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I think I have parasites, and water fasting is not an option right now.

So I have major bloating all the time, and I have been living mostly on dates.  The most food combining I have done in the last two weeks is mixing dates with frozen berries and some celery.  Also, I am very restless; I am tired but cannot sleep.  What do y'all think is wrong with me?  And how can I fix it?

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get off the dates. eat melons. 

Ok.  I'll try that. :)  I am living off dates though because I live in the dorms at my school and my roommate has a beef with my bananas.  I can't store heaps of melons in the room either, but I'll try incorporating them more and see if they make a difference. :)

Oranges are readily available at this time of year.  

Also, many school nowadays have great options in the cafeteria buffet and have an abundance of salads and fruit.  What is your cafe like?

Peace, PK

All of the fruit is unripe in there and I can't take anything out without being scolded.  But I am buying a lot of organic stuff from the market down the street. :)  Problem is I carry it all back to school in my backpack because I have to ride my bike there, so that limits the amount I can buy. :/

Oh, I've tried this semester.  Basically my roommate humiliated me in front of the whole floor exploding at me about my banana bin.  Let's just say I am getting a room to myself next semester with as many bananas and other fruit that I want. 

No melon belly from the dates, just bloating, and it's only by the end of the day even though my first two meals are all dates.

Never try to self diagnose and you should see a MD doctor as soon as possible to find out what is wrong exactly.

In the mean time...here are some thoughts.... 

Start getting some Vitamin C from fruits like oranges or lettuce greens ASAP!  

Dates, while they may be good for our blood and cardiovascular system, are not an ideal food to subsist on in part because they have 0 vitamin C.  Eating dates as a dietary staple can lead to symptoms of scurvy of which irritability and or restlessness can be a clinical symptom.  Bloating is also a symptom of scurvy and or malnutrition.  

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day? - 30 Bananas a Day!

So, while you may be able to eat one mono meal or snack of dates a day, make sure you are eating high vitamin C fruits like oranges.  

Make sure you are properly hydrated and drink 2-4 quarts of water a day.  

Make sure you are doing this 100% as fruits do not play nice with other foods.  

Eat mono meals for a few days until digestion works out.  

Focus on fruit, lettuce greens, and nuts if you can digestion them.  

30BaD FADs: Benefits of Lettuce Greens - 30 Bananas a Day!

Other tips and tricks

30BaD FADs: Abdominal Bloating - 30 Bananas a Day!

30BaD Banana Wagon Tour - 30 Bananas a Day!

Good luck and feel better soon. Peace, PK


I understand your reluctance regarding medications and I too am not recommending that people go pharmacidal on us.  

What I do like to see is diagnostics.  For example, there can be 101 reasons people have bloating from not doing the diet right, to dehydration, to preexisting conditions, to cancers, to pregnancies known and unknown, to hidden celiac disease.  

A lot of diagnostics are done by machine such as some lab testing or ultrasound or xrays.  The machines do not lie.  And, in many states, conventional MDs are required to send most of their patients to independent labs so there is less corruption and or less incentive for financial kickbacks.  

Once I know what the person's issue is, then I can work with them to tweak their diet and or make a decision as to whether or not medications are needed which in some special emergency cases they may be needed such as insulin for type one diabetics, b12 supplements, and or a situation like the OP feared of actually having parasites.  

So I hope it is understood that I am not asking people to rely on conventional treatments, rather, get proper diagnostics done and proper diagnosis, then we can proceed with a dialogue here @BaD.  

Peace, PK

Thank you. :)  I just got the results of my blood test back today and what do you know.  I have a B12 deficiency.  I am going to go in for an appt tomorrow at the Health Center to see if I can get shots.  Thank you for all of the information!

Is it even possible to have parasites on this diet?  I mean, we're eating so clean, would they even be able to survive?

+1 Peter.

Love the vulture analogy.  ROFL!

Peace, PK


It is possible to get parasites on this diet, but our chances are less.  

If we have a healthy immune system, then it is less likely our internal flora will bloom to high levels.  

Also, if we have a healthy immune system and digestive system, if we swallow something, chances are less of it actually living inside of us.  

If we have healthy leathery skin, there is less chance they can enter, especially some of those tropical river critters.  

Having said that, yes, it is still very possible.  If you have traveled overseas, to exotic locations, and or swam in some rivers especially tropical, you may still be at risk and should monitor yourself.  If you have any doubts though, see a doctor and get proper diagnostics and tests run to confirm or deny.  

Peace, PK

The blood test shows human-active and analog b12, if that comes out deficient then shes seriously deficient. 

Blood test is not reliable where it shows you are sufficient but in actuality with analog and no human-active.



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