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I think I finally understand dietary thermogenesis!! IT RAWKS!!

Hello there Fructose Addicts around the world,

Yesterday I finally looked it up: Dietary thermogenesis!!! I couldn't even find a Dutch word for it (so if anyone knows!?? ). So I had to read a few websites on the subject all in English. All those nice, interesting, very scientific words made it a bit rough for me, but I think I know what it means...

Once your diet contains only raw fruits & veggies the extra caloric intake will never change into fat. It will change into heat, and so you will burn all the calories you eat. Therefore you will never have to worry about calorie restriction.

The thing that causes this thermogenesis to get started is FIBER!!!! That's the secret!!!


So I think this also means that once you also eat potatoes, rice and stuff like that the thermogenesis does not work the same way. It works perfect once you eat fully HCRV.


This is what I think it means. But I haven't found an artical about it in my own language (dutch).

So please correct me if I'm wrong about anything! And please keep the scientific terms easy to digest ;p


Keep up the good fruit

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Thank you! xx

Zoals Sunshine al schreef thermogenese

Voedselgeïnduceerde thermogenese wordt ook wel eens door maaltijden gegenereerde warmte productie genoemd. Om het met simpele woorden te zeggen is voedselgeïntroduceerde thermogenese de energie die door uw lichaam verbruikt wordt bij het opeten en verteren van voedsel.

Afhankelijk van de soort voeding kan het calorieverbruik door voedselgeïntroduceerde thermogenese zo’n tien procent uitmaken van het totale calorieverbruik. Er zijn voedingsmiddelen waar het lichaam meer werk mee heeft om ze te verbranden, mensen die deze voedingsmiddelen onderdeel van hun dagelijks voedselpatroon maken kunnen dus gemakkelijker afvallen.

Google Translate:

Food-induced thermogenesis is sometimes called heat generated by food production. To put it in simple words to say voedselgeïntroduceerde thermogenesis is the energy consumed by your body when eating and digesting food.

Depending on the type of food calorie consumption can voedselgeïntroduceerde thermogenesis by approximately ten percent of the total calorie consumption. There are foods that the body it has more work to burn them, people that these foods part of their daily food intake may thus making it easier to lose weight.



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