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I was feeling SO fabulous eating 811.  I have NEVER felt better, mentally or physically, than I did the 3 or 4 weeks that I was eating 811.  THEN, I ate cooked so I could get Novacaine at the dentist and slipped right back into an eating disorder.  I thought I was far enough away from all of that garbage to ever think that way again.  I even made a pro-ana Facebook page. How stupid. I don't know what I was thinking and totally miss this lifestyle and healthy mindset and NEVER want to leave it again.  There is so much mental and physical freedom.  I cannot wait to get back into the swing of it!  Gah, cooked food really is garbage.  Bad for the physical, mental, and spiritual. 

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Oops, I meant to post this under Off Topic.
Why would you need to eat cooked food so you could get Novacaine at the dentist?
Great post, Meredith! DR posted something about 'purity' the other day. While he didn't discuss this matter precisely, I think it fits in the category. Holding onto the idea of and that one can ruin his or her '100% raw' status, I think, can be detrimental to the way we're looking at the diet and to our mental mindset overall.

I think there is something in the human mind that loves to make records: "I haven't smoked in two weeks", or "I've exercised every day for the past month." While this is good in that it can keep us motivated, it can be dangerous because it allows us to attach ourselves too strongly to the past, causing us to focus more on the "record" than why we're doing it in the first place. What happens when we "slip" and lose the momentum of the record? We lose our focus. We lose our "why" and create a vacuum for old habits.

The present is all we have, our choices only take place in the present. I think it would be wise for anyone to be neither too proud nor ashamed at how long or little they have kept up a new habit. It is an objective history of the past that has no influence on present choices unless we allows it to. Choose based on present ideals and the spectre of the past will be banished from your mind.

Keep with us, Amberly! You're already back.
you will hon! just know that you will. the journey will be long and painful but you will get there. all you can do is just keep getting better at supporting yourself through the hard times. give yourself a break. you did almost a month on 811! that is amazing. it sounds like you have a painful past, like a lot of us, including myself (depression). that pain is so many years deep. it will take so much patience from you to work through it. but just know that you are! you have began a beautiful journey. focus on the beauty, the more you do the more there will be! <3
Thank you so much, Novi. I was depressed in high school and at the beginning of college. Totally couldn't find a reason until I realized that most of my family is bipolar, lol. Raw food totally leveled out my mind, even though I wasn't raw 100% of the time.
Thank you all so much! I agree, Adrienne, the thought of purging raw food seems preposterous and I've never once done it. I feel so much better after just one day back to 811. I thought I had matured past all of that ED crap a long time ago, lol. The funny thing is, I haven't had a painful life. It's been really nice, but I was so thin as a kid and gained 30 pounds in college. All of a sudden I wasn't the thin girl anymore. I guess it had ingrained too much into my identity. I had a rough time of it, but it was all self-imposed. Bipolar does run in both sides of my family though, but I think finding raw food has helped me dodge it. I am so happy to have found this. I <3 FRUIT!!! It's going to be a fabulous journey!!
I am so happy you are here instead of there. This truly is a fabulous lifestyle. I wish more of the guys and girls could make their way over here. <3
Then set up a facebook page 'ex anorexers now healthy and fit flexers'.

Be the role model rather than the potato bag 'o' broomsticks model.
why do you have to eat cooked to get novocaine.

Once I went to the dentist to get capped, they drilled half my tooth down and covered that half tooth with metal.
I made them take it off and give me normal tooth.

Dont trust them
I am seriously afraid of medicine, and had to get a crown so I wanted to slow everything down as much as possible. Dense raw would have been a much saner idea. I do not trust them, but my teeth have been crumbling for years. They are trying to give me fluoride, but I will not use it. I used it when I was a kid and it obviously didn't work. I do not like physicians in general.

How did you get normal tooth? Like they added on normal tooth?
For someone that didn't stop eating raw to get novacaine & is still eating raw, but teeth were crumbling very badly, so just had several teeth extracted & sutures are in place, would wheatgrass help?

To add in also got a number of exrays and there has at no time been swelling or pus or odor.

As for dense food, I had moist whole sweet tamarind here, would it be good for me today in a case like this?
You didn't need to stop eating raw to get Novocaine,just eat denser raw foods and that would have been a buffer.Then afterwards lots of juicy fruits would have helped your body detox it all out again.
I am sure you are back on the raw fruity wagon again :)



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