30 Bananas a Day!

I will drink more water I will drink more water I will drink more....

I'm slowly getting pretty good in all aspects of healthy living, like 100 % lfrv, getting enough calories in, getting enough sleep and sun and love and laughter :), but what I still don't get in line is my water intake.

It's as if I HATED to drink! I have caught myself eating orange after orange or other fruit because I was so THIRSTY... how stupid is that?

I can see and feel that my body needs more water, on some days it only drink the water that I make my smoothies with.

My best days are those when I drink about 2 liters. But I literally force it down, glass after glass.


A new habit is incorporated in about a month they say - so I decided to track my water consumption for 30 days from now on and post it here. You can throw unripe fruit at me when I'm below 2.5 liters.


Feel free to join in and put me to shame. ;)



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Drinking liter after liter of water is over rated and unnecessary. If your eating high water content foods, then the need for drinking water is really not there. The guide Dr Graham uses is whether to not your pee is frequent and clear. I will go days with no water drinking, but I drink 48oz of green smoothies a day that of course have water in them. This in addition to melons and other fruits.



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