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I was told to eat cooked food and...MEAT! What do you think about this?

I feel torn. I've been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist and he keeps insisting that I need to be eating cooked food because I have a lot of deficiencies. I believe in TCM and in Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Medicine) and they are both thousands and thousands of years old medical systems. They both say that eating raw food is very hard on digestion and should not be eaten exclusively. 

I love the idea of eating raw with fruit at the basis and low fat. Something about cracking open a watermelon and sitting out in the sunshine! It just feels so right. I havent really been able to stick with this lifestyle for longer than a couple of weeks so I dont know how it makes me feel in the long run. The first few days I feel amazing and then I start getting diarrhea and feeling light headed and out of balance. The Chinese Medicine specialist told me that it is because the my body is unable to extract the nutrients from the raw food. So this morning I couldnt figure out what to eat! I really wanted watermelon but the words of this alternative medicine doctor kept ringing in my ear. He was very adamant that I eat cooked food and even suggests strongly that I eat meat. What gives? I dont know who to listen to. 

What are your opinions on this? Is there anyone here that is also interested in alternative medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda that would like to comment? I just want to hear other opinions on these matters from people that have been doing the raw lifestyle for a while. One of the reasons why I feel I keep flip flopping between raw and cooked is because I really want to eat raw but then when I eat raw I wonder if I am harming myself by not listening to these thousand year old medical systems. 

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Thanks for the advice. Its very reassuring. I know I dont have to do all or nothing. I just really want to succeed on this lifestyle!

This is very encouraging Prana, thank you so much! I have committed myself to doing this as high carb low fat raw vegan as possible but if i cant get to fruit then I'll have cooked veggies, rice or potatoes. That really makes sense to me. :)

i see Ayruveda as a way of living healthyish on a cooked food diet, Me and my dad were sort of getting into this before I found fruity living.

   When people say raw food isn't adsorbed or digested properly it's because they usually mean things like roots, cabage, grains which aren't digested easy. Fruit is the easiest digested food for people! Think of first solids for a baby. Fruit is number one source of food! Cooked starch however can sustain us when we can't get enough fruit, but not as healthily, that is probably why in Ayruveda and TCM they have all the medicines to later heal you when you get ill, while on fruit you don't need medicinal herbs. Also cooked foods are mega addictive so it's a slippery slope if you dabble in them.  Fruit and some soft veg have soluble fibre which is soft on the system and clean us gently, grains can irritate our system.

      Best Wishes, enjoy fruit Xx

Thats actually a really good point. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine recommend a lot of grains which is purely carbohydrates. Fruit definitely feels much easier on my system then the gourmet raw. Thanks for the great response. This is very helpful. Why do you say that all cooked food is addictive? I understand if its got lots of spices and oils and stuff but what if it were just plain cooked rice?

this may be  a naive question Peter, but can you heal those receptors? Will the receptors get restrengthened as detox happens?? I want that joy back......

lol steph i didnt see you asked the same question:P he scared me 2!!!

The receptors will return to their normal sensitivity if you do not keep overstimulating them. So yes, they will "heal" as you detox because they are no longer being overloaded.

The receptors die off as a response to excess stimulation. It's the body's way of normalizing things.. less receptors + more stimulation = same result. If you reduce the stimulation, more receptors will grow.

phewwww 10x Nathan

peter did you learn if they receptors can ever repair, and return to normal? i hope so... because i think mine are all dead with all the abuse i have given them

Hey Peter

The dopamine response to cooked potatoes in the absence of salt or other taste-bud stimulating condiments is pretty low, as it is for all natural, unprocessed foods. Sweet potatoes are not addictive. Starch isn't addictive. Gluten might be addictive for some people. But there is no gluten in sweet potatoes.

I think that some people think that starch is addictive, because they associated it with other things (eg. salt, spices, oil). Or because their amino acid intake is insufficient, either because they haven't adapted to a lower intake of protein yet, or because teir intake is actually insufficient. Starches have a higher amino acid content, which makes it easier to feel satiated than with fruit. But that is to do with protein leverage rather than addiction. Sort out the amino acid content of the fruit based diet and suddenly the cravings disappear.

I agree with what you are saying in some respects, regarding many foods. But plain, unprocessed, gluten free starch is not addictive or highly stimulating to the nervous system. If someone can get their diet to the point where they eat unprcessed gluten free starch and never ever ever eat spices, oil, salt and other tastebud stimulants, then giving them up in favour of fruit is a piece of cake if the fruit based diet is nutritionally adequate. Because fruits taste better than starch. The trouble is, when you see someone eating cooked foods after being raw for a few weeks, they don't usually go back to plain starch. They go back to starch with salt, oil, sugar, gluten, spices, flavour enhancers and other foods. When they do go back to plain starch, if they really have come from a clean diet, it is almost always related to total calorie intake, or protein intake, and almost always is corrected when the calorie and/or amino acid composition improves. That isn't about addiction, it is about self-preservation.

Take care

Adam x

i got all my cavities on this diet when my mom left me with a non raw ex-nun doing it. 

stay as war away from this advise as possible and don't waste your $  i say.

The first few days I feel amazing and then I start getting diarrhea and feeling light headed and out of balance. 


Did this happened how many times?

Problably is detox



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