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I want to be 100% 811 ASAP, but have a few factors/concerns (WARNING long post...)

I want to be 100% raw and I can do without cooked vegetables (the only cooked food I still eat, though no more than 1x day/5 days a week/ 2 days a week I eat completely raw). I eat only whole foods - fruits and vegetables -, no oils, no sugar or any form of sweetener, no salt, no grains, no nuts, no spices/flavourings. I never cheat because I find such ingredients disgusting from having withdrawn from them for so long. I already tend to eat mostly mono-meals too.

I feel so ashamed expressing some of what I post now, but I am scared because of these following factors:

- Even though I try to avoid counting calories because it can be dangerous for people like me (even if I'm clean since about 9 years), it scares me that they speak of how many calories we should (minimally) be eating. Because I'm afraid of the fact that I currently am not yet in the minimum requirement. Though I believe I do know how to change that with more fruit intake.

-When people begin to live 811 correctly, I understand weight gain is temporary and can last from 6 months to 2 years (I have at least read that from DR I think).

     -> A major part of me wants to at least wait until I am finished with my apprenticeship (2013) and find work as well as having my own or a shared flat. Because first of all, I don't want to have to deal with people making comments - either directly to me or behind my back - about my weight, if my weight gain is noticeable or doesn't look like muscle. Second of all, I really need to plan beforehand and calculate how much my planned foods (when I finally live completely 811) fruits and leafy greens (no more cooked vegetables...) will cost me and if that's financially possible for me. Then again Freelee and Jolita's videos, when I do my best to focus on them, remind the reasonable part of me that weight is not a problem. Though I don't think I'm as phobic about it as I was during my ED-days, it is something that I think and am unsure about.

* Though I have made many changes in my life for the better and I want to make the change to 100%, but I want to make sure I know all the necessities, so that I do it right.

     -> Money doesn't grow on trees, including for clothes (in case my clothes temporarily or permanently won't fit me anymore). I am also in a very complicated situation in where I'm not allowed to spend more than 7€/day on food.*

* I can talk about it per PM, if I feel that I can trust you...

   -> I at least know I will be doing the right thing when I make the full leap to 811, but I am afraid of a so-called "caloric-debt" (as DR mentioned) because of my past abuse to my body from my eating disorders (binge eating disorder until I was 14 and after that anorexia until I was 16) and/or because of my needed fruit-increase and/or my cooked vegetable consumption (even when I add nothing to them).

- I would be grateful of any help from people here. The best people would be people who have suffered from eating disorders, especially if they are healed now and are doing well on 811. Even if you are currently still transitioning, I would definitely include you. I also want to make the change without having to focus on/count calories. My math is terrible anyway - I can do basics like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (and always need a calculator so I can see what I'm doing), but procentages, algebra, etc. I don't understand.

In Germany, it's been great when I've gone to doctors (even though seldomly) and they have respected my wish never to be weighed and have never forced that on me.

From the videos I have seen so far, I feel most inspired by Jolita and Freelee. Freelee inspires me through her victory as a "warrior" who successfully ended the battle of EDs and is living a wonderful happy and healthy life. For me, it is helpful/necessary for one to give me advice when they have had the same/similar past experiences as me. Jolita inspires me as well not only for her vibrant healthy life, but also from her video where she mentions she doesn't want to have to count calories (because that's exactly what I want too!). Though I'm not sure if you've had similar past experiences as me, Jolita. Nevertheless, I am inspired by you both, as well as DR, and many more of you wonderful people on 30BaD.

I am grateful for any help and/or exchanges of personal experiences. :)

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Hello Athena,

I would not wait, do it now, the best you can, bananas are not that expensive, is there a place you could go shop wholesale? whole big box of bananas would cost you 20 dol, that enough for a week, than youd buy some other fruit and greens. what is your current weight? do not worry what others say, youll not get that heavy anyways nothing like cooked food, you might not gain actually but loose, just make sure to do enough of greens too, and salads for dinner, not eating at night. are you exercising?

Hi Jolita,

yes, I do want to do it as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have problems with bananas and most citrus-fruits. My currency is in Euros (not dollars). But I love all other fruits.

I don't weigh myself and it's better that way, I've never done it since I recovered from anorexia (9 years ago). I would NEVER exclude greens, because they're wonderful. :) They're also unfortunately not always cheap.

Don't worry, I never eat at night. I eat my last snack at either 3 or 4 PM. I can't eat later because then I don't feel well. I eat most in the morning, which I still want to do when I go 811, I just need to kick the cooked vegetables and up my fruit-intake.

^^It almost sounds too good to be true about eating so many fruits. I love it, but at the same time I'm nervous because of costs and just the fact that it's a change. But I've made changes before and I knew sooner or later that they were right and I KNOW this change will be right. :)

If you want, I can PM you what and when I typically eat because I would take your judgement to consideration, as I very much admire you, Jolita. :)

I am excercising almost every day through lying on my back for an hour and moving my leg muscles as if I'm cycling for 1 hour. That sounds silly perhaps. But I jog sometimes instead (for an hour) when the weather is nice, but I haven't done that since last year, but I hope to soon because the weather is mostly warmer here now.

If you want, I can PM you what and when I typically eat because I would take your judgement to consideration, as I very much admire you, Jolita. :)

I am coming from calorie restriction and over consumption on different periods in my life, I at pretty healthy all the time, but still struggled with my weight, too thin or too big.. yo yo dieting so called.

Though I am happy that you take such good care of yourself now Jolita. :) You're a rolemodel for me. :)

Hi Athena. I can share a little advice.

Since you are in Germany I can't really say what produce and prices you should be able to find... but here in the U.S the cheapest fruits are what's in season and bananas all year round. Right now I eat apples, bananas, dates (I buy them online in the US), watermelon here and there, and romaine lettuce.

My best advice I could give is to do some research and find some local produce stands (if you have any in your area), wholesale stores, or even some mainstream stores as they can have some occasional good deals, but sometimes they do not sell bulk and almost always never give a discount for bulk.

Once you have found a few stores start looking around at what's cheapest and compare between organic and conventional and see what fits your budget and taste buds. After that start to put together just about how much fruit you need to eat in a week. Freelee recommends at least 2500 for ladies and of course you most likely won't be able to eat that much fruit day one transitioning. It took me a week to stretch my stomach enough to start to eat a good volume of fruit on a regular basis. 

Okay. So you've found a few places to shop and you have a few types of fruit picked out. The next step is to call these stores and talk to the produce managers to order these fruit in bulk or "by the case" at least a few days in advance from when you need them. Cases in the U.S. are 40lbs. I'm not sure how big they are in Germany.


Once you got all your cases of fruit that will meet your calorie needs for the week you will need to start thinking about ripening some fruit if you have just bought some fruit that need to be ripened. For example, when you buy bananas they are always green or yellow. You will need to ripen them for 3-5 days before eating. Take this into consideration when buying fruit and getting an idea of what you will be eating during the week.

When you have enough ripe tasty fruit and greens all that's left to do is eat it! That's the fun part =)

Lastly, always be on the lookout for great deals and bargains on fruit and veggies, organic and conventional. Also about the weight gain. I haven't been into this lifestyle for that long, but from my experience of first losing weight, then slightly gaining weight (most likely muscle though :). You're body seems to know your ideal weight and will try to reach that with proper diet, exercise, and adequate calorie intake. I don't ever look at a scale and don't count calories as much now. Although I'm a guy so maybe that has something to do with it. 

It is good to plan things out as you sound like you want to really do this. If you truly want this now then take my advice on getting started, but know that you can transition into this as comfortably as you want and simply start by incorporating more raw fruit into your diet gradually until that's all you consume.

Much luck to you Athena, I know you'll do great.

Wow Brian, thank you so much! :)

Coincidentally I've begun my research on wholesalers near me. I will also ask the normal supermarkets near me, which I walk to and regularly shop by.

About the scales and calories, like I said, I already avoid them. I stopped weighing myself since I recovered from anorexia - and I'm proud to not do it anymore. :)

Back to topic, yes, you are absolutely right that I really want to do this. I also thought it would make sense to transition gradually and I use that time in between to inform myself more and more, including making as many contacts to producers, shops, etc. as possible.

Thank you so much for your post, advice and positive reinforcement. :)

No problem. This forum is all about support and coincidentally most people here are pretty supportive =)

UPDATE: Starting tomorrow, I'm going to live 811-RV. I'm not afraid anymore. I look forward to this blissful lifestyle and thank all of you for your support.

PS: I also made a post just today about my firm decision to live 811-RV from now on. :)



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