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I was told to eat cooked food and...MEAT! What do you think about this?

I feel torn. I've been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist and he keeps insisting that I need to be eating cooked food because I have a lot of deficiencies. I believe in TCM and in Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Medicine) and they are both thousands and thousands of years old medical systems. They both say that eating raw food is very hard on digestion and should not be eaten exclusively. 

I love the idea of eating raw with fruit at the basis and low fat. Something about cracking open a watermelon and sitting out in the sunshine! It just feels so right. I havent really been able to stick with this lifestyle for longer than a couple of weeks so I dont know how it makes me feel in the long run. The first few days I feel amazing and then I start getting diarrhea and feeling light headed and out of balance. The Chinese Medicine specialist told me that it is because the my body is unable to extract the nutrients from the raw food. So this morning I couldnt figure out what to eat! I really wanted watermelon but the words of this alternative medicine doctor kept ringing in my ear. He was very adamant that I eat cooked food and even suggests strongly that I eat meat. What gives? I dont know who to listen to. 

What are your opinions on this? Is there anyone here that is also interested in alternative medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda that would like to comment? I just want to hear other opinions on these matters from people that have been doing the raw lifestyle for a while. One of the reasons why I feel I keep flip flopping between raw and cooked is because I really want to eat raw but then when I eat raw I wonder if I am harming myself by not listening to these thousand year old medical systems. 

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Eat what you want to eat (HCRV) and utilize sun, clays, fresh air, sleep, yogas etc.  I was told several times by TCM doctors, nutrition centers etc to eat meat eggs and salt after much testing.  Their ways may have brought health to some people for a long time, but there are better ways.

Why do so many TCM doctors always say to eat meat, eggs and salt? I've been told by a couple of TCM doctors that I need to do that. It totally contradicts what I've read about TCM. In the books on TCM they always stress that a vegan diet is best (though they do think that grains are needed) and that meat should only be eaten by those who are severely malnourished and imbalanced (though I think that even that is unnecessary)

Get this, the first nutrition center not only said I should eat meat, but they specified which kind. VEAL! Any veal lol. And the salt they specifically recommended by name? Table salt! lol This center was expensive, well credentialed etc supposedly was doing great work. Closed now haha pffft lol Follow your heart. I'm sure you'll get much better results. Connect to heart.

TCM docs wanted me eating EVERYTHING cooked too. They couldn't understand why I was improving as what they called ":dampness" and "cold" went up and eating all raw vegan.

Their rice kick? At best. Sure rice is better than SAD diet, but it's only a step, one we can do without.

Wow! It blows my mind! I cant believe there are people who still cant seem to let go of the old food paradigm. Whenever I feel myself connecting to my heart I immediately want to go high carb low fat raw vegan. Nothing else seems to make sense! Its when my mind gets involved that I start to question it. So you got rid of dampness through raw vegan diet? That is so encouraging! :) Its funny, when I started this lifestyle a couple of months ago, after about 3 or 4 days I felt so amazing. My boyfriend and I went to see our Acupuncturist in town and without even telling him how I felt he checked my pulses and tongue and was like "wow! what a huge change! this has got to be dietary. what have you been doing?" I told him fruit and he was pretty surprised. He said that eventually it will cause dampness because I was eating too many bananas. haha!

like i said turn around and run

Great point Jon, I think as a society we are taught to listen to the "knowledge" part and not the "knowing" deep within our hearts. Even my parents, who mean well of course, constantly tell me "why dont you just listen to what people are telling you?! Why do you keep experimenting with these weird diets? Just eat like a normal person." but I know better. I feel so much better when I eat fruit its unbelievable. I just went for the most magnificent run. I never run! I only run when I am eating a fruit based vegan diet. I walk, run, play in the sun when I eat a fruit based diet. Otherwise I just sit at home all day not sure what to do. To me, from what I know about "dampness", that is what it is. Its sitting around all day not really feeling motivated to do anything... 

IMHO, LIGHTHEADEDENESS is a sign of Detoxification. If you want to get truely healthy, you have to go through it all. But you can decide to do it more slowly, if you decide to transition more slowly with a low fat cooked vegan died for dinner (and maybe lunch). Why don't you stick to the 80/10/10 low fat cooked vegan diet for a while and then move to the 80/10/10 or 90/5/5 rv diet.

Ayurveda or TCM make the people perhaps feel 10% better than how they feel on average. They don't go all the way, they don't make you feel 100% better.

by the way, as far as I am concerned, in china the people traditionally consumed a lot of veggies and they didn#t consume a lot of dairy products like milk, cheese and so on (which is a very harmful group of "food" if you can call it so). Maybe one of the reasons why the traditionally living chinese were more healthy than the average western person. In the villages in China where the people are eating a traditional diet the people are still mostly very slim, unlike in western Europe or the US (or unlike in the huge modern chinese cities where the people adapted a western lifestyle and got equally sick).



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