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I was told to eat cooked food and...MEAT! What do you think about this?

I feel torn. I've been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist and he keeps insisting that I need to be eating cooked food because I have a lot of deficiencies. I believe in TCM and in Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Medicine) and they are both thousands and thousands of years old medical systems. They both say that eating raw food is very hard on digestion and should not be eaten exclusively. 

I love the idea of eating raw with fruit at the basis and low fat. Something about cracking open a watermelon and sitting out in the sunshine! It just feels so right. I havent really been able to stick with this lifestyle for longer than a couple of weeks so I dont know how it makes me feel in the long run. The first few days I feel amazing and then I start getting diarrhea and feeling light headed and out of balance. The Chinese Medicine specialist told me that it is because the my body is unable to extract the nutrients from the raw food. So this morning I couldnt figure out what to eat! I really wanted watermelon but the words of this alternative medicine doctor kept ringing in my ear. He was very adamant that I eat cooked food and even suggests strongly that I eat meat. What gives? I dont know who to listen to. 

What are your opinions on this? Is there anyone here that is also interested in alternative medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda that would like to comment? I just want to hear other opinions on these matters from people that have been doing the raw lifestyle for a while. One of the reasons why I feel I keep flip flopping between raw and cooked is because I really want to eat raw but then when I eat raw I wonder if I am harming myself by not listening to these thousand year old medical systems. 

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I have read all of them and they are incredibly inspiring. I have definitely not given 811rv enough time in order to be able to see the real benefits. I just cant seem to stop flip flopping! There are too many people around me that think that they are right about their diet information and keep telling me that I need to stop "obsessing". Non of the TCM and Ayurveda principles I talked about make sense to me. It doesnt make sense to me to eat meat at all and I dont think my body needs it. I am just at a loss right now and cant seem to stick with anything because I just dont know what is right for me. When I eat fruit I just want to eat all day. Not that I'm hungry, but I just want to eat. I really am starting to believe that cooked food is addictive because when I stop eating it its not even that I want it but I just feel like something is missing. I know its not that I'm missing a nutrient. It doesnt make sense to me when people say that cooking food gives you most nutrients. Doesnt make any sense to me either! Thanks again for your encouragement. Please bare with me on this! I know I have been posting a lot on here about this but its because I really believe in this lifestyle and in my heart know that this is right. When I hear conflicting info it makes me think that I am doing something wrong and that I will harm myself or something. Anyway, you all help me so much and I know I will do this! :)

You're welcome.  I'm new to fruit too, so it's very helpful to read about what you're going through.  I don't feel I need to stop being vegan either, and same here with cooked food not making sense logically.  Recently, I have not had much appetite, but I believe it is related with personal, emotional issues.  If you do want to eat all day, .. I'm very curious, perhaps you should?  "The Fruitarian" said in one of his videos to not worry about calories, and just eat fruit all day long.  The times I have done that, I have not craved anything but fruit once.  Perhaps you feel something is missing because you're not eating enough?   What is your experience?

Thank you Jon!!  This feels good to hear.  I'm trying to calm myself today and breathe,  pretty hard to do in stagnant, hot Iowa.


The eating through the no appetite times makes sense. It's like when in highschool I would decide, "I'm not going to eat breakfast; it doesn't feel like I have to; I'm not that hungry" and my day would implode with cravings and emotions.  Better to never skip fruit, ever! :)  I love how it's so simple!


I better start buying dates in bulk and start liking bananas so i get enough cals!  Cheaper than my imported fruits in my Iowa co-op!


Love this! +1

Many will 'listen' to their cravings/appetites, etc., and will end up undereating on the 'no appetite' days - the result is that the next day we're starting off 'behind the eight ball'. Several days of this inevitable leads to binge patterns.

This is an interesting point. Although I don't really know if I agree with your underlying concept, I think that the the typical emotions that cause us not to eat are unnatural emotions. They are fears and anxieties borne of a world that is far more stressful, chaotic, and left-brained than the one we evolved in. Thus, having the consciousness to realize that these emotions are artificial (as in, they are produced by artificial circumstances that do not represent the circumstances that have historically generated these emotions), is important. 

MaRaw DoberVegan, I dont think that its because I'm not eating enough. I feel that I want to eat all the time because I'm so used to suppressing certain emotions through food. Fruit doesnt do it. It makes things come up to the surface. There is no hiding. Thats why I love it so much. I know what its like to be satisfied from food. I feel very satisfied when I eat my meals but I still just feel like I want to eat. Like I'm frantic or something. You know what I mean?

This is a very good point. I experienced this also when I was first transitioning. I think it is a normal habit for SAD eaters to quell emotions through food, because eating heavy foods detracts from your nerve energy. But with fruit, the digestion requires so little energy that almost all of your nerve energy remains available. 

This has actually been an amazing benefit to me , because I have started to learn to harness the "extra" nerve energy that I never had before, and use it for productive goals. But it also means that all of your emotions will essentially remain at the surface because the nerve energy that gives life to them is not getting sucked away.

Nearly every single long-term HCRVer has passed through the very difficult stage you're now in. The fact that we made it through might be encouragement enough in itself. The conflicting information of the world is one of the primary challenges of our age. We live in an age where information is prevalent and we're the first few generations to learn to cope with that. It makes for some difficulties, but the potential for growth as a human being is immense because of all this! :)


This is so great to hear! I sometimes think that there is something that I'm doing wrong thats causing me to flip flop like this. Its nice to hear that those who have been doing this a while also experienced. How long do you think it takes for that initial challenge phase to pass?

Wow Jon, that is an amazing metaphor! I guess it really isnt a stage at all. Its more dipping my toes into the water but not fully going in. Thanks for the support :) 

I think youre right DJ Sarver, I feel like there is definitely something that is preventing me from fully diving in. I think a big part of that is fear of what other people around me might say or thing or maybe even just fear of missing out on life which I am realizing more and more is kind of ridiculous. Why do we think that in order to fully live we need to eat cooked food? I hate the way it makes me feel and I dont even think it tastes that good. I dont want to live a life that centers around food. I love your approach though saying that I can have the cooked food but Id rather have the fruit. Its been working for me lately :)

Ayurveda is so outdated and debunked by actual science. so easy to dismiss.

wrong and right thinking fails in that it doesn't address the needs we all share as life. 
this may go deeper into the issue : http://www.scribd.com/doc/72099926/Restorative-Justice-Rosenberg-Be...

Thank you Sunshine!  I keep being reminded from different places about nonviolent communication.  Maybe it's a sign I need to look into it! :)



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