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From 1st of August to ~12th of September I will stay at the Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning at Nansana, 6miles from Kampala City. I'll do an internship; teaching children, organizing games and sports activities  and offering emotional support.

1. Is there anybody on here who's from Kampala? That would be really cool! :D

2. Would you guys be interested in reading blog posts about my experiences in the preparation and the stay in Uganda; About what I eat, how I spend my day...?

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Yes, im interested in African countrys around the äquator, would like to get some infos about Uganda. just know, that there are many Jackfruits :)

Sound like many great opportunities!

For sure we'd like to hear about your adventures.  

Hey! Yeah I would love to hear what it's like down there.

I've heard that bananas in those regions taste like HONEY,they are so sweet and fruit is available everywhere.Often mangoes and papayas grow on trees lining the streets (the  streets are not often as smooth as in USA) and one can pick fruit just about anywhere.When buying at the market it's best to have some local company so as not to be charged 'tourist' prices.

Then you can go to the village headman and ask for a piece of land,usually given against for a small gift sum or other valuable goods,but VERY cheap in comparison to capitalistic countries prices,almost FREE.The locals can build a nice cool mudhouse with many rooms in about 2 weeks for you.This is what the guys from Cameroon,Ghana,Benin,Uganda,Burkina Faso etc tell me,when I ask them about conditions in those regions.

Then you can invite us to visit you and perhaps we all at 30 bad can move to hot places in Africa and eat honey sweet bananas of at least 20 different kinds.(And all ORGANIC).

Interesting! I will take a closer look at Africa in my plans to move to a tropical location.

xD I'm not intenting to move there and live in a mudhouse yet =) But I will be in a rural area and I checked the usual food prices online:

All the foods I love are like 1/10 the price! 

BTW I am glad that people are interested. I am spending so much time and money into the organisation of this internship: I want it to be not only enjoyable but also informative and useful.

My Flight will be on July 29th. My Partner will drive me to the airport and he's already in tears when thinking about that morning :( . We've never been apart for longer than...3 days? The only downside of this trip!

Kim I'm all ears to hear about your experiences in Uganda.I hope it'll be very informative and useful not only to you but to all of us.

Send lots of pictures,please.

Africa for the win! I was just in Kenia so far but totally inspired by Africa.

The only problems i see with African countrys is the visa, what do you think about this Meadow Flower?

When i was there some guys had truble to get a new visa after 6 month and they said they should leave the country. Is it less strict in the countrys you listed? For me as a european, Reunion is interesting, could live there without visa and go to Madagascar...and start something there.

Embassies here are just for issuing visas for locals.

But I gathered that there is this group of African countries called ECOWAS:Mali,Niger,Togo,Benin,Ivory Coast,Ghana and Burkina Faso.

All possible places for very cheap living with super fruitgroing,exept Mali,which is very dry as well as Burkina Faso also to certain extent.Both too near the Sahara desert,I guess.

As a 'tourist' on a visa one can visit all these countries as many times over their own borders as one wants.Thus one may regard them as one country,except one's passport gets stamped at all borders.

If one wants to travel outside the borders to other places in the world and go back and forth,one can obtain a visa with 'multiple entries',it only costs a little more,not much more.Then one may go anywhere else in the world and 'come back' to this group any time,while the visa is still valid.

Here the visas cost about from 20euros (for transit) to ab 170 euros (12 months 'multiple entries').There are altogether 3months,6months and 12 months visas available with differing prices.

To go as a tourist to scan the place before deciding,one only needs a valid passport.

While hopping the different countries,one can eat fruit cheap and (possibly) meet with people,who have been there longer and discuss possibilities.There are lots of people from all over the world engaging in different kinds of activities and jobs.

If from Europe one has to go to the nearest embassy in one's own country ( of any of these said countries) and personally discuss further 'permanent residence' options,if not going as a tourist.

I see that most of these countries have french as official language,but these days English is spoken everywhere so it should not be a problem.

Uganda is not incl in this list of countries and they do speak English.

Will find out if their requirements for foreign residence are any different to the ECOWAS countries.But I doubt.

I believe both Reunion and Madagasgar are WAYYYY more expensive than these Ecowas countries,but if one has unlimited funds it's no problem.


Ab the visa question.

To my knowledge it's possible to discuss 'permanent residence' options with your local embassy if one is really serious ab moving one's residence into another place,but I think it's also important to know lots about the country first so as not to be disappointed by one's choice.(Unless one is a refugee,lol,then no choice).As a permanent resident you will not lose your current passport and are still native of your 'own' country for as long as you don't want to change your nationality to another countrys.

Perhaps you could contact people on internet who actually are living in those countries and discuss things with them.

Also it helps if you have a 'profession'.The dept of trade and industry always wants qualified people in the country. Might even take a temporary 'job' for couple of months at first,so as to look 'respectful'.Afterwards you may just sleep in a hammock on your fruitpatch if you want.They wont come after you to check what you're doing with your time.



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