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I have a lot of questions about skin health and acne treatment.  I would like as many opinions as possible.  Please do not feel the need to keep it brief.  Please do not feel the need to limit yourself to the questions below.  They are just for inspiration.  

My situation: I am seventeen and have been following this lifestyle for over a year now.  I practice good food combining and drink lots of water, but I still have a lot of acne all over my face.  Needless to say, I would like to get rid of said acne.  

1. Does raw vs cooked make a difference in skin complexion?  even when I was completely raw, my skin did not clear up.  Do you believe that 100% raw is the only way to have a better complexion, or will eating cooked food(that is clean, natural, and hclf of course) on a hydrated system be enough to clear my acne?

2.  can intolerances, like to night shades, cause acne?

3. Are there any other vegan foods that cause acne that I'm forgetting about?

4.  Is going completely overt fat-free good for my skin or healthy at all?

5.  Will drinking purified water/ buying a brita filter clear up my skin?

6.  what products should I use, if any, to clear my skin up?

7. Can stress cause acne? (During the school year, I have a large amount of stress at certain points)

8.  To people who have gotten clear skin on this lifestyle: what has been helpful to you to do this? (ADD AS MANY DETAILS AS YOU WANT)

thanks in advance for your advice

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yes (herbs spieces)





do nothing.  eat fresh avoid processed food.  acne is the skin healing itself don't give the cause , remove it and don't cover up or try to use therapy or products .   let your skin do its self healing and provide hydrating simple carb while food with fiber attached

1. Going 100% raw will not necessarily remove all acne. It most likely will improve complexion, though.
2. Some constituents of plants may stimulate excessive sebum-production.

3. Artificial additives may cause acne.

4. I personally wouldn't recommend removing all fat from your diet. Try having sunflower-seeds to boost vitamin E (in moderation).
5. I'm not sure about that one. If the water you drink has fluoride in it, it may cause inflammation, depending on how you react to it.
6. Witch hazel and jojoba oil are my favourites.
7. Yes, stress can cause a spike in hormone-activity, which can stimulate sebum-production.

8. To be honest, I haven't always been clear, but I discern it to be due to vitamin E and zinc deficiency from consuming basically none for over 12 months. If you want to get the vitamin E and zinc without having overt fats, try a vegan multivitamin. You can get a 90-supply for around $10.

Shalom :)

basically for me most of it went away when i went HCLF vegan, im mostly raw till for now and just have occasional tiny pimples, but when i am full raw its all gone, good luck xD

Coming to this lifestyle I did see some improvement in my skin, however, I still struggled with breakouts. Honestly the only thing that has worked for me are Mary Kay skin care products (they don't test on animals!) If you'd like more info on these products please feel free to message me! :)

I realize that this lifestyle usually promotes more natural solutions, but I know bad skin can be soo frustrating, so I figured I might as well share what has helped me! :)

100% diet related im almost 100% sure since i can turn mine on and off just by changing what i eat XD


Drinking purified water (3-4L daily) will help (distilled is the best in my opinion) with many things.

Water purifies, I wrote more about it here yesterday if interested :)  http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/healthy-happiness-start...

Fresh (organic) orange juice I have found very effective, applied during day or night left on for as long as you can/ sleep with it on. It will boost any skin.

+ Sunlight daily

All the best :)

much helpful info here by the OP Tarah and the many pages following:


8. I've been high carb vegan RawTillNoon since 4 months now. No specific tricks just keeping the food CLEAN. no processed industry foods (except sometimes cereals with soy/rice/oatmilk) . People compliment me on my skin. I have the feeling it got more greasy, but people say otherwise. 3 months in I experienced spots and some bad skin, went away though (*phew*)

I will directly go to nr 8.

I was into the lifestyle 7 months and had horrible bacne (acne on back) and a little bit on my forehead(But I haven't had much acne on my face for most of my life so that wasn't much of a problem). Didn't matter if I drank water, ate raw or cooked, slept more or less, I couldn't get rid of it. I had it so bad that I didn't like revealing my shoulders or let anyone massage my back :(

What came as a surprise was exercise. My intention at first was fitness, but still I heard at the time that sweating opens the pores and can make the acne go away. AND IT DID. Before I sat on my butt for the first 7 months being HCLF and 'barely broke a sweat. Within a month of starting a regular exercise routine and sweating daily I got rid of my bacne and the skin on my face cleared completely.

Now I have baby smooth skin on my back. I do notice some acne coming back if I skip exercising for too long. That is how I got rid of my acne :)

I havent dealt with acne myself, but I have friends who have 'bad skin' and frequently break out (even though they are vegans/mostly raw). In addition to what everyone has already said-I would advice to avoid make up/creams if you are using them. 

I have given the same advice to my friends, and some of them follow others don't. The ones who did, did see improvement. The skin is an organ itself, and it absorbs things we put on it. So eating very clean and then caking on chemicals might not result in much change. This is difficult thing to do, specially for women but if you can I would encourage you to ditch make up/creams etc and let your skin breath. 



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