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I was told to eat cooked food and...MEAT! What do you think about this?

I feel torn. I've been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist and he keeps insisting that I need to be eating cooked food because I have a lot of deficiencies. I believe in TCM and in Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Medicine) and they are both thousands and thousands of years old medical systems. They both say that eating raw food is very hard on digestion and should not be eaten exclusively. 

I love the idea of eating raw with fruit at the basis and low fat. Something about cracking open a watermelon and sitting out in the sunshine! It just feels so right. I havent really been able to stick with this lifestyle for longer than a couple of weeks so I dont know how it makes me feel in the long run. The first few days I feel amazing and then I start getting diarrhea and feeling light headed and out of balance. The Chinese Medicine specialist told me that it is because the my body is unable to extract the nutrients from the raw food. So this morning I couldnt figure out what to eat! I really wanted watermelon but the words of this alternative medicine doctor kept ringing in my ear. He was very adamant that I eat cooked food and even suggests strongly that I eat meat. What gives? I dont know who to listen to. 

What are your opinions on this? Is there anyone here that is also interested in alternative medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda that would like to comment? I just want to hear other opinions on these matters from people that have been doing the raw lifestyle for a while. One of the reasons why I feel I keep flip flopping between raw and cooked is because I really want to eat raw but then when I eat raw I wonder if I am harming myself by not listening to these thousand year old medical systems. 

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Just go by logic. There is so much conflicting information out there, and so many different beliefs and methodologies, that there is no way to judge which one is correct. The only basic means of determining the correct diet is logic. If you accept that we should eat according the the body's physiological design, then it is an obvious conclusion that we are frugivores.

Look at the design of the body, the acidity of the stomach acid, the chemical make up of the saliva, the length of the intestines, the tooth structure, the jaw structure, the shape of the fingers and hands, the facial structure, and all the rest, and compare it to animals that we know to thrive on certain diets. It is almost blatantly obvious, at least from my perspective, that we are meant to consume mainly fruits. But you should consider it for yourself, because that is the only way you will really feel satisfied with your choice. Taking other people's advice does not produce the same level of certainty and resolution.

Furthermore, I contend that if you cannot express an idea concisely, in terms that a child could understand, then you do not fully comprehend the idea yourself. Could you say that any of the mainstream nutritional information out there is expressible to a child? It is a spider web of studies about this nutrient and that, held together by a frail glue of nutritionists picking out one singular study and associating it with another. It is a clear sign, to me, that no one understands the whole picture. It is a bunch of people trying to make sense of sporadic findings that have no underlying logical basis because they are done with isolated compounds, always in relation to a typical SAD, which is a terrible reference for optimal bodily functioning.

That is so on point Nathan. Thank you for laying it out in such a clear way. If I think back, what has caused me to fail on this diet has really been the "nutrition Information" that I'm being bombarded with constantly. yet, I keep coming back to fruit. It makes most sense to me and makes me feel my best. I need to learn to stop listening to that which others say. Not a single time when I have had this acupuncturist tell me that I need to eat have I ever been able to feel like that is the right thing to do. I just really cannot bring myself to do it. Anyway, I am going to stick to my guns from now on! its my choice!

Listen to your body. Everyone has a different life path. Try saying yes to yourself as frequently as possible. Eat what your body tells you to eat (unless : of course : you're craving caffeines and sugary things and then maybe you could try asking yourself what is your body REALLY craving) , do the activities your body calls you to do and really... respect yourself. Respect your food. Respect this beautiful life that we're living and you will be perfectly fine.

The only thing I will say is that I don't believe people need to eat meat. I think that you can balance your energies and adhere to the ideologies of this medical systems (Ayurveda) without consuming animal products. Especially once you begin delving into the spiritual aspects of food- thinking about your karmic footprint is always enough to stop me from consuming animal products.



This really almost brings tears to my eyes. Its quite amazing that so many people still believe that we need meat to be well. How could that possibly be so? It damages the environment, it damages our bodies, most importantly it supports the killing of innocent animals. I just dont understand why everyone in my life keeps telling me that I need to to eat meat! 

I think nowaydays ayurveda and chinese medicine are a bit biased, because I have red too that real traditions (taoist or yoguis) says that we must eat all raw (more chi, satvic diet=fruits and greens) and no meat because it rots inside.

good point!

What are your deficiencies ?

They are correct from 1 aspect - raw food is not as easily digested as cooked food.   That is the main reason you can eat more of it and still lose weight.   The enzymes in raw food are almost entirely designed to aid the plant... not digest it (papaya and pineapple can aid human digestion a bit - not sure if there are others).

You definately need to ensure you chew your food thoroughly (to a pulp - always a great idea - raw or cooked).

Many of us need to eat a LOT of vegetables to feel well.    I am one of these people.... without 'em... I do not feel good at all.

+1000000 now with sun it seems I can go with less, never with none, for periods, but greens are very very important in this diet.

RawDad, blood deficiency, dampness in the spleen, chi stagnation (ironic how he says that I shouldnt eat raw food when I have chi stagnation when really raw food has most chi!)

I always make sure to chew thoroughly. Maybe I do need to up my vegs a bit though

For chi stagnation I would think meditating and imagining your energy moving through EVERY part of your body, other ENENGY AWARENESS exercises and EXERCISE especially water sports could help correct that.

Ayurvedic diets are high in oil,and when you drench your raw veggies in oil your body won't produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest raw veggies "not fruits".They believe oils are medicine. it's stupid!

lots of fat and raw diets too high in hard veggies(not enough fruit) are the worst!

Oh man, I didnt even think about that but youre so right! They say that you need to drink milk mixed with clarified butter. Whaaat?!?!!?



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