can get more protein than even body builders aim for by eating such foods. I'm not sure why you think your issues are linked with carbs, maybe you're just ill? Not everything is linked to diet.

Maybe not linked w/only carbs. Maybe just a balance. Yea, I am ill, it's been a couple years w/chronic illness. I here you about not everything is linked, it's just that the doctors haven't been able to figure me out, so I've tried to approach with what I eat.

Try cutting nuts completely out, they should exacerbate pancreatic problems and anxiety. Let me know if you feel better <3


Sorry to read you are not feeling well.

Have you been to a doctor recently?  Have you been tested for low vitamin b12 and or low vitamin D levels?  If you do get tested, get a fasting blood sugar test done, and check for blood insulin levels.  

If you want nutrient dense nutrition, then feasting on lettuce greens is the way to go.  A head of raw romaine has about 2 g of fat and 7.7 grams of protein.  If only more body builders knew about it.  


Benefits of eating lettuce greens include

  1. Higher Mineral Content of Greens Compared to Some Fruits
  2. Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1:1 
  3. Chlorophyll and Magnesium
  4. Cobalt and Vitamin b12 Precurser
  5. Green Consumption in Primates
  6. Prevention and Healing with Diet 
  7. Oral Health
  8. Edible Greens: Leafy Lettuces

Read more here:  Benefits of Lettuce Greens

Now I also encourage you to give the raw fruit and leafy lettuce green another go.  Ensure you are eating at least 3000 calories a day, drinking 3-4 quarts of water a day, resting 9 or more hours, getting 30 minutes of sunshine on bare skin, and at least walk 30 minutes a day.  

For more tips and tricks, read:  Banana Wagon Tour

Avoid cheating  and try to give this another 30 day challenge.


My guesswork here is that you may have some kind of insulin and or hypoglycemia imbalance.  

So, during your 30 day challenge, avoid foods like wheat, tubers, beans, and other starchy foods.  These complex carbs trigger an insulin release when eaten, are converted to glucose in the body and trigger high insulin levels.  Even if you are not diabetic and or have blood sugar problems, high insulin levels can sometimes over correct high glucose and cause hypoglycemia, that is low blood sugar, and symptoms such as 

  • hunger
  • shakiness
  • nervousness
  • sweating
  • dizziness or light-headedness
  • sleepiness
  • confusion
  • difficulty speaking
  • anxiety
  • weakness  (Ref)

Other causes of hypoglycemia are excessive alcohol consumption and or damage to the liver from alcohol consumption, endocrine or gland problems, and medications. 


Eating fruits on the other hand do not trigger an initial insulin rush.  Fruits have simple sugars like fructose.  The body can use fructose in multiple ways and not only for energy.  Fructose can be broken down into other metabolites as need in the liver too.  

Eating a vegetarian and fruitarian diet can help control these issues.:


Good luck and Peace, PK


Cool thanks. I'll read up on those links. My doc wants to put me on 40/30/30 and not much fruit :(....
He wants to put me on meat, but I said I'll try to adapt to a more protein/fat diet. He mentioned this and I laughed because I've been trying to go 811 or 90/5/5 where that's almost the complete opposite! That's why I want to go back to a balance.

Pardon my ignorance, but what else are tubers besides potatoes?



No problem with the asking.  I often say "tubers like potatoes" because that is the most recognized and popular tuber.  But in some cultures and tribes other lesser known tubers are eaten. 

Potatoes are the most famous tubers and may be the most commonly eaten tubers in the world.  There are some other edible tubers too that might be eaten in Asian countries like China and India.  These might include the Chinese water chestnut and cassasva aka tapioca also eaten in South America.  



Peace, PK

During part of the time that I was going cooked vegan, and I was doing very well during the time; I ate many various kinds of starchy root vegetables, none of which were potato, all of which were local. I ate them with virgin olive oil, fresh sesame seeds, fresh flax seeds, seaweed, fresh garlic and sometimes onion and no salt. The tubers are great plain or made into simple vegan stews/soups. I don't think those could be eaten raw. Celery root, parsnip, beetroot, carrot can of course. Cooked pumpkin, cooked very green bananas and fresh fragrant herbs for after cooking are nice. Potatoes are in the nightshade family and some people get symptoms from them. I've met centarians who said roots that take long to grow like yuca etc promote long life.
Any seed milling, preparing herbs etc I did right before eating a meal like that.
*doing (not going)
also other seeds sometimes, like caraway. I didn't try hemp seeds then. I probably wouldn't if I were back then again. They're either processed these days when buying them or I'd need to deal with the fresh hemp plant..if you're feeling you need to stay away from fresh fruit or unable to get ripe, maybe for some reason, you can cook very green papaya and use like potato too. If you're having problems digesting beans due to weak pancreas, try sprouting them two whole days before cooking. I've seen that work like a charm.

When you say you tried 811 what exactly does this mean?  Dr. Doug considers 3 months of 100% lfrv/811 a fair trial.  During this time you have to follow all the lifestyle factors of enough sleep and rest, emotional poise, good hydration, daily vigorous physical activity, sunshine/vit. D.  All of this plus making sure your fruits are ripe and well combined and that you are eating enough calories.  If after this period of 100% you still have problems then I would do a consult with Dr. Doug.




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