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Seeing as it's almost been a year and I've held on to this. I figured I'd share it with you all.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram a href="mailto:kristina.bucaram@gmail.com" target="_blank">kristina.bucaram@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 11:01 PM
Subject: Draft to WFF
To: therawexperience@gmail.com

I think it's time I speak my voice, and I would love to get feedback from you. Please let me know:


I would like to share with you who I am.  My name is Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, and many know me as FullyRaw Kristina. I’m 26 years old. I am an artist, an entrepreneur, a singer, a family woman, a dancer, a Lebanese-Ecuadorean, a raw foodie, a co-operator, a health leader, a runner, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a friend, an almost-auntie, a college grad, an animal lover, a tree-hugger, and an unconditional lover of all human beings. I believe in the power of good nutrition, compassionate communication, community, honesty, positivity, integrity, and love. I believe living a raw food lifestyle, and I encourage and support everyone who truly wishes to achieve it! Because I believe in all of these things, I do my best to uphold these standards in my life and everything I do.

Many accusations have been made attacking my character. Some say I am a phony, some accuse me of legal pursuit, and some accuse me of not even being a vegan. I am here to answer your questions about these allegations against me. I take pride in who I am and what I have done. I will stand up for what I believe to be honorable and true.

I have been living and breathing a raw food lifestyle for almost 9 years, only consuming live fruits, vegetables, and occasionally nuts/seeds. I have dedicated every second of this time to helping spread the message of health creation. I have never given less than my 200%. I got into this movement because eating a raw diet changed my life. It helped me overcome my hyperglycemia, and I was so excited to share this with others.

I have LOVED being a part of our health creation community. Lately, I have been shocked and saddened by the amount of hate and slander coming from some in a community that claims to support compassion, respect, and non-violent communication.  Within the past 3 weeks, I have been publicly slandered, my website was hacked, and the first draft of my book was stolen and released to the public without my consent. People who have never met me are cursing to me in private messages and in public.  People have said to me they wish I would burn in hell for the board decision. To say that I remain unaffected by these series of events is hurtful. Instead of this unhealthy behavior being deemed uncalled for or unacceptable, it has been celebrated by some in the community, and others have perpetuated the disinformation in an effort to make the falsehoods appear true either as an effort to discredit me or remain loyal to their mentors. Too much energy has been wasted on a negative message, and I would like to see it brought back to a positive.

I have kept quiet up until this point as to let the seas settle.  I now feel it is important to share my voice.  After this I would like to move on and spread a message of health and positivity.

The following accusations have been made against me, and here is my response(s):

  • No legal action was ever made on my part towards anyone else, and no one was ever sued. The allegedly sued party and I are actually friends. A falsehood has been spread in order to bash my character and integrity.  This issue did not relate to the WFF and this was spread around by second hand information from people who had no business in the issue. I fully support anyone who wants to share their healthy recipes, and I will continue to do so. 
  • A rough draft of my book was stolen and spread around the internet without my knowledge or consent. This book was meant to be published this coming year, but now that it has been leaked to the public, this publisher will no longer release it. Over a year was spent putting this information together. The first edition draft did have local, raw honey from a beekeeper here in Houston, Texas. Since I run a non-profit food co-operative in Houston, I get to meet many farmers. This family asked me to visit their farm and wanted me to see their honey practices. While I wasn't sure about including or not in my book, I eventually decided not to include it since there would be many people who do not have access to honey obtained in this manner. I did try some local, raw honey about 1.5 years ago when I visited this farm, but not since then.  The last edition of my book did not have honey because I wanted it to be completely vegan. I never approved for any of these drafts to be released. I have never used honey in any of my other recipes or in any of my videos released to the public or in any of my social media posts. Many people were shocked when they saw this manuscript released, but no one ever asked, “Where did that book come from, and why haven’t I seen it before?” It’s because it was never released to the public.  I do consider myself to be a vegan. I do not consume animal products, and I do believe that we need to protect the animals and look after them. I have always, advocated a diet free of meat and dairy. I became a raw foodist not understanding ethical veganism because I started this lifestyle for my health. Since then, I have learned heaps, and it has changed my life. Did I eat honey in the past? Yes. Do I eat or promote it now? NO. Do I eat a raw vegan lifestyle? YES. To this day, I steadfastly support veganism and the welfare of animals, and you can see that in any of the information that I spread.
  • Some have questioned if the pecans I use are raw. Texas is one of the leading producers of pecans in the U.S, and they are abundant in my city. My brother has a flourishing pecan tree in his front yard, and it has allowed me to use fully raw fresh nuts in my recipes. If the nuts do not come from my brother’s tree, I still source the best raw, non-treated quality possible. All of the raw nuts that I use are sourced carefully.
  • Accusations and attacks have been made against my family. My family is filled with the most respectful and loving people.  They have nothing to do with the WFF decision or the raw food movement. My father’s occupation as an engineer has no affiliation with my non-profit co-op, and he is in NO way an “oil tycoon.”  He manufactures tubular parts, some of which are used by the oil industry and some not. I live at home because I respect my culture’s traditions that a woman should not move out of her father’s home until she is wed. I love living with my family, and I do not believe there is anything wrong with that; they are my life. I have started the co-operative from the bottom up, and have worked very hard to establish it in the city of Houston. Everyone who comes pays for their food, and we do our best to donate what we can and help our surrounding community. I live with my parents but support myself, pay my bills, and purchase my own food. My father in NO way pays for the co-op or the food. He appreciates my independence and has always encouraged it, allowing me to build it on my own without financial support. I love my family and thank them for supporting me emotionally through this situation.
  • To attack a non-profit food co-operative that feeds communities, supports local & organic farmers, and promotes health is not supporting the health creation movement. There are people in this world trying to create GOOD. Some people have posted bad reviews who have never been to co-op. The food co-op is irrelevant to the situation and an out right personal attack. I believe in feeding communities with fresh foods so that they can feel physically better, and I encourage people to support their local co-operatives! 
  • There is someone I wish to share with you; her name is Bertha. Recently, people have accused me of having “a maid” prepare my food and not creating my recipes. My heart literally fell out of my chest when I heard this, and I will tell you why. For anyone who would say such a thing without ever having met my family or been to my home is heartless. Please allow me to share a piece of my childhood with you. Maybe one day I will do a video about it with the consent of my family. Until I was 16, I was raised by Bertha. She has been my mother. This woman has been my rock.  When I turned 18 and went to college and was on my own. I went to Rice on scholarship, and I put myself through college by being a calculus tutor. I transferred from Vanderbilt to Rice mid college career for several reasons, and one of them was that Bertha had been diagnosed with bell’s palsy. Bertha moved back home with us for support. She has changed her life through improving her diet. She has been supported by my family, but that does not make her a maid. She lives in her own home and comes over almost everyday just to be with our family, because she is family. We have all been through LIFE together. She is not a maid, she is my mother. To say that she has not prepared a dinner for me out of care and loving kindness is to say that your mother never made a meal for you. I create all of my recipes, I love to artistically display them (I find it therapeutic), and I love to share my passion for art by taking photos of them. Anyone who dreams of achieving this lifestyle can do it if they believe in it enough! Do not be discouraged by those who tell you that you cannot achieve it without millions or a personal chef. I have made it work for me by myself in college, and I would make it work for me if my life situation was different. MANY others in many other walks of life make it work. 
  • I support the decision of the WFF to remove 2 individuals from pioneer status. I didn’t vote at first because the issue became personal and I could not make an objective decision. It is important to note that this decision isn't meant to be personal. It was based upon the criteria numbers 3,4 and 7 that were not upheld by the individuals, number 7 being the primary reason that has since been highlighted and showcased repeatedly. These individuals were not banned from the festival, and it has been their decision not to come. They were confronted prior to this as many attempted to communicate with them about the situation. I now fully support the WFF decision. 

None of these points deserve any more attention. They aren’t positive, and they take away from leading a healthful message. This is my final response on this issue. 

I have been living this lifestyle, passionately, for almost 9 years, and this is just the beginning for me. My aim is and always has been to help people get healthier and happier! One way I do this is by sharing positive and free recipes, posts, blogs, and videos. I do my best to be considerate and compassionate towards all, at all times, understanding that living and eating this way isn’t always easy. I love what I do, and I'm becoming stronger than ever. My aim has always been to help people get healthier. All of the content that I have created has been to share my passion for helping others.

The Internet is not faceless. We are REAL people. I believe in being part of a health community that supports, communicates, and understands situations that aren’t always easy.  I believe that an important part of spreading a healthful message is about being respectful of others and lifting them up when they are down.

I respect you and welcome you to join me on my health journey in helping others. I am still working hard to continue the spread of this healthful message, and I believe that is what matters most.  Everyday I am learning more, and I will continue to give my 200% everyday in order to become a better inspiration. I believe in this healthful lifestyle and in this positive message. I will live accordingly to that standard. I will put my best foot forward and continue to strive for excellence and promote a powerful message of health.

It's time to focus on what we wish to create. We want to unify together and create a safe, loving environment where we can have peace and help others connect and grow. Let us move forward in positivity and light. Let these adversities be our stepping stones to greater success! 

I want to thank EVERYONE who has been a support to me these past 9 years, especially the past 3 weeks. I love you and am grateful to have you in my life. YOU are what it is all about for me.

 I pray that you all have a very MERRY HOLIDAY and that you are able to enjoy this precious time with your family and friends. I send my love. 




Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

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@Gianni correct.

Kristina Speak defined.

I didnt sue anybody! means my marketing agency threatened legal action against someone for using similar vegetable ingredients.

I don't drive a mercedes ha ha! means I bought a Porsche Cayenne brand new from the dealer.

I don't have a maid!!  means my family is so rich we have a personal assistant to do food prep for us, she raised me a lot as a kid so even though she is paid help, I see her more as family.

I never say anything bad about people ever! means not in public, only via email, PM or skype.

My daddy is not a rich oil tycoon ha ha! I wish! means my dad owns an engineering company that manufactures parts for big oil and yes we live in a gate community in a house worth around a million USD.

Me and Rawvanna are BFF! means her daddy is richer than mine and her legal team came back to my marketing agency basically telling us we would be financially screwed if we tried to sue Rawvana so we gave up and I befriended her as that better suited the situation financially and also my reputation.

We don't hate Kristina. Just disappointed we gave her so many years of overt support and guidance and she turned on us so easily. She is 28, still lives at home and a virgin. She doesnt have much grasp on reality in the real world and her behaviour with others reflects this lack of real world experience. A lot of her behaviour stems from trying to be perfect for her dad but she needs to grow up, move out and move on otherwise she will end up a drunk like him or having mental breakdown issues like her mother had. 

I agree with everything you said MistyRaw :) 100%

Thanks for your no comment :)

@MistyRaw. Correct. Go train with us for free for 3 weeks in Thailand 2015 then go see if you can get 10mins of Kristina's time. Unless you can further her career she will flick you off. But if you say 'Im good friends with H&F!' then she will give you attention and sob to you about why we are so evil ha ha. Wear an undercover camera and make a youtube vid about it. It will get a lot of hits.

Not sure why you said 'no comment from me' and then typed a paragraph of judgement though. ;)

When I say 'no commen't it means Im not going to share my opinion aka judgement.

absolutely ^_^ 

Thanks for sharing this Richard, I'm really glad you did. Not that I really have time or desire to open this back up again but this letter definitely needs to be addressed aand I will do so after my bike ride. 

I wasn't trying to start anything back up. I just felt like I wanted to put this out because it was sitting in my inbox for the whole time and I just wanted to be done with it all. My eyes have opened a lot in the last year being a bit on the inside of what's going on, and I don't like all the behind the back stuff anymore. I'm glad you are Harley came out from behind and started to lead. I see your post below, and thank you for keeping it real!!

Hopefully if I go through this in detail once it's the last time I will have to do it because it's just getting boring.  Now before I write this I want to add I don't hate Kristina but I do dislike her deception and going about calling us liars so unfortunately it's necessary to respond to these posts when misinformation is being spread. 

* No legal action was ever made on my part towards anyone else, and no one was ever sued.

- I feel like I'm reading a letter from a politician, very manipulative. One thing you need to understand about Kristina is that she works through other people so when the shit hits the fan she is nowhere to be seen and therefore shirks any responsibility. She cries to people about her problems and of course they feel compelled to defend her as she is 'sweet and innocent'.  People like Victoria & Michael Arnstein, Trent, Doug, freelee & DR hating fans, her sister, publicist etc fight her battles publicly for her. Kristina is extremely good at manipulating situations and always get what she wants. I experienced this many times in the past and particularly when it came to Rawvana. She was virtually crying on my shoulder about Rawvana 'stealing' her recipes and brand and being 'harassed' by Rawvana's lawyer all in an attempt to get me to pressure Rawvana (as many many others did) into stopping this 'brand theft' -__-. Of course I wasn't having a bar of it and to be honest it made me feel quite sick at the time. This was at WFF 2013. I remember sharing one of Rawvana's pictures on my instagram and Kristina telling me how disappointed she was in me for doing that because of 'everything Rawvana had done to her'...uhuh.

Below is a paragraph quoted in the letter she had sent from her branding agency. Yes she did in fact threaten legal action as clearly shown below:

"We (publicist working on behalf of Kristina) request that you remove that video from your YouTube Channel immediately and consider any inappropriate competition or referential actions in the future. We will be watching you brand for any similarties that may cause consumer confusion. If you do not comply we will commence legal action pursuing all appropriate remedies."
So Rawvana's lawyer came back to the threats basically saying 'get lost' so Kristina then worked her hardest to befriend Rawvana as the legal approach proved fruitless and embarrassing if the truth surfaced about it. At the time Rawvana said she would never trust her again but Kristina was her idol and quickly manipulated the situation to change that.

* I fully support anyone who wants to share their healthy recipes, and I will continue to do so. 

I would LOVE To believe that Kristina but your actions just don't line up with your words.

On another occasion Kristina got Victoria to approach my friend from the "Live love fruit" page on Facebook about copying a lasagne recipe that was similar to Kristina's. My friend then had to produce evidence of that not being the case & showed them a time stamp on the photo which ironically was dated BEFORE Kristina had even made hers! Both Kristina and Victoria then apologised profusely... I mean seriously? The girl does not own salad. 

* A rough draft of my book was stolen and spread around the internet without my knowledge or consent.
This I find ridiculous as she tried to pin it on me. >_< Crying to her 'front team' (those she sends out on her behalf) that I had hacked her email and website. Trent gave me a hard time about it as well, it was nuts. Luckily I took screenshots to verify my story. I came across her book posted online through a friend Shane who pointed out she was using honey in her recipes. 

I commented about this and it was 'reported' to queen bee and then I was reprimanded by a number of people, one example below:

I then went to Shane to find out where he found this link:

So anyway after being berated by her front team Shane and I decided to do more research on her book situation and found out it was actually HER very own designer who had posted the book online 10 months earlier!

Notice the names are the same "Malichi" which is her designer's name so no one has hacked her site or stolen her book she just had a proud designer post her work online. I messaged this to Kristina but she carried on with her drama of 'freelee hacked my site' story as it was obviously serving a purpose I guess, it seems from this letter above she may have dropped it. One thing I'm very happy to see is that the vegan pressure has made her drop the honey out of her book. 

Anyways that's enough for now, will consider writing more later but I doubt it. I hope Kristina can see where she went wrong here, takes responsibility and stops lying and intimidating others behind the scenes who are just trying to spread this healthy lifestyle. 


P.S - Trent (her boyfriend back then) and I were talking at the time and even though we had tense moments he ultimately agreed with a lot of what was said. 

didnt know she was a "health leader"lol- there are no leaders, maybe in her own head but all that ish is ego stuff, leaders talk is childs talk. Pure weakness.

plates of pretty vegetables on instagram is my idea. that's my brand. MINE. M. I. N. E.

i'm grateful you shared this. No Matter What, we should be in this Together, to help one another. No Matter What.

"I went to Rice on scholarship, and I put myself through college by being a calculus tutor."

She must have gotten a huge scholarship.  I was a math tutor in college and I couldn't get close to supporting myself.  And my school was way cheaper than Rice!

"I live with my parents but support myself, pay my bills, and purchase my own food."

One has to wonder, how many bills does she have without her own residence?  Do her parents make her pay a % for electricity and water? 

And her maid being her mom?  Is that just a weird thing rich people do, like what was her actual mom doing, working or just going to the spa?  I've heard that sometimes the help even breastfeed the kids!

I just noticed these things, and they gave me a weird vibe.  



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